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  • R&D Program by RPW - it has started.

    Well the first official post of the R&D project started by RPW on the Ralliart Colt. We got the colt into our shop today, did our pre dyno run on the completly stock unit.

    From there went onto the hoist, and we started with our 2 1/2" cat back system on the car.

    Once our website is up and running again, we will be having very detailed reports, photos and oultines of what we are doing and there invidual results which I think will provide a lot of guidelines for everyone. I will continue to go back to this post with new information for everyone, even though it will not be as detailed as what is placed on our website.

    Oh and also a big big thank you to the doner vehicle. I won't mention his name or vehicle here unless he wants me to, but lets just say when I have finished with his vehicle, he is going to have one of the hottest colts on this forum

    Anyway some off the cuff results and thoughts so far.

    Well first impressions - love the colt, and the potential is just huge. Here is my to do list so far

    1. Brakes - these are running the same brake package as the 2.4 mivec lancer. Which is great as it means our lancer brake upgrade packages will bolt right up. Would someone like some EVO twin piston calipers for the front!!!

    2. Intercooler - the colt is utilising the same setup as the GSR lancers, which you already know. Larger unit is just going to be the icing on the cake.

    3. Air intake - shudder. How does this poor motor breath? Once we open this up the poor car is not going to know what hit it.

    4. Computer system - very good news so far, initial inspection using same technology as the Mivec motor which means 99% chance our work on that with the haltech miniceptor/interceptor will work great. More on this later.

    5. Exhaust - shudder once again. Larger gains to be had there more detail on that soon.

    Okay thats the initial report now some more nitty grritty.

    Got our doner car and did three power runs. Nice power on the hub dyno with 135hp I think, will post up dyno graphs later with a fairly nice torque curve. But oh my god, the tune is atrocious. The car runs lean at 2000 - 3000 rpm as it gets hot up to 14.5 under BOOST!!! and then from there goes into a vertical dive down to 11.3 on a 45 degree angle. Horrible.

    If this wasn't bad enough the boost curve hits 78 kpa at 3000 rpm and then follows the air/fuel ratio down from 50kpa by 6000 rpm.

    So first thing -haltech interceptor with its inbuilt boost control flatten that boost curve right out to a nice flat 80 kpa across the board, lean the air/fuel out to 12.3 across the board and watch the big big torque curve kick in and the hp shoot up the sky. This will give a real kick in the pants to the car.

    Definitly noticed heat soak from three power runs leaning the car out at low rpms under boost. Need to watch this people as its almost dangerous. Quite obviously the intercooler needs some work on it.

    Now the exhaust - well it was obvious that Mitsubish wanted to detune the vehicle. It runs a fairly nice 2 - 2 1/4" system from the turbo back until it reaches the rear cross beam axle, where mitsubishi crush the pipe into the muffler down to around 1 7/8" diameter.

    So for anyone wanting a "Quick Fix" replace the rear piping with a 2 1/4" muffler and piping and you will free up some ponies very very quickly. Not quite as good as a full system, but probably 50% of the total exhaust gains possible.

    With our test car we are doing from about 1/3rd of the car back, a new 2 1/2" mandrel bent system, with lukey bullet muffler and resonator. Retaining factory cats. We will be manafacturing seperatly a new dump pipe / cat converter kit as a bolt onto the factory exhaust but that will be tested later.

    The doner car will be finished monday with photos and dyno graphs uploaded to our website. But I seriously expect some significant gains from the exhaust on this vehicle. I also have a K&N filter in stock so whilst I have it on the dyno I will do a stock V K&N filter comparison and maybe even remove the snorkel comparison as well just whilst I am there to see how bad the intake system is.

    Well not a lot more to say, other than I hope this helps people out, helps us make sales and gives people a good guide on what mods to do and how effective they are.

    because we are using a hub dyno, our results are very accurate with no wheel slip and no correction factors being applied, this is real time, real hp results which I feel is very important. No fudging of figures or misleading results. Just an honest to goodness working through of the vehicle to work out what works best.

