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  • Arc forum battle - calder park march 2012

    2012 marks a special occasion, the first event of it's kind as Forum Battle infiltrates the Calder Park round of the ARC and pits online forums against each
    other in a very real offline event spanning across multiple disciplines of motorsport and automotive culture. There's $20k's worth of prizes up for grabs for
    forum members and prime time TV coverage on Channel 10. Represent your forum, this is going to be epic!


    Tarmac Rally
    Calder Park Thunderdome (in front of all ARC spectators)
    Saturday 3rd March 2012
    2 official stages of the ARC.
    2 entries/forum, entry includes a 3 day pass

    Time Attack
    Calder Park Race Circuit
    Saturday 3rd March 2012
    2 entries/forum, entry includes a 3 day pass

    Calder Park Thunderdome (in front of all ARC spectators)
    Saturday 3rd March 2012
    2 entries/forum, entry includes a 3 day pass

    Calder Park Drags
    Saturday 3rd March 2012
    4 entries/forum, entry includes a 3 day pass

    Show & Shine
    Calder Park Thunderdome (in front of all ARC spectators)
    $40/entry for competitors
    20 entries/forum, entry includes a 3 day pass
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    Heck yes. I wonder how much it would cost to put the colt on the train. What other forums or catergories would the rcolt be against though?

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      More like, how much wud it cost to ship a colt from finland


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        Originally posted by RcoltGuy09 View Post
        More like, how much wud it cost to ship a colt from finland


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          jem and matt... go represent!!!


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            I've done some digging...

            Gymkhana (prob my pet event) lasts 50 mins on sat afternoon.
            If there are say 15 forums represented, each with two cars, one run each...
            provided the longest time is 60 seconds, that allows 40 seconds between competitors...

            $150 for 1 min = one expensive minute.

            I'll do an entire day for less including lunch!

            However to represent RColt = Priceless??


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              Dear Forum Members,

              It is my great pleasure to provide some pre-information for the upcoming “ARC Forum Battle” to take place as part of the 2012 Rally Calder.

              ARC Forum Battle
              Like Rally Calder, the ARC Forum Battle is a completely unique event designed to reward Australia’s best car club over 6 x motorsport and non-motorsport point scoring facets. The car club forum community has grown in strength and numbers in a very short space of time in Australia and has provided “intra-club” motorsport events such as nationals etc but Rally Calder and the ARC Forum Battle represents the first event where car forums will compete head to head on a large scale.

              An enormous amount of work is going on behind the scenes to bring this monster of an event together including technical and sporting regulations which will be available as soon as possible. In the mean time please find below some information pertaining to the ARC Forum Battle

              ARC Forum Battle General
              1. Points to be awarded per discipline (x 6 disciplines) on a sliding scale of results (for example, 20…16..14..12 etc) for the club

              2. Technical Regulations will follow CAMS regs for relevant disciplines with specifics to be advised in actual regs but will be designed to encourage road going, road registered, high performance vehicles to compete in a competitive yet safe and fair environment.

              3. Due to the expected number of car forums that will compete a limited number of entries will be sought for each discipline as below – the car forum will need to meet this maximum number by putting forward their chosen representatives within each forum

              4. The driver must be a forum member and must be the owner of the vehicle to be used

              The Disciplines
              1. Club Support : This is a non-motorsport discipline. Each car forum will be provided a unique ticket code for the event and points will be awarded to forums based on the ticket sales per forum and thus the support of the event, each forum and the ARC Forum Battle by the forum members.

              2. Time Attack : Currently scheduled for 10:20am-12pm on Saturday March 3rd. This event will consist of 2 cars and drivers from each forum. Each driver will have 2 sessions to post their best time over the 1.6 kilometre Calder Park National Circuit Short Course (see attached map). There will be up to 8 cars on the track at once. This course and discipline is subject to cancellation if the track is wet due to the VHT used for drag competitions on the main straight. Regulations are pending. Entry costs are $200 per entry and include a 3-day general admission pass to the event and will be lodged with the event secretary as per the event regulations when released.

