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  • The second coming

    Discussing a possible second trip to Sydney for daed as a follow-up to the Adaptronic installs last August for minor tweaks and whatnot.

    Taken from original post, these posts are moved from steels ride thread, see page 3 for start of this thread.

    sweet you are coming back over. crack some beers and shoot the shit this time eh matt.

    no 23 hour work days

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    yeh man i said to elegnt i would once his cars back up and running. catch up with lim that crazy asian aswell


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      we should do an interstate meet then


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        This is my earliest post in this thread. Copied from post #56.

        OK, getting down to some more of the nitty gritty. This post will be updated with further scheduling info as it comes to hand.

        Please also note that this is intended as a follow-up to the last Adaptronic install, so Adaptronickers will need to take priority.

        Thursday 7th April - arrive in Sydney - Steel to meet at airport.
        Accommodation at Steel's place.
        Friday 8th April - Electrical work followed by possible Adaptronic road tuning
        Location: Steel's place.
        Cars to be worked on:
        • Steel
        Steel to have car ready with I/C piping, airbox, battery and battery tray removed.
        Ignition wiring to be rewired as per original setup and Adaptronic settings changed accordingly.

        Contingency - If this does not work, further electrical troubleshooting to be performed. If this proves futile by (4pm?), work to cease, towing of Steel's car to auto electrician to be arranged.
        Contingency - If Steel's car is not in a reliably driveable state, ?????? to provide lift to ????????????? afterwards.

        Followed by possible return trip to Whiteline for rear sway bar install and some old Pac action if there is time and daed is up for it.
        Followed by Sydney RColt meet and greet - Harry's Cafe de Wheels followed by Natio run?

        Someone to provide lift to MYZ27AG's place from RColt meet.

        Accommodation at MYZ27AG's place
        Saturday 9th April - Electrical and mechanical work, possible road tuning.
        Location: 0dd0ne's place?
        Cars to be worked on:
        • 0dd0ne - Adaptronic - 3 port and possibly injector install
        • Tentative - B-Rad - stock ECU if time permits
        • Tentative - smugsley - stock ECU if time permits
        0dd0ne to pick daed up from MYZ27AG's place in the morning
        0dd0ne to have car ready with whatever parts need to be removed to facilitate easy access to solenoid removed - bear in mind engine heat from having just driven
        If doing injectors - 0dd0ne to have rear seats, carpet and fuel tank panel removed plus fuel line disconnected to depressurise fuel system - bear in mind engine heat from having just driven
        0dd0ne or B-Rad to provide lift to MYZ27AG's place afterwards
        Accommodation at MYZ27AG's place
        Sunday 10th April - Adaptronic road tuning and troubleshooting.
        Location: MYZ27AG's place?
        Cars to be worked on:
        • MYZ27AG
        • Tentative - skyrex - stock ECU if time permits
        Accommodation at MYZ27AG's place
        Monday 11th April - Dyno tuning - 9am-1pm@$400. Minor tweaks based on road tunes.
        Location: Sureflo Exhaust, cnr Slater Rd and Broadhurst Rd Ingleburn
        Cars to be worked on:
        • Steel - Adaptronic - $100 dyno fee - as long as car is driveable
        • 0dd0ne - Adaptronic - $100 dyno fee ($133.50 if Steel is out)
        • MYZ27AG - Adaptronic - $100 dyno fee ($133.50 if Steel is out)
        • B-Rad - Stock ECU - $100 dyno fee ($133.50 if Steel is out)
        Followed by accommodation at Steel's place or ?????? if Steel's car is not driveable.
        Tuesday 12th April - Steel to provide lift to airport.
        Contingency - If Steel's car is not driveable, ????? to provide lift to airport.

        Splitting airfares - Total sum - $430.40, at this stage, splitting 9 ways = $47.85 per share. For those who are not having work done I still think this is pretty steep, so maybe we can rejig it so they contribute less. To be updated.
        • Steel - 2 shares - $95.70
        • 0dd0ne - 2 shares - $95.70
        • MYZ27AG - 2 shares - $95.70 - received
        • B-Rad - $47.85
        • Skyrex - $47.85 - received
        • Macca - $47.85

          I have fully covered the airfares so money is now payable to me. PM for account details.


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          Originally posted by 0dd0ne View Post
          we should do an interstate meet then
          +1 I'd be keen pending approval under the marital contract I am now binded to for all eternity... :P


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            The second coming

            i kinda want them to come here so i can sit matt on a stool in front of a pc and a douche that owns a dyno for an hour or two.


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              haha if we can organize transport than done. or just tell them dont change shit except for fuel and ign


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                What about mivec? And what's a flight from Perth to Sydney worth at the moment


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                  Flights from Perth to Sydney return for next weekend (1st Apr) are around $500 return.


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                    That's not to bad. Don't do it that weekend though because I won't be around =P


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                      Nah I think the whole planned visit for the interstate meet is to get Elegnt's stuff up and running once he has everything built.

                      If daed can though, I would rather get him over for an all expenses paid trip beforehand to nail these Adaptronic electric issues for good, if he is agreeable to that.

                      Switching from Adaptronic back to stock or to some other aftermarket system would cost me thousands.


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                        Yeah would be good. I have a few small issues I'd like him to look at.


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                          yeah woulda been good to do one trip and suss it all out. Was gonna hire a car and cruise down to syd. But if you guys wanna plan an earlier trip i'd happily split the airfares.


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                            Man you'll waste a whole day road tripping from bris to syd. Better off flying. Would work out same/same price too roughly.


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                              maybe he wants to drive for 8 hours skyrex? Ive never driven to QLD from here but it might be a nice drive.

                              And in theory if we all chip in for the flight matt you wont have to pay half. depends on who wants you here lol.