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  • Roil Gold Metal Conditioning Treatment - 5% off for Rcolt members

    I am pleased to offer RColt friends one of the most cost-effective and valuable products for our precious rides.
    Roil Gold is a metal conditioning treatment designed to use where you use oil, to reduce friction, drag, and wear and tear.
    It is used in the engine oil, gearbox, diffs, power-steering, even tools, lawn-mowers and compressors. If you use oil, you need Roil.

    It has been independantly tested by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, showing an enhancement of lubricant performance with Mobil 1 by over 100%.

    I have used it in my last 3 cars with great results, feeling better performance and fuel economy, and smoother gear-changes (it also saved my corolla on a road trip where I had a blocked radiator hose, and engine overheating/head gasket damage was evident, however 2 hours later I made it home and no damage whatsoever!).

    Here is the some of the company literature:

    # Normal engine and gearbox oils burn when they get too hot, creating a residue of gum and arnish. This residue builds up inside your engine and gearbox.
    # When you start using Roil it cleans these inner metal surfaces. This helps to free them from the build-up of lacquer and sludge, minute metal shavings and other accumulated contaminants.
    # Roil does what normal lubricating oils can't... it provides protection at a cold start.
    # Roil treats the metal, not the oil, actually bonding to the metal surfaces, rather than just coating them, leaving all the desirable characteristics of the base metal intact. This creates an ultra refined surface which allows moving metal parts to glide with greater ease, thus reducing friction.
    # By reducing friction Roil lowers the overall temperature of the oil reducing the chance of further gum and varnish buildup. This reduction in overall operating temperature allows more effective heat transfer increasing efficiency.
    # Components which are kept cooler and properly lubricated, suffer less stress and fatigue... they last longer.
    # By reducing friction you also reduce drag and improve the glide of the engine's internal components which can improve fulel cononmy and decrease maintenance and operating costs.
    # Roil is a concentrated blend of petrochemical products which contain no suspended solids. Being a 100% petroleum based product it blends completely and is fully compatible with both mineral and synthetic oils.
    # Experience high performance and improved fuel efficiency while reducing the wear on your engine... use Roil and protect your investment
    # You only need one product to treat your entire car, bus, tractor or any other piece of equipment where metal meets metal, resulting in wear.
    # Roil is a single, multi-purpose formula designed to treat the engine, manual transmission/differential and auto transmission... and any other metal to metal application, with great results.

    Potential Benefits
    • Reduced friction
    • Extended service life
    • Reduced downtime
    • Improved fuel economy
    • Increased horse power
    • Decreased operating temperatures
    • Reduced maintenance
    • Reduced noise levels
    • Smoother gear changes
    • Improved engine efficiency
    • Reduced operating costs
    Technical comment:

    The halogen-type atom in Roil is chemically bonded to aliphatic carbon chains of varying lengths, as either branched or normal chains. This syntheses is carried on at very high temperatures. Also, the very best corrosion inhibitor is 'cooked' onto the carbon/halogen chain to vastly improve its properties. The compound works by being carried to the metal surface in the engine and forming a new monomolecular chemical compound on the surface. This new compound imparts a lower coefficient of friction to the two metal surfaces in contact. So, Roil decreases the amount of damaging metal friction wear.

    Mixing Ratios:

    # Engine sumps 1:14 (1 part Roil to 14 parts oil), which is 70mL Roil with every one litre of oil
    # Manual/auto Transmission and Differential 1:40, 25mL Roil with every litre of oil
    # Power steering & hydraulics 1:64, 15mL Roil with every litre of oil
    # Grease additive 1:5
    # 2 stoke: treat oil 1:14, add petrol

    ** Roil Gold is not recommended for Wet clutches/limited slip diffs.

    Price: pm me for details

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    thanks tmr, fixed typo..

    Yep, it really is a great product. The value for money is awesome, only beaten in value by the pill removal mod

    You only need to use it every second oil change, or a half dose every change. This is because the roil is treating the metal, not the oil, and just needs a top up for maximum effectiveness.

    Great value to have that protection from cold start up, plus additional benefits..


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      is this stuff still available to us?? figure it might be something worth investing in with the higher power now coming from the scotchy!!


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        Originally posted by bunnybash View Post
        is this stuff still available to us?? figure it might be something worth investing in with the higher power now coming from the scotchy!!
        Hey Bunny, yep I have the last of the stock available for the Roil Gold which can be had for a discounted rate. We have updated our range (also available) which is why I can do a special deal. The updated range takes the same technology, but uses a completely organic formula (which is better for the environment).

        We have an updated range which has just been released which now includes and engine flush (!). This is substantial as it really cleans all the muck out of your engine that isn't removed after an oil change (gum, varnish, lots of carbon build-up). The results equal a cleaner engine, and increased compression!

        We also now have a fuel system cleaner that cleans the entire fuel system and upper cylinders, and removes any water and moisture component from the fuel tank. Big plus considering how average our fuel can be here in oz..

        All developed in Germany (masters of engineering..)

        More details to come, will keep you posted.

        PM me for details on pricing


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          See for Roil Platinum details!!