              3. Rally Stage/One-Lap Dash : Currently scheduled for 1:35 – 2:25 and 5:00-5:45 on Saturday March 3rd. This event will consist of 2 cars and drivers from each forum. Each driver will get 4 runs over the 2km course using the Calder Park National Circuit Long Course (see attached map), the best time for each driver will be used to determine overall ARC Forum Battle points. Cars will be flagged away (rallystyle!) at 30 second intervals using timing beams at start and finish. Regulations are pending. Entry costs are $150 per entry and include a 3-day general admission pass to the event and will be lodged with the event secretary as per the event regulations when released.

              4. Gymkhana : Currently scheduled for 3:45-4:45 on Saturday March 3rd. This event consists of 2 cars and drivers from each forum. Each driver will get 2 runs over the 750 metre highly technical slalom gymkahana course utilising pit lanes in the middle of the thunderdome. This is the most used section of calder park raceway for Rally Calder and will be highly visible to the public (see attached map). Cars will be flagged away (rallystyle!) at 30 second intervals using timing beams at start and finish. Regulations are pending. Entry costs are $150 per entry and include a 3-day general admission pass to the event and will be lodged with the event secretary as per the event regulations when released.

              5. Drag/Quarter Mile Sprint : Currently scheduled for 7pm till late on Saturday March 3rd. The event will consist of 4 cars and drivers from each forum. Each driver will get a minimum of 2 runs over the strip. Entry costs are $150 per entry and include a 3-day general admission pass to the event and will be lodged with the event secretary as per the event regulations when released.

              6. Show n Shine : Scheduled for Sunday 4th March. 20 cars per forum with each forum given an area within the Rally Calder Service Park precinct to “make their own”. 20 cars per Car Forum. A panel of judges will award points to the best presented individual cars and car forum as a whole – so get those creative juices flowing in terms of your areas! Entry costs are $90 per entry (only $40 if an existing ARC Forum Battle competitor) and include a 3-day general admission pass to the event and will be lodged probably through Foxtix due to the number of expected entries.

              The prize presentation for best individual performance within each discipline as well as the overall ARC Forum Battle Champion Forum will be announced as part of a special podium presentation at the event (and before the Rally finals) currently scheduled for approximately 12:30. The individual discipline winners and a representative driver and vehicle from the winning club will get to do a parade lap and be part of the grid with the finalists in the Bosch ARC, CAMS Tarmac Rally and Side x Side Events.

              The ARC Forum Battle will take pride of place amongst other facets within Rally Calder promotional mediums including television commercials etc and will be covered within the live internet and Rally Calder radio. A minimum of 12-minutes of national television airtime (3 minutes on Ten and 9 minutes on ONE) will be dedicated to the highlights of each discipline.

              2012 ARC Forum Battle Schedule of Activities as at 22nd November 2011

              Friday March 2nd
              3:30-4pm : National Circuit (Time Attack and Rally/One Lap Dash) Familiarisation, Calder Park Raceway
              7pm-9pm : Official Forum Welcome Function (all forum members welcome), West Waters Hotel, Caroline Springs. Finger Food dinner provided @ cost of approx. $30 with cash bar available. Welcome from Scott Pedder (CEO of Bosch ARC and Rally Calder Event Director) plus other special guests.
              9pm – 11pm : Documentation and Vehicle Scrutiny, West Waters Hotel, Caroline Springs

              Saturday March 3rd
              7:30-7:45 : Gymkhana Familiarisation, Thunderdome Calder Park Raceway
              10:20-12pm : Time Attack
              1:30-2:25 : Rally Stage/One Lap Dash 1&2
              3:45-4:45 : Gymkhana
              5:00-5:45 : Rally Stage/One Lap Dash 3&4
              7:00-9:00 : Drag

              Sunday March 4th
              6:00-7:30 : Show N Shine Setup
              7:30-12:00 : Show N Shine Competition
              12:20-12:35 : ARC Forum Battle Presentations
              12:35-1:05 : Parade, Grid, National Anthem
              1:05-5pm : Show N Shine Continues
              5pm : Gates close for public, Show N Shine vehicles can depart venue
              7pm-Late : ARC Forum Battle Unofficial After Party, Sports Bar, West Waters Hotel, Caroline Springs.

