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  • SA Club Membership & Collingrove Multiclub on 25 May

    Anyone here a member of a car club? I'm looking to run my colt at the collingrove multiclub on the 25th of May, but need car club membership.

    Wondering if there's a club with Rcolt members in SA.. Is GSR/EVO club is still going? I have a old mini, so could join hotbricks if nothing better comes up.

    On Collingrove, my planned entry will just be for a bit of fun. The next come and try day is too far away and want to test out the colt up there. Anyone else interested/going?

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    None of the (old) SA guys have been affiliated with a club for years to my knowledge. Me and one or two other guys were part of GSR/EVO years ago, but don't think they were financial members, we just knew a heap of heads in the club - my membership lapsed in the early/mid 2000's with GSR/EVO (before I got a colt).

    I tried the colt for a couple of runs up at Collingrove back in 2009, but to be honest, the colt is really not cut out for it (particularly in std trim), had a couple of hairy moments in the car, got the bug out of my system and left it at that - the front wheels are working overtime and the track just over-whelms the car especially if you step it out just a tad on the grass given the track width is so narrow.... plus it struggles to get up that hill even with increased boost (its quite steep in some parts). I found the colt is best enjoyed on spirited public road hills runs (keeping to the speed limit of course) and not really cut out for motorsport (unless you spend a barrel of coin in the suspension and tyre department).

    But by all means give it a crack, it is good fun.

    Think SA people just got scared off from doing any motorsport events a few years ago after an old rcolt member (Hendo) wrote off his car at Mallala after barrel-rolling it through a corner - insurance didn't then and won't cover you for any car-related damage as a result of private/motorsport activities (CAMS insurance is only for personal injury/public indemnity purposes).

    Just join the Sporting Car Club of SA and be done with it, they pretty much run/are affiliated with every motorsport event in SA. You'll then be able to source your CAMS license through them to run any motorsports events
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      Thanks Wombat. Yeah the photos of that rollover actually turned me away from buying an Rcolt for a while.. Still spooks me to think of them now.
      But, I don't intend on doing anything silly in it, just enjoying Collingrove as another hills run at 80%...

      SCCA membership is pretty expensive compared to Hotbricks, which is my current other alternative. I used to have CAMS license but let it lapse when I got out of dirt rallying (in an old colt!).


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        I've done collingrove three times before, twice in my old rx2 (awesome first car) and other time in a mates Rx7. A little OT, attached is a shot of the colt & my rx2