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  • Open Source ECUFlash Definitions

    Hey Guys so finally tidied up my definition files and made them a bit more structured. There a constant work in progress and im still yet to play alot with the boost configs but imho the whole ecuflash procedure is too slow for wanting to continually play with boost so a manual controller would massively simplify the whole procedure. But thats later down the line anyway. So here's a quick writeup or the components anyway.

    --Timed Condition (P Code) 1 - 4
    The famous P1238,1241,1245 Limp mode cels. These get set to a hex value of 0xffff to disable them. Basically ffff represents the maximum hex value of 65536 or in the ecu's case 65536 ms until engagement. All of them must be set to ffff for the p code removal to work. They all interact with each other.

    --Timed Condition 1 - 5 (including CEL)
    Basic preset time triggers to enable various events. Alot of these are to play with and disable the cel code on several things. For example i found that changing them to ffff as per p code removed the oxy sensor cel, boost solenoid disconnected cel and other niggling things. You could leave these all at preset values or just change them all to 0xffff to disable most niggling issues

    --Torque Limiter 1 - 3
    Basic torque limiting tables. These tables with several other variables are what cap the limp mode cel and represent what the ecu expects for the predefined load to be. With the P Code's disabled im pretty sure the stock ecu doesnt look at these tables.

    --Airflow Check 1 - 3
    Same as torque limiters kind of but more of an expected level of airflow to be seen. Once again they dont seem to be referenced.

    -Rev Limiter
    Self Explanitory.

    -Speed Limiter
    Someone with a stock ecu should have a play with this. Not sure what they reflect but are identical to evo structure. may initiate a speed cut.


    -If your sharing or using another rom 99% of the time this will be set to FFFF for security reasons. When you first read your rom file its a good idea to save this somewhere important or write it down otherwise if you dont write the correct immob back shit wont start

    --ECU ID
    Ecu id is the internal ID string of the ECU software so in the colts case 39670016. You wont need to change this although some retarded tuners change this is an attempt to "Lock" there roms. Lolworthy but dont worry about it. Always a way around

    --Coolant and IAT Scaling
    -These values represent the raw voltage coming from the sensors interpreted to a figure that the ecu and we can recognise as a temperature. Could be handy for bigger mafs with different IAT sensors or different water temp sensors

    --Init code
    -The code that the ecu receives in order to begin communication with the host(Usually ecuflash) Once again some lame ass tuners try and change this so ecuflash cant communicate with the ecu. A short script ontop of ecuflash and you can constantly keep sending different init codes until you gain access then lol as you exploit there feeble attempts at security

    --Open loop load and throttle
    - Still Testing

    --Boost 1 & 2
    Im 99% sure these tables represent the raw duty cycle that is output to the boost solenoid. So if you set them all to 0 then effectively you should have no boost. Once again im not using the stock ecu so this needs to be played with

    --Boost Cut Delay Timer
    -The time in ms before the ecu initiates boost cut. Surprisingly this is 1 second as stock so we had quite a big delay. Make higher for bigger delay or shorter for tighter protection

    --Load desired
    -Still in testing. i think this is a representation of what the expected load the ecu may want to see

    --Boost Control Crossover 2 & 3
    -The filthy damn 1st and 2nd gear throttle limiter that turned out to be so damn simple i nearly kicked myself. Its a representation of RPM per KM/h. Stock values line up perfectly with 2nd gear 52rpm/Kmh. I set mine to 170 just to be safe. This opens 1st and 2nd right up to 100% throttle

    --Maf Size
    -A numerical value in the ecu relating to the maf size in g/s as peak flow.

    --Enrichment 1 & 2
    -Testing. These seem to correlate with an enrichment factor given certain values. These need to be tested on a stock ecu

    --High octane and Low octane Fuel Maps
    -Pretty self explanitory. This is where you or your dyno tuner can play with the fuel maps...uuughh to rich up high there....low octane map is engaged given a certain knock count

    --Fuel injector scaling
    -Size of the injectors in relation to the calculation of VE. so if you installed 565's you'd type in 565 to keep the equation equal.

    --Injector battery voltage latency compensation
    -As the voltage drops in the car so does the overall fuel delivery of the injectors. Different injectors have different voltages

    --Injector base latency
    -Base injector latency represented in ms. Injector specific

    --Evap Map 1 # 2
    -Some random emmisions crap.f*&k the environment

    --Throttle Voltage Ref & Throttle Scaling
    -Does some crazy stuff with the DBW. I wouldnt suggest playing around too much

    --Throttle Map 1
    -Once again fairly basic. I've had good result playing around with this map. can make the throttle alot less touchy or alot more aggressive. Set it all to 5% for some serious valet mode

    --Throttle Map 2 & 3
    -These maps are directly related to limp mode. When we'd only get 50% throttle or no throttle at all. You can change these but they wont really make a major difference without limp mode

    --Timing maps High & Low 1,2,3
    -Obvious. Im not sure how the ecu dictates between say high 1/2/3 but either way this is where it all happens. notice how its interpolated at higher rpm? Yeah thats the limits of the stock ecu. Nothing really exists there but the same number.