              Rally Calder
              The ARC Forum Battle is part of 2012 Rally Calder, the first event of its kind that combines the following motorsport disciplines into one event;
              -Round One of the 2012 BOSCH Australian Rally Championship (Gravel and Tarmac) includes;
              o BOSCH Australian 4WD Rally Championship
              o BOSCH Australian 2WD Rally Championship
              o Australian Classic Rally Championship
              o East Coast Bull Bars Australian SUV Rally Challenge
              o Australian Junior Rally Challenge

              -Round One of the 2012 CAMS Australian Tarmac Rally Championship

              -Round One of the 2012 Australian Side by Side Rally Challenge (Polaris and CanAm 2-seater ATV Buggies)

              -ARC Forum Battle
              o Time Attack
              o Rally Stage (one-lap dash)
              o Gymkhana
              o Drag
              o Show n Shine

              -Drift Demonstration

     Rally Hot Laps

              Rally Calder is being branded as “Melbourne’s Festival of Speed” and will be promoted through an extensive PR and Media plan including;
              - 15 and 30-second television commercial to air in Melbourne on Network Ten and ONE in January/February
              - Delayed 2-hour national coverage of the event (all facets) on Ten/ONE weekend
              - Online via foxtix (event ticketing agency) associated sites, car forums and other general mediums
              - Normal PR/Press/Media including Twitter and Facebook as conducted by the BOSCH ARC

              Other general Rally Calder information and highlights include;
              - Live Internet from event via
              - Rally Calder Shortband Radio
              - Ceremonial Start on Thursday March 1st at West Waters Hotel Caroline Springs
              - Displays (including new vehicle drive area), vendors and kids zone
              - Ticketing through Foxtix including general admission, grandstand (option of tarmac thunderdome or gravel paddock), corporate hospitality and very special “intercom club”

              The very basic event schedule at this point in time looks like this;

              Thursday March 1st 2012
              4pm : Rally Show Commences – West Waters Hotel, Caroline Springs
              7pm : Ceremonial Start Commences – West Waters Hotel, Caroline Springs
              10pm : Ceremonial Start Concludes

              Friday March 2nd 2012
              Am : Reconnaisance and Media Activities
              2pm : Gates Open to Public
              3pm-9:30pm : Bosch ARC Stages 1-8, CAMS Tarmac Rally Stages 1-5, Side by Side Stages 1 and 2, Hotlaps and Drift Demonstrations
              10:30pm : Gates close to public

              Saturday March 3rd 2012
              7:30am : Gates Open to Public
              8:00-9:00 : Bosch ARC Stages 9-24, CAMS Tarmac Rally Stages 6-16, Side by Side Stages , Hotlaps, Drift Demonstrations and ARC Forum Battle (Time Attack, Rally one lap dash, Gymkhana and Drag events).
              10:00 : Gates Close to Public

              Sunday March 4th 2012
              7:30am : Gates Open to Public
              8:00-12:20 : Bosch ARC Stages 25-27, CAMS Tarmac Rally Stages 17-21, Side by Side Stages, Hotlaps, Drift Demonstrations and ARC Forum Battle (Show n Shine only)
              12:20-12:30 : ARC Forum Battle Presentation
              12:30-1pm : Parade, Grid and National Anthem
              1:15-3:50 : Finals for Bosch ARC, CAMS Tarmac Rally and Side x Side
              4:00-4:30 : Podium Presentations
              5:30 : Gates Close to Public
              7:00pm-late : Rally and ARC Forum Battle presentations at West Waters Hotel, Caroline Springs.

              For further information please stay tuned to the Rally Calder Page on Information will also be forwarded to forums via Go2Space as it becomes available.

              On behalf of everyone involved with the BOSCH Australian Rally Championship and Rally Calder we welcome the competitors and supporters of the ARC Forum Battle and look forward to 3 great days of motorsport and comradery come March 2nd next year.

              Scott Pedder
              Chief Executive Officer



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                Sup Regs and Entry Forums are up guys. Check out our website for more information:

                On the website you will find:
                -Sup Regs
                -Entry Forms
                -Race/event maps
                -Competitor updates
                -ARC News

                And of course Forum battle news.

                We have also set up a Facebook page: Click Here To View
                Like our page to receive updates automatically via Facebook



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                  The Spirit of Competition guys... So, Who's going to do which event???

                  Shall we start fund-raising for entry fees and transport costs now?

                  Or don't bother this time around?


