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    ha hey elegnt email me man. just not in that crazy html format like before. ha looks like im gonna be one busy mofo. replying to a few emails 2nite. once im back on night shift im gonna be alot more active. did 14 hours today. killed me. i never would have thought there'd be such a joy response for the adapt. were gonna start seeing some fkn awesome mods soon. jem and i are in for a dyno next week. will be good to finally have a power figure for my car.


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      Sydney boys are steppin up!

      Pity its so far away from WA...

      I'm gunna have to organise some time off to take pics n vids of the install sessions...


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        empty your pm box elegnt haha


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          geez this thread grows fast. Now im infront of my desktop i can go through some things in more detail. so here goes.


          "Even if ppl just get the basic ecu installed and running... Everything else can be done via support threads... But the install needs to be done, so if ppl have money problems, just get the basics... Vidigauges and wideband oxy sensors can wait..."

          "I'm gunna have to organise some time off to take pics n vids of the install sessions..."

          -Agreed but wideband is essential for full utilization of the ecu plus an awesome tool if your an avid fettler. Yeah we should definitely try and meet up faux. Your adapt install pretty much started alllll of this plus i know your cars got some hidden power under there.


          "put me on the list too, depending on what day you guys do this"

          -Pm or email Steel/OddOne. I've left dates up to you guys but late august would be good. will take some annual leave and come over for 4 days.


          "I can probably shift my days around to weekdays or something if worse comes to worse. I might even have to pull a sicky."

          -Damn straight. Sickies are an aussie icon


          "Hmm, that's a tight schedule. The only way we could work in with that would be if we picked up your car from your workplace on the Saturday or if Daed dosed up on NoDoz and pulled a late one... unless he has the install down to a superfine art?"

          -Some say i bear very similar traits to a night owl. Aslong as i've got the car im set for pretty much work at any hour although i do prefer working alone in the late hours of the night. I have to photosynthesis during the day for energy.


          "110kw atw id say"

          -LOL i seriously hope not. 210 hopefully. It's gonna be very very interesting comparing jems and my results. the race for big numbers begins

          And on a side note im working on getting rid of the stock ecu controlling the drive by wire. basically stand alone throttle controller. this means dedicated speed and response for the throttle and no need to run throttle cables etc etc. should be cheap too. no more stock feeling throttle. will have definite results in 1.5 weeks


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            Oi..Rowan..Does the 3 persons include me mate? lol...


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              New thread started for Sydney install.