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  • Version 2 - Intercooler

    3" thick, genuine Garrett Cote. This is the most efficient intercooler available that will fit behind the mesh. No cutting etc, perfect up to 500hp!

    The core requires no cutting*of the front bar at all, fitment*is via two original bolts, and two supplied. Nothing is drilled or cut for fitment. It does*require the*bracket holding the horn to be loosened, turned slightly*and also a slight bend

    Individual Components:
    Core - Raw Aluminium Finish (includes fasteners) - $550
    Anodizing - Black/Red - $100

    Lower Pipes - $385 (From turbo to stock engine bay pipes) Silicone available in Blue/Black/Red , includes silicone + stainless hose clamps
    Anodizing - Black/Clear/Red/Blue/Purple/Gold

    Top Pipes - $315 - Silicone in Blue/Black/Red , includes silicone + stainless hose clamps
    Anodizing - Black/Red

    Intake Pipe - $220 -Turbo to Airbox - Anodized - Black/Red

    Combined pricing
    Cooler + Lower Pipes - $935 ($100 extra for anodized core)
    Cooler + Top and Lower Pipes - $1250 ($100 extra for anodized core)

    NOTE: All pipes are anodized either red or black, custom colours available on request.

    Includes everything required to fit. Cooler, only requires two bolts. The top is mounted with factory bolts.

    It will not throw any CEL's. CEL's people experience with coolers, is either a boost leak, or something else they have done, not the direct result of the cooler.

    Anodized Pipework!
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    More pics over weekend


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      Thats pretty damn sweet man, Show the folks more pics of where you have curved the back of the cooler box end to fit around the AC canister.

      Im tempted to upgrade and get the mesh back on my front bar.


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        These are the only pics I have on me of that area


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          Damn that looks awesome!


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            How much better is this one compared to v 1?


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              Faux, This is much thicker than the XR6 converted cores, they are about 50-55mm from the top of my head, this ones is a 75mm thick core.

              Im wondering if that core will fit up to the RPW kit for the guys who want to upgrade the core, I would for sure, but I think the RPW pipe will need modding to fit.


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                This is a major increase in efficiency over the version 1.

                You are welcome to try to fit the RPW pipes, however, it will not have a chance of fitting behind the mesh. The outlets of the core are specifically angled back to fit the pipework, it's a tight fit and even a couple of degrees change would hit the bar.

                Pipework is 2" btw


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                  Thats what I suspected, I noticed the swep back on the outlet of the core.

                  The RPW pipe alone stick out side the mesh.

                  Can you tell me the total length from outlet to outlet


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                    Will measure tonight, no idea off hand. Only one near me is on my car, but nothing here to measure with.


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                      macca, what fmic setup do you have? You can buy this complete unit and I can buy yours off you cheap and we can to a dual install...


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                        Anyone committing to one of these? Wanna get some feedback on this unit...

                        No discount on buying the unit with lower pipe kit?


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                          Steel has a black one. There are others out there, but non forum members.

                          I'll do $50 discount providing you post install pics / feedback.

                          Reality is, it's not a cheap core, custom end tanks, light weight alloy pipe work, beaded ends on all pipes, quality stainless hose clamps/silicone. All designed to fit perfectly behind the bar. It obviously costs more than the cheaper kits, however that's because it is far superior in fit, function, materials and quality.

                          I have no desire to sell any cheaper, I'd rather not sell them at all, than have them at a comparable price point to inferior products.


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                            i must admit i do want just a core. as ive already butchered the front bar though i have no need to have it wrap around the aircon tank like it does. would rather regular end tanks and just plumb it into my current pipes.


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                              Originally posted by 0dd0ne View Post
                              i must admit i do want just a core. as ive already butchered the front bar though i have no need to have it wrap around the aircon tank like it does. would rather regular end tanks and just plumb it into my current pipes.
                              Hey mate... a couple of things.

                              Options are as follows.
                              1. Core without the drivers side end tank.
                              2. Identical end tanks on both sides.

                              However, doing either of these, would mean the mounting brackets will no longer fit, and nor will the pipework.

                              I can certainly do a one off, if accurate measurements are provided. However, successful fitment is solely on the accuracy of these measurements. On top of that, there would be additional costs, as its far more time consuming with custom work, rather than reproducing it from the current jig.

                              Unless you are running a turbocharger with a larger outlet than 2"(ie GT30R with T04E style comp cover, and I know of nobody running anything that large), there would be no reason to make any changes. Even then, I could make it work still wrapping around the aircon canister.

                              The way that tank is designed, it still has full flow to the entire core, volume increases from the moment it enters the end tank.