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                    Time to get into gear guys and start entering Forum Battle.

                    5 forums have already stepped up and have nominated forum representatives.

                    Opel Aus
                    Aussie Exotics
                    Evolution OZ
                    JDM Style Tuning.

                    Competitors from a wide range of cars have entered from track weapons, daily drivers and decked out show cars.

                    Check out for sup regs, entry forms, Forum Battle news and features on each of the entrants so far.
                    Remember to like us on Facebook for Forum Battle updates and start nominating members in the “ARC FORUM BATTLE CALDER 2012 - Nominate Members thread”

                    Opel Aus Entrant Brenton in his Astra “I’ll be entering it in either the Tarmac Rally or maybe the Gymkhana, I really don’t see it winning any events or awards, it’s all just for a bit of fun”

                    Aussie Exotic's representative, the Lotus Esprit GT300 GT2 is an example of the wide range of cars entering the ARC Forum Battle


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                      Tickets are now available guys!

                      The final and most important category that forums will be judged on is community support. So grab your mates and jump online to order your tickets and get behind your favourite forum.
                      Make sure to write down your forums unique code when ordering your tickets.

                      Forum Code: RCOLT

                      (Promotion ends 31st January)

                      Who will be crowned Australia's best Online Car Forum? 2012 Rally Calder will see the first ever Online Car Forum challenge which brings together these car enthusiasts for a range of offline motorsport tests and challenges. Entry into the competition is restricted to only the very best modified road cars and drivers from each forum and marque which means great action and competition for spectators.

                      TICKET OPTIONS
                      A number of ticket options are available to suit everyone, Click the Links below for more information:

                      FRIDAY SINGLE DAY: General Admission

                      SATURDAY SINGLE DAY: General Admission

                      SUNDAY SINGLE DAY: General Admission

                      3-DAY: General Admission Passes

                      3-DAY BOSCH DOME: Reserved Grandstand Seating

                      3- DAY ECB PADDOCK: Reserved Grandstand Seating

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                        Hey Guys,

                        We have been paying attention to what the forums want and as a result have updated the Sup Regs and classes in which cars will be competing.

                        a. Pro class- for both street registered and none street registered cars. Engines and gearbox’s are free. Suspension pick up points must be in as per the manufactures design. Slicks are not permitted.

                        b. Street Class- for street registered cars only. The vehicle must retain the original engine and gearbox configuration. Suspension pick up points must be in as per the manufactures design. Street legal tyres are only permitted.

                        Both Pro and Street Class will then comprise of 3 sub classes; Fastest FWD, RWD and 4WD vehicles

                        Complete updated Sup Regs can be found here:

                        For tickets information or to purchase: Click Here

                        For any additional information or if you have any questions please email us:


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                          A small example of the competition. Euro's, JDM, Aussie muscle, exotics, drag machines, track hacks, hot hatches, time attack entrants, back yard mechanics and forum enthusiasts in general.

                          Representing Supra forums Danny's car is indeed a clean example.

                          Think your car could keep up with this bad boy? Grandma spec AE86 entering for some fun and to represent AE86 Driving Club.

                          Kyne’s Golf GTI is a well thought out machine, made to look aggressive and go when needed.

                          Stock Astra? Think again, 280kw at the wheels and he's not finished yet!

                          This Aussie muscle car might have dominated the drag strip with 480rwkw but has chosen to enter the show'n'shine. Drag competitors can let out a sigh of relief.

                          2.5L conversion, Will shall fly the flag for JDMST in the time attack category. Model in photo is Bettina Banks for those wondering. Google it!

                          This Vr4 started life as a grocery car and is now Australia's fastest road legal Galant.

                          You just got beat..By a Wagon! fullBOOST and Warren will be doing what they do best; the 1/4 mile

                          Nope, this isn’t your everyday CE Lancer GLi with a knock off Evo bodykit. Luke’s cars is the real deal!
                          Last year it won the Victorian Hillclimb championship (4wd Sedan class).

                          Looks like a hot hatch battle is emerging in the FWD class for time attack. Rory has thrown his hat in the ring for OPELAUS with a very neat Astra VXR Nurburgring Editions.

