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  • RPW Version 2 Front Pipes - back in stock more coming

    The new version 2 Front pipe samples just arrived and looking good. These are a complete upgrade over our origonal Version 1 with the following improvements

    1. True 2 1/2" internal diameter, mandrel bent
    2. 100 Cell Metallic Cat Converter
    3. Higher qaulity Stainless Steel
    4. Much higher qaulity of manafacturing
    5. Worth a 15hp gain over our version 1 front pipes due to better flow characteristics.
    6. Further reduction in turbo back pressure enabling more consistant boost levels to be obtained
    7. Requires use of a CEL Eliminator adapter to stop check engine lights
    8. Requires immediet retuning due to CEL lights on higher flow

    These are more expensive than our previous version 1 units. With all the tuning options we have now though, the gains we will get from them will easily offset any issues.

    A photo is included within.

    The first three samples are being sent out today and the other 30 sets we have in production should be here in approximatly 4 weeks time.

    Been a long time coming but we are quite excited about these.

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    Thats great Dave!! sounds exciting, I can't wait until you get these in stock as this will probably be the final step for me in power upgrades... Is the cel eliminator necessary if you have the stage 1 reflash?


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      If there are any perth people available - we need to do a quick test fit onto a vehicle with the V2 front pipe for final check. Prepared to do a deal to compensate for your time.


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        How long before available to the public?


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          Originally posted by Mitsiman View Post
          If there are any perth people available - we need to do a quick test fit onto a vehicle with the V2 front pipe for final check. Prepared to do a deal to compensate for your time.
          you can swap my "prototype" ver 2 pipe for the full super awesome upgraded one when i bring the car in for the clutch and retune if you like? i am expecting the clutch kit to be delivered tomorrow or wednesday, can book as soon as the kit arrives


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            I can't give you this one for the moment as its already promised to someone else, but that would be a great option for us to look at, although I really woudl like a colt this week so that I can give the go ahead to get the other 40 units made. If you can bring your car in on thursday we can get started on it so when the clutch arrives your ready to go.


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              i'll check on the clutch and get back to you


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                Hey Mitsiman, with the pipes in your performance packages are they version 1 or 2?


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                  Version 1 I need to update the website with the new version 2's once there finalised


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                    Big thanks to cheque for dropping in and lending us his vehicle. The unit fitted up perfectly with the stock dump pipe so we have given the go ahead for the new units to be made and sent over.

                    We will still hand check each one on a test jig when they arrrive just to be certain but the units look great on the car.


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                      I'll put in my 2c.

                      The unit's are well made with only a slight amount of adjusting to get the block mount to line up with the bolt hole. This is on a vehicle with RPW's Dump pipe though and I'm quite happy with the product.

                      Boost now starts spooling at about 1800-2000rpm with full boost at around 2300-2400rpm and flow quite well.

                      It was a long wait and I'm satisfied with the overall product, but I think that the unit should still be the same price as the V1's. AFAIK the unit seems to be made from 409 stainless which is not as shiny (or rust resilient) as the V1's which looked to be made from 304 stainless.

                      With 409 being a steel that is somewhat cheaper to purchase than 304, I believe it should be reflected in the price of the product. Generally, when something is made with a cheaper material, most business's would pass this down to the consumer.

                      I understand that the Cat Converter is of higher quality than the previous model, but I believe the cost would be offset by the cheaper steel.

                      I may be wrong in my assumptions, but perhaps you could help us understand why the unit is dearer than the previous version to help clear up some confusion David?


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                        Cheers dave, that looks like a schweeet v2 down pipe


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                          Thanks for the feedback - here are some easy answers

                          (1) the new V2 units are actually a higher grade stainless steel versus the V1 units, this is part of the reason why they were cheaper in the first place. I only recently found out that they weren't 304 grade myself recently, as I made the assumption they were.
                          (2) The V2 are larger diameter pipework and a much larger housing for the cat converter, which means more stainless steel material is involved.
                          (3) They have a 100 CEL metallic cat verses the cheaper Ceramic Cat converters in the V1 units.
                          (4) These are manafactured by a different firm with better qaulity control, and as such, actually cost more for me to get them made
                          (5) The units also come with a CEL Eiminator to ensure no CEL codes on the emmissions check.

                          Regardless of everthing else - we won't be having any cat failures with these units which was my number 1 priority. Second priority was improved gas flow and ultimatly the abiity to create higher horsepower.

                          We are making a minor adjustment to the hanger, makeing it an adjustable hanger with a swivel point rather than a fixed arm to make it easier for fitment.


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                            Thanks for that David.

                            The hanger idea seems like a very good one, as that was the only issue I had with fitting up the pipe that you sent. I have no doubt that the next batch will be even better again if you implement that idea.

                            Just one more thing:-

                            I didn't receive a CEL eliminator with my V2 pipe


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                              How long before they hit the market????