    Okay enough said - will answer any questions people have to date, and post up more information on monday night

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    This is great news for us. Regarding interstate people that's interested in the haltech, does it come pre-tuned? or do we still need to get someone local to fine tune your pre-tuned mappings?


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      I will be developing some tunes with specific mods, but like anything it should really be used as a tool that is placed on the dyno and tuned to suit the exact specifics of your vehicle.

      BUt I will do a specific utne for exhaust 2 1/2", stock air box and a boost controll map and basic safe tune as a starting point for everyone.


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        what about the short shifter !


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          Originally posted by Mitsiman
          Would someone like some EVO twin piston calipers for the front
          Price without installation?


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            Very Very exciting news, Awesome that you have a colt to use. Thanks to that person if they are on the site. And cant wait to see some kits together and up for sale...


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              Well first news - did the exhaust today and sounded great - you wouldn't even know we had gone larger on the system.

              The current system replaced the 2nd cat converter, middle pipe and rear muffler with a single chambered resonator, lukey ultra flow stainless steel canon muffler and 2 1/2" mandrel bent piping with a nice tip on the back.

              No droning, just the sweet sound of an exhaust without drawing any attention from the cops. No doubt once we complete manafacturing of a front dump pipe / high flow cat converter the system will get slightly louder.

              Okay enough of the cosmetics, results you ask

              On the dyno the vehicle picked up 12hp at the wheels and approx 8 ft/pd of torque across the board. But all the gains were from 3000 rpm onwards, the power curves were identical to stock below 3000 rpm.

              Air fuel ratios changed slightly, but are still way out off board, the vehicle is now running 14.5 : 1 at 60 kpa boost which is dangerous at 3000 rpm.

              Also exhaust changed the boost curve. The vehicle peaked to 82 kpa compared to the 75kpa stock, and picked up from there 4 kpa across the board which no doubt is part of the increased hp/torque gain.

              I fully belevie once the down pipe is completed, this will increase hp/torque by another 5 - 7hp and increase boost by around another 1 - 3 kpa.

              So doing the exhaust is definitly worthwhile and as more mods are done, the car will just get better and better.

              This is one car that even dead stock, can benefit from some tuning, but definitly do an exhaust first because of the changes it makes to the boost curve.

              As for other questions - short shifter kits are being manafactured on friday this week on our test car.

              Our website should be up and running by end of the week which will show dyno printouts and the plan of attack.

              We expect to have our dump pipe kit ready to install in around 20 days time.

              Meanwhile anyone in perth wanting a good exhaust feel free to come see us.


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                what have you done with the 2nd oxy sensor?

                and how has the emissions changed?


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                  2nd oxygen sensor is in the same location as it was factory. Since it was located in front of the 2nd cat converter, emissions as far as tuning is concerned have not been altered, although emissions as far as the EPA are concerned, have been reduced.

                  But with a vehicle running 11.3 : 1 air/fuel ratio under boost, with tuning we will in fact be REDUCING emissions when we lean it out to a flat 12.3 : 1 under boost.

                  When we make our dump pipe kit, it will be made with a higher flowing cat converter in the same position as stock, so that the factory O2 sensor locations are retained and the vehicle won't be pulling any check engine lights or having issues with the police.


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                    all really great news again mate. With the evo brakes, will they fit under the factory 16's, or 17's+ the only option. Do they need a adaptor plate to get them on, and what do the lancer evo brake kits usually go for ?


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                      A 9kw gain is very good considering that you guys kept the front stock cat also witha custom dump should gaina bit more sounds like an exhaust is the best mod for instant gains also what does 80kpa convert to in PSI keep up the good work guys.


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                        1 kpa = 1/100 Bar
                        1 bar = 14.3 psi

                        Hopefully i didn't get it wrong


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                          No the brake upgrade package we would supply will not require any modificaitons. It will come wiht new rotor, brake lines and calipers (Overhauled like new)


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                            and a really really rough estimate on a round about price...?
                            need to know how much to start saving. lol
                            pm is also cool.


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                              great work and news.. very yummy