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    Matt hasn't responded about the 15th!

    Oh wait, I forgot the rules.

    1st RULE: You do not talk about Vic Rcolt Facebook Group.
    2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about Vic Rcolt Facebook Group.



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      15th sounds good. Thursday the 14th even better.
      I'm there almost every Thursday night with the Mazda gang anyway if anyone wants to come hang out.
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        So we doing the 15th? Perfect for me!


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          Thursday night is no good for me, I have netball. Lets make it Friday


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            Hey everyone still good for this Friday? At 7:30 maybe?


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              How many are going?


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                If bookings haven't been made for Garage Cafe on Friday, may I suggest a change of plans?

                7:30 onwards
                The Glen **NEW** multistory carpark behind the shops out the back near the railway station.
                Can grab a bite at any of the restaurants there.

                Longinus, two birds one stone


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                  Put me down as a maybe.
                  I've got something on at 6:00 pm in the city, so I may be able to make 7:30 pm.


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                    Haha I was going to skip the CCJ meet and come to the RColt meet!


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                      I can come to the Glen


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                        Cool guys

                        Sorry I can't pm everyone this time as I haven't received any reply from Matt who is organising the facebook page & regular meet, and seeing the site come back up only this week, it's too short notice. If you're lurking and want to join some likeminded rcolt and CJ lancer enthusiasts in a relaxed environment, do feel free to join. Just remember to pm or post up your interest so we know who to expect coming and how long we stay. Otherwise you might turn up when everyone has left.

                        This is taken from clubcj.
                        denzza wrote:

                        3rd. Glen Waverley Top Car park. The new one behind the train station.
                        Nice chill spot and plenty of levels to choose from, Top i think is the best haha nice chill spot! Good lighting and the good part is there is Chinese food everywhere. YUM YUM YUM!

                        Here is the exact location of the new car park !

                        Its the new Euneva Avenue multi-level.


                        Its on Euneva Avenue and the multi-level car park will be on your right!
                        Meet at the TOP TOP level, which is the roof !

                        Edit: btw the carpark grounds might give you grief accessing top level if your car is lowered. You can give denzza grief for that!! :P
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                          Ok then to Avoid confusion.

                          Join Kalts meet at the Glen.

                          I'm going to watch a mates band play their 1st gig and won't be at either.

                          Considering its lucky to get 4 cars in one place at a time, splitting the group would be madness.
                          Have fun guys sorry I'm not going to make it.

                          Facebook group is off private "RColt Vic" is the name if anyone gives a shit.


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                            I give a shit.

                            I sent you a PM Matt.


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                              These meets seem to be landing on days where I have family stuff on.

                              Might be able to pop down for a bit if I can, else I'll try make next one since I havn't been to a meet for ages!


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                                Decent meet the other night. Tanith's Colt was definitely the best car there.

                                Can't seem to find the facebook group :/