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  • RPW Dump Pipe R&D Program - stage 1

    Well first update on the dump pipe package for the Ralliart Colt. I am still amazed at how well these vehicles go with the stock system.

    First measurements - the turbo exhaust housing is SO restricted. Amazingly restricted its a double hump off the back rather than one smooth path with the first hump for the turbo wastegate which restricts back and then a second hump the same diameter for teh actual turbo exhaust wheel.

    From there it goes into an amazingly small 1 3/4" pipe into a cat, out to a 1 3/4" pipe back to the second flange. From there it then goes to 2 1/4" to the second cat backwards.

    Needless to say improvements on hand.

    What we will be making to replace this is this

    A new redesigned turbo exhaust housing with one large opening down to a 2 1/2" flange point

    From there into a 2 1/2" mandrel bend into a 4" diameter metallic cat converter. From there 2 1/2" mandrel bend back to the first flange point.

    We will be working on the assumption that anyone doing this will be doing an exhaust system of at least 2 1/2" diameter but it will be designed to bolt up to the factory 2 1/4" flange point for those who havn't done it yet.

    I think it will be safe to say there are some very very large gains to be had here.

    Because of the extra work involved with the manafacturing of the turbo exhaust housing, we will not have a working unit by Friday as planned. Instead we are making our first dummy kit and then will be needing to recheck it on the car at a later stage.

    Also our dyno is still down for repairs, it was supposed to be up and running by today and won't be working till late next week. Which works out fine anyway.

    So thats the first news, I will have some photos and other information and update our website as well.

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    Here is a teaser photo - this will be roughly what the system will look like (Minus the exhaust housing). Note this is just something I found on the net, so its not exact, but its pretty damn close.


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      Wow! Never realised our stock system is so restrictive. The diameter looks more like a N/A car than a turbo car.

      keep us updated, Mitsi


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        Wow I have to say I am surprised that Mitsu put a system that restrictive on the car. Can't wait to the system when it is done!


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          Keep it up Mitsiman, you got 50 RColt here in Singapore waiting for the end product.


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            Oh god - the pressure, the pressure

            Only want to do this the one way - the proper way. No time for problems, need to move onto making more power out of this beast


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              Happy Australia Day!

              Is it going to be all stainless or are you making it up out of different materials too? Looks good, I want a price when you're done.


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                The units are being made out of stainless steel at this stage unless we have to change suppliers, which if the build qaulity is high enough, then we won't.

                I will be personally checking the qaulity of the build once its done to ensure that its up to a very high standard.


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                  so this will be a fairly simple bolt on mod which any exhaust shop can do?

                  any idea on pricing (not fitted)?

                  i'll be keen to see what this can offer


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                    Yes this is being manafactured as a simple bolt on item.

                    Pricing is unknown because we know have to make with the kit a new turbo dump pipe right off the turbo instead of just a pipe and we are using a metallic 4" diameter cat converter.


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                      We did our baseline run today on the colt and it produced an expected 106kw at the hubs, around 1kw less than the previous stock colt which is great as there is not a large variation in the vehicle.

                      Although interestingly, this colt was not as lean on the air/fuel ratio at low rpm / boost levels as the previous one, but was far richer in the higher rpm range which is probably where the variation in horsepower is coming from.

                      The exhaust system from the secondary cat back is being performend now a 2 1/2" mandrel bent system with a lukey muffler and resonator.
                      I will put it back on the dyno for a before/after comparison as well as if time permits, hook up a Haltech Miniceptor unit and try to do a tune on it as well and see if it all works out.

                      So its all starting to happen.


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                        ill be up for 1 depending on price


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                          me too! be interested to see some dyno graphs of before and after the various stages


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                            i am in, as soon as i pay these damn tax bills... friggin WA, we are paying 17% more tax than any other state... friggin frigging friggin!!! ARGGGGH i want it now!!!!


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                              so was that a standard colt that pulled that figure on the dyno...or was that with the exuast modified? isnt that high for a stock car?