                          Show'n'shiney! Exterior has a custom full respray in Morpheus purple with custom airbrushed TME decals in carbon fibre & real flames, carbon fibre wing. Interior is also a custom 4 seater recaro conversion with full retrim in German yellow custard leather.

                          Keeping the smell of fuel in the air is Glen in his Time attack RX7.

                          A Lotus Esprit GT300 GT2 LeMans Racer!

                          DAP-R Springs 40mm drop at the front, 50mm drop at the rear!

                          Jason being a seasoned time attack entrant is no stranger to the tarmac, competing in this years World Time Attack Clubsprint class setting a 1:43.0420 lap.

                          Carbon tax!

                          Open class entrant Nik Kalis. This well sorted car will be great to watch at the time attack discipline.

                          Micheal or better known as SP BLING on Oz Mazda owner steps up to represent his forum.

                          Bought for a measly $1200, John’s Track Hack AW11 has spent most of 2011 in the garage being brought back to life. He is the first to admit to Forum battle that it isn’t going to win any Show and Shine awards. And it never will!

                          A regular track day addict, a Circuit Club organizer and an Advan Neova Cup Competitor, Narada has been to Wakefield ( 2hr South west of Sydney) more then most.

                          The first to enter forum battle was Darrin who wsa bitten by the track day bug has constantly been developing his Evo X.

                          Euro Revolution owner Sebastian enters in his brand spanking new Golf R. Team Euro Revolution has a few more cars entering so stay tuned to our facebook page: ARC Forum Battle 2012 | Facebook

                          More to come...

                          Does your car have what it takes to compete? Or just looking to have a little fun?
                          Join the Battle: Forum Battle | 1st-4th March 2012- The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory


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                            Forum Battle Update

                            Good news forum users. Struggling to decide whether to track your car or enter it in the show’n’shine? Why not do both! Any one competing in the Time attack, Rally, drags or Gymkhana will automatically gain free entry into the Show & Shine!

                            Plus competitors get to nominate 2 Pit Crew members who will gain entry to the event for $10 a day. As car nuts we know the benefits of having a spare pair of hands around when working on cars. Whether we were doing an engine conversion, swapping a gearbox or simply bleeding brakes the job was made easier and more fun with mates. So bring 2 of your best mates down and even if they don’t know how to change a tyre at least you’ll have somebody cheering you on .


                            Sup regs have been updated and finalised, a copy can be found here:

                            As if you needed another excuse to get involved; The second prize pool announcement is up. Forum battle is happy to have Motul, DBA , and Bendix come on board and support Forum Battle.

                            1. Motul – x6 oil and Motul fluid packs to give away worth $1200
                            2. DBA – x2 pairs of 4000 series
                            3. Bendix – x4 SRT( Street Road Track) sets of pads


                            Join the Battle: Forum Battle | 1st-4th March 2012- The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory


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                              New forums join the battle and already entered forums step it up a notch. Check out the latest batch of competitors:

                              Turbocharged, short wheel base, mid-engine, cool 80′s styling and an extensive mod list. This AW11 is a veteran at the track and will be represent MR2 Australia

                              Instantly recognised by those who attended WTAC 2011 this supra is the promo car for Gorilla Industries. Shane and his high powered Supra have run 1:05:75 at Wakefield. Shane will be representing JDMST in its Lotus inspired war paint.

                              Jason’s RX7 has seen significant changes and upgrades over the years with results to match; 1st overall at The No Limits Time Attack event at Barbagallo, WA in October 2010, and 1st at Raventech Time Attack battle in 2wd October 2010. Jason will be representing his club RENEW (Rotary Enthusiasts of New South Wales) in the Time attack, Tarmac rally and the 1/4 mile drags


                              The latest to join the Evo OZ team is 27 year old and his EVO 9 MR. Having previously owned an EVO 7, Dan is no stranger to Mitsubishi’s AWD, turbo charge beast. No Expense has been spared on Dan’s baby. Out on the track Dan is also a seasoned racer, with 2 years of racing experience under his belt and another 5 for club days

                              SAU announces their first entrant and it’s clear these boys won’t be happy with second place. Introducing Adam Newton and “BIG RED”, the carbon/wide body R32 GTS-t with 400rwkw on tap!
                              Adam will be representing SAU in the Pro Class for the time attack and rally stage events.