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  • Yeah I made less power this time around but feels way better.


    • Originally posted by steel View Post
      I guess it is unavoidable that putting 8 Colts on the same dyno on the same day will invite comparisons though.
      I disagree with you guys on just this point.
      I thought 8 cars on the same dyno, on the same day, with the same operator and the same tuner was a very good comparison between only those 8 cars of course.
      No body had huge differences in tyres or weight or thaction so everything should have been quite comparable.

      For me I could see that similar cars with similar modifications made similar power. Except for one freak RColt.
      I thought it was a very good comparison.
      I will keep saying it. I watched, I learnt.

      I watched everyones car and I learnt heaps on the day.
      Things happened on the dyno that I had noticed on the road tuning.
      For example when we were road tuning mine we would stop after a run and think about it, regraph, make changes and another run.
      Always a bit of time between runs.
      On the dyno with Matt just reading and tuning changes were made very quickly and eventually the heat in the inlet system started to affect got too hot.
      We found this on the road. I started to loose power after a long hard 5 kms run thought windy roads.
      We stopped for fuel and it cooled down and instantly I could feel the power difference.

      Cars with Stock ECU took a lot of time to download, amend and reload. It was quite significant,
      in fact the operator got out and went and did other things on many occasions between runs.

      The cars with Adaptronic ECU were very quick to change.

      But whether they were Adaptronic or Stock reflashes, cars of similar modifications did exactly what you would expect once they were tuned. Similar numbers.

      Truly the numbers whether they were measured in Stallions or ponies were comparable on the day between those 8 cars only.
      So it was a good tool. I could compare and see what difference each modification made all on the same day. It was great.

      I don't know what everyone else did but we ran my car as we had it tuned saved it and the compared it to the next and the next and over laid them on the screen to get the best.

      I could see in a very tangible way what a front mount and an exhaust could achieve.
      It has made my decision on my direction for my future development quite clear.

      I don't drag I will make this quite clear so I wanted more mid range than top end.
      I am not making excuses, I will admit my car was one of the least powerful.
      I know what I want in a cars feeling to me. I got it. Exactly what I wanted and where I can use it.

      SO as has been said already...stop the bickering you aren't comparing apples with apple.
      It doesn't really matter.

      As for who can keep up with who.............well, it has always been... it isn't the size of the tool but how you use it. And you have the situation of the rubber band between one car following another car, then there is tyres and....seriously same thing as dyno numbers, you aren't comparing apples with apples. Chasing and being chased are too different things........... go to Wakefield boys that will solve hell it will, it will just prove who is the best driver or who has the best handling car. You could go to the drags and.......children stop it.
      If you have had enough of me by now then now you know how I feel about this issue also...give it up or start another thread that I don't have to wade through.

      Don't get me wrong here, I was impressed with the cars on the day. I was a day I will remember.
      Stop this childish shit.


      This is Matts corner.

      That's my say.
      Sorry just read it again it is an epic.


      • HAHA Barry the authoritarian. I agree with everything there. The mods and cars followed a very predictable pattern (exception of blazes). I think the heat soak killed alot of the stockers with the stock ecu. Just waiting for uploads.

        And i love the wakefield challenge. There's a wager sitting there i think :-) . Organize a track day and i will definitely fly back over haha


        • It was great the range of cars. Some stock, some with turbo backs, some with fmic, some with both.

          Maybe your right blazes car was first on the rollers, it was rather cool in the morning. Compared to the afternoon. Maybe that showed some differences seems as the whole fmic made a big difference as well.


          • Yea was an awesome day. I know that useable power is the key. Power curve has smoothed out heaps.

            So track times would improve alot. Going to try get to the drags earlier this coming wed. Couldnt get in on wed it was sold out.

            My lil car was the 2nd last of the day.
            Was really surprised. Its just awesome work from Matt and Ian