    --Ignition Warmup Retard
    -Ignition retard during startup. Surprisingly this is all 0 unlike some other strict emmisions in other mitsubishis

    [Knock Detection]
    --Still working on this. Just knock filters

    [ECU Options] & [MUT Table]
    Still works in progress. ECU Options contain individual bits that modify whole enabling options. As alot of them are untested i'd be wary of playing with this stuff

    Anyway with this def you can pretty much flash your car at home or take it to any dyno tuner and they can tune your car for you. Once i've finished a bit more stuff more advanced options will be available.

    And remember......F(*K The companies, Opensource For The WIN. Open knowledge is power. The Evo crowd would have gotten nowhere if some of there greatest minds didnt support the opensource community.

    Use Right Click / Save As then put in rommetadata folder in ecuflash install location. Alternatively if anyone wants to host these files might be more reliable



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    404ed on the links man.

    But awesome work and explanation.
    If only I had my car here haha

    Email em to me and ill host them on hotfile


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      Originally posted by Macca View Post

      Email em to me and ill host them on hotfile
      Uploaded it to's server and re-added new links on original post


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        awesome lovecolt. I've got a few ROM's i'd like to upload with some changes in them just to illustrate how the settings are applied if thats ok. Its alot easier to illustrate them in an actual file. Can i email them to you once i've finished them please?


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          Originally posted by daedalusjc View Post
          awesome lovecolt. I've got a few ROM's i'd like to upload with some changes in them just to illustrate how the settings are applied if thats ok. Its alot easier to illustrate them in an actual file. Can i email them to you once i've finished them please?
          No problem. you have my email, so just email over and i will do the rest


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            hey macca when are we going to try some of this stuff out on my car? =D


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              Ok So Here's a few dummy examples of what different settings do. I will email the files to lovecolt and get him to chuck them in the placeholder.

              Placeholder - StockBin.bin

              Stock file with Immobilizer removed. If this were my car the Immob code would equal DC04

              Placeholder - PCodeRemovedThrottleLimit.bin

              In this rom you can see the time limits set on the timed conditions and P Codes aswell as the modification to the Boost Control Crossover to disable the throttle limit on 1st and 2nd gear

              Placeholder - ThrottleSpeedlimitRevLimitExample.bin

              This rom shows a linear throttle map setup very similar to what im running. Quite aggressive but really responsive. Also note the Speed limiter. It will activate the speed limiter at 200km/h and disable it at 198km/h. The two numbers work together as an on/off limit. Also note how simple the rev limiter is.

              Placeholder - DummyIGNFUELExampleMivec.bin

              This is an EXAMPLE ONLY of how the fuel and Ignition maps are modified. I wouldnt recommend running them but atleast they show how to change the settings. The mivec map has been modified to peak raise then shutoff to enable larger turbo's to spool quicker and not reduce power with overlap.

              Placeholder - 420ccInjectorsLatencyExample.bin

              An example of how to set up larger injectors. In this case the injectors are 440cc WRX injectors (The injector scaling number is always a few units smaller than the actual injectors themselves). Notice how the injector battery latency config has changed. This is pulled from a datasheet to match the different voltages versus latency specific to these injectors.

              Hopefully this illustrates some basic examples of some of the stuff that can be changed easily.







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                Great work....


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                  Good stuff!!! Thanks Daed!


                  • #10
                    cheers man. Yeah the work never ends haha. But hopefully it will provide a cheaper option for a full custom tune anywhere rather than mail order tunes and limited tuners. Hey i might cruise over friday and grab that engine brace if your gonna be at work


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                      Sure. 9am - 6pm


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                        Dead I hope you have a copy of this guide its like the best written thing ever, and I do think the guy is an aussie



                        • #13
                          yeah man certainly do. one of the first things i started to read. hes a legend hey. same as tephra. i think hes from sydney. macca its fkn awesome that your getting into this shit


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                            yeh im not good on coding and shit, im slowly learning stuff.

                            my downside is my netbook is shit to use, I cant read for instance the immobilizer code, when the pop up window comes up its too small to read the shit and wont let me resize, I get like the first digit and thats it.


                            • #15
                              What Windows you running Macca? Can you use the built in Magnifier hover mouse over the pop up? Under Accessories/Ease of Access.

                              Good work Daed!