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  • Z27AG Rear Camber Shims

    i have someone interested in a rear camber shim.
    if anyone is interested please PM me. i will see the shop tomo/wed

    it will probably only interested people that are into track, or wanting fat fitment
    i am tempted to test a 2degree shim. I have only tested a 1.5deg due to the cost of each shim, i didn't bother testing a 2deg just yet
    installation is pretty simple...i give it a 5/10 (i give changing brakes a 4/10) and doing a clutch about 8/10

    kit will come with the two shims plus new high tensile bolts. i'd suggest loctite
    i am no mechanic or engineer. i came up with the idea when looking at the crazy bosozoku and when looking into how a suzuki swift does it.

    approx price is $200 for the shims, bolts are like $5bucks. Thats what i paid.
    Will see if he does a better price the 2nd time around.

    rough design


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    Nice work.
    What about making them around 25mm thick? Stance and Camber in one, get some handling improvements on stock rims - make that sucker look like a Renault 5GT.


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      I can get em made in prob any size.
      But I would say u be pushing it at 12mm
      I know a fellow perthe with 12mm to fill the gap of the stock rims.

      My guess u run into issues of abs sensor reach. Handbrake cable and possible brake lines.
      But if someone wants to rnd by all means.
      All can be fixed pending how keen u r

      I haven't had a chance but I wanna attempt toe correction with the shim. If anyone is good at trig hit me up


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        I'm keen but I won't be able to do it for a little while - prolly go for 5mm max. I'm more concerned about the load on the bolts.
        Send me the trig stuff, haven't done it in a while but I'm sure between the 5 of us at work we'll come up with something...
        Mail address is username at geemail dot com.

        Not trying to pick at it but the front strut bar work you did on the mount by bracing it all up - you need to make the actual strut bar itself a straight piece of tube.
        The mount brackets are fine, it's very easy to bend curved the OEM strut bar itself though. Any bracing with a curve or a bend in it needs to be about 50% thicker to allow for it. The only way to get around it is to triangulate the bend. The mount brackets are way stiff but the bar itself just flexes more. Another way to do it is triangulate the OEM bar to the firewall like some of the EVO braces.
        Really enjoy reading your blog, wish I had the time and a garage to do it myself.
        Check out the strut bar on this NASCAR Camry thing, a bit OTT being billet CNC but you get the idea:


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          Ok using some simple trig and our cars standard tyre radius of 295.4mm for every 1 deg of toe or camber we add the edge of the outside of the tyre will move 5.15mm.
          To put this in context I have a 2mm + toe on my left rear tyre. To dial this out I need to add a shim with a 0.388 deg angle.


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            New version to be tested



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              after my third try toe has been corrected
              originally my toe difference was ~4mm. i have now closed that to .3mm and added rear camber.
              the steering wheel is much straighter. why? your steering wheel angle is affected by rear toe.



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                5 more sets of these are currently being machined.
                So far no issues have been reported (i think 4 people have them fitted).


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                  Do these camber shims only apply for the rears? My fronts scrub a little under hard corners and was thinking more camber would help it. Would be nice to have it in my rears too though. Pm me the price please. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk