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  • Adaptronic installs

    Hey guys,

    As 90% of you know i'm currently offering to install adaptronic ecu's around Australia in the hopes of cracking some big numbers and finally unleashing our crazy cars. I thought i'd finally post up some of the options available. Please pm me for pricing as most people will have specific requirements.

    So basically here's what i can do

    A Basic install would simply be the E420C ecu installed and running a base map which i will double check with a wide band. 110 - 120 kw atw

    Recommended though would be the addition of a bosch wideband and a tailored controller to suit the ecu. This allows you to mod your car later down the track and have the Adaptronic consistently tune itself to suit. This is what jem and i have done and from previous results he pegged 159kw atw at the limit of fuelling. a safer output would be 140 - 150 with plenty of head room.

    After this comes a new fuel pump and injectors which i can supply. It looks like the turbo is maxing out at around the 165kw mark. That's a whole new thread to be discussed.

    One of the best add-ons i've put in my car with the ecu is the vidigauge. Basically it displays all the ecu's information on a standard stereo screen or lcd. incredibly handy if your going to fiddle with your car and a hell of alot safer than single person tuning with a laptop.

    Some of the options i can enable and install include launch control, traction control, flat shifting, electronic blow off valve, valet mode aswell as a few more tricky things im playing with at the moment.

    Its a pretty cool setup and the fact that you dont need to hit up the dyno everytime you change something is very handy and saves a fortune. A fully completed install is almost unnoticeable visually and on a stock map it drives just like a normal colt would. So if you've got anymore questions just shoot me an email at or send a pm

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    Daed you are awesome~!

    Consider me down for it when you come over to NSW.


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      Im so getting this Adapt done...
      Well, Consider me down for sure too when you come down over to QLD!
      So, Daed do you reckon the adapt would save abit more money than a reflash as less dyno tune would be required?
      But the extras like launch control and vid gauge are all so tempting!
      And also daed, how much approx would it be with the whole installation process which include the adapt, fuel pump, injectors and wideband that would give us the 160kw?

      Thanks for the info,


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        im down for when you come to bris, spoken to the boys and cant afford it for a few months but somewhere near september we will be good to go, maybe hit syd 1st lol

        anyway can u PM me price for install+jems tune+injectors and pump. Cheers

        Filo told me the price you told him if we get a few people but can u give me a price with those extras, thanks


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          63dnl -pm sent

          ELEGNT - your inbox is full so i emailed you instead at your hotmail account


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            to daed!!

            if you come to syd me and tommy will be ready anytime....=D just a quick question, i've got a TMR boost upgrade, will this affact your tunning?


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              Originally posted by edge View Post
              i've got a TMR boost upgrade, will this affact your tunning?

              My boost died after the ecu install so I had to do the pill thing to get it up again. Whatever TMR did to the car was erased or nullified when bypassing the factory ecu...

              Mitsiman believes the TMR boost mod was certain length hoses somewhere to up the boost... If this was the case the boost would have remained when the ecu was put in...

              Don't worry Terrence, with the adaptronic in you can use any traditional mode of boost control. Including Daed's own supercontroller!


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                ill put my hand up for u to come to SA but later in the yr sounds better


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                  daed i replied to your email mate : )


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                    well im ready soon so just waiting on 313GNT and any other people keen in the sunshine state


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                      hey guys yeah i've decided to do multiple trips for installs. Would rather chill out and pass on a bit of knowledge while i'm at it. Plus after the installs are done there's gonna be test drives for sure at your favourite driving grounds....and possibly pubs haha. So yeah multiple trips and just give me the go ahead when your ready.


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                        Originally posted by filofaith View Post
                        well im ready soon so just waiting on 313GNT and any other people keen in the sunshine state
                        Ive said what package i want with daed and that i cant afford it atm and he is happy to come in 2-3 months i think.

                        So you and daniel go ahead mate i will get him back a later date