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  • RPW - Billet Camshafts and Valve Spring Packages

    We have received our first camshaft package and are now ready to begin constant production of camshafts for the 4G15 Mivec engines.

    WE are offering the following profiles

    Stock Specifications

    Intake 230 duration @ 0.300" lift/ Exhaust 225 duration @ 0.250"

    Stage 1 Specifications are

    Intake 235 duration @ 0.330" lift/ Exhaust 233 duration @ 0.300" lift

    Stage 2 Specifications are

    Intake 264 duration @ 0.330" lift/ Exhaust 264 duration @ 0.300" lift

    Stage 3 Specifications are

    Intake 272 duration @ 0.300" lift/ Exhaust 272 duration @ 0.300" lift

    Stage 4 Specifications are

    Intake 272 duration @ 0.330" lift/ Exhaust 272 duration @ 0.330" lift

    The stage 1 profile is still quite aggressive compared to stock and to be quite honest, for majority of owners especially with the stock turbo / TD04 turbo upgrade you would never need a bigger profile than that.

    For those with custom turbo's and forged internals the stage 2 profile is the next best option.

    The HKS profile is really for all out racing and I seriously don't expect to see many of those profiles sold.

    Stage 2 profiles will require our upcomgin valve spring packages. They are due to arrive by the 15th Auguest 2011 and are a direct bolt on package.

    We are looking at the viability of a vernier camshaft gear package now on the colt, maybe for the one camgear only.

    These are not cheap due to the additional amount of CNC machining required to provide an oil feed for the mivec operation, but they are now available.

    Feel free to ask any questions relating to these.

    They can now be ordered online at the following link

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    was going to say HOW MUCH but i saw the link.

    will running the 272 with 330 require a higher idle to keep the engine from stalling?


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      Idling with those cams would be around 1100 rpm. BUt the point is that you woudl not make any more power than the 264 cams unless you are running 20+ psi boost all the time. For normal driving it would be a pig and the fuel economy would be absoloutly horrible. The 264's woudl be the best compromise of driving, power and fuel economy for a street vehicle


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        LOL 1100. as for boost, i am yet to see how the engine runs now that its ported. td04 might be too small. i suppose theres only about 6 people in the entire country with cars that could use that cam so it will be interesting to see what happens


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          pretty sure matt has an idle of 1100-1500
          he finds it easier to drive
          1100 aint to bad


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            Dave, what are the durations@1mm? The total doesn't give any idea to how aggressive these are?


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              lol wut the fuck. are you a pirate rowan.



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                Lol yeah it just happened to be edited by you then


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                  The HKS profiles are copies of HKS profiles, not origonal HKS. We use there profiles a lot for the evo's and other non turbo mitsubishi vehicles, but hte colt is quite different.


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                    I had the full cam card somewhere but have since thrown them away as I don't normally need to keep them. The main specs I keep are the durations and lifts at 050.


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                      So Stage 1 is fine with stock valve springs but Stage 2 will need the aftermarket ones?

                      Which ones are in stock at present?


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                        Stage 1 is in stock right now, stage 2 will require valve springs.


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                          Originally posted by Mitsiman View Post
                          I had the full cam card somewhere but have since thrown them away as I don't normally need to keep them. The main specs I keep are the durations and lifts at 050.
                          Hence the question, the duration@050 is the a major factor in camshaft selection. Care to update the first post with these specs?


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                            I have just been looking through the Technical Information Manual and it looks like there are some discrepancies about the stock cam specs there.

                            Intake opening BTDC 34 − ATDC 6
                            Intake closing ABDC 30 − ABDC 70
                            Exhaust opening BBDC 50
                            Exhaust closing ATDC 10
                            Intake: 34 + 180 + 30 = 244 OR 180 - 6 + 70 = 244 degrees of advertised duration, not 230

                            Exhaust: 50 + 180 + 10 = 240 degrees of advertised duration, not 225

                            I second Runuts' request: Mitsi is there any chance we can get the 0.050" durations on them for an apples to apples comparison?


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                              They were shipped out last week so they are due in this week. I will finalise pricing once they arrive on our door.

                              Stage 2 cams will definitly require valve springs. Stage 1 will not.