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  • [Forward Planning Thread] Aus Rcolt Meet

    OK, been playing on my mind for a while. Impromptu meets with a week's notice get thin attendance so a meet for all Aus Rcolters will take huge planning. I'd even consider a weekend and motel bookings.

    Some things to throw about are;

    How long?
    Only Rcolts?

    2010-2012... No joke, 2012 would be a cool date for obvious reasons and don't think its too far off as getting massive numbers will take planning.

    Trying to make it fair with a slant towards the east coasters I'm thinking western nsw... Bourke? Broken Hill? Mad Max territory? Motel or National Park camping? Maybe a paddock gymkhana?

    A weekend to maybe 5 days...

    I'm open to discussion or a vote if we go in-house or open it up for others to tag along...

    Think about... 2012, apocalypse, rcolt meet @ mad max territory... GOLD!

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    my old car club (toyota owners club aus) does yearly meets and they are planned from the day after the meet for next years one. and they always turn out AWESOME!!!!!!
    this april was melbourne meet (destination changes every year) and there was a massive turnout!
    this was a 3 day meet so alot of us here in bris drove down met the sydney people on the way and carried on down to melb. there alot from perth flew over along with the people in all the other states that didnt drive. All these poeple got picked up by the melbourne residents of the club from the airport and just went passenger in different cars every day which worked great. and was great for getting to know everyone
    everyone stayed in hotels close.
    we held 1 day of show and shines followed by a cruise, a night out to dinner at a bar then a full day mountain cruise the next day, and on the last day another meet/show and shine at the local toyota dealership which was kind enough to let us use there carpark.

    so all in all this takes atleast 6 months of planning, so end of 2010 would be the time i think or early 2011 anything later is too far away many people will sell cars etc in that time.

    rcolts only? yes but no, rcolt event but previous rcolt owners that dont drive rcolts anymore would be the exception.

    so im all in for it after that life story lol


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      Cheers man... Good idea that, change of venue each year... Do we want an annual aus event? Or one big one with states and territories going annual?


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        Originally posted by fauxpas View Post
        Do we want an annual aus event? Or one big one with states and territories going annual?
        Let's meet in "the centre" (shame about the existence of speed limits in the outback)

        Ok, maybe not.

        If I had 6 months notice about a meet in another state, I'd probably would make the effort to go.

        Seeing my car every morning, and seeing pics members post on the forum, just reinforces how much of a joy it is to own this car, and how neat it would be to meet other owners and see their rcolts in the metal


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          Canberra. I need to go there sometime next year before August 2010.

          How about an Australia Wide RColt Meet at our nations' capital?


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            I'm certainly interested; I'll be keen to see if this goes ahead


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              i dont think many WA guys will do the nullabor run, although if they did, it would be fun ++++


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                lol i have done the nullabor run about 8 times... "fun" isn't the word i would use!!


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                  bringing up an old thread this would be awesome. I was planning on travelling over east maybe on a plane though if anyone needed a hand with there boost controllers although a 2 week drive cruising around would be awesome. Nullarbor @ 230kmh here we come. I was planning for later this year just to jump in my car and disappear for a while on a road trip. Lol bunny you'd have to come. Imagine 2000kms or reckless driving haha. As if the freeway's not bad enough. If were lucky we might even see a red xr5 haha. So yeah mid to late this yeah i'm comin over for a cruise


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                    yeh lets get osme planning on this im going to sydney for 4 days in june for toyota annual meet and its already organised


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                      A few things to think of, from looking at how the xr5 ones have gone in the past.

                      Hard to set a date that meets everyone's needs, so you need to take a vote and the most suitable date wins, some people just won't make it.
                      Three days is long enough,
                      Want to organise the meet near good quality roads, "fun roads". no point meeting in a city as its to hard to get out and enjoy your car.
                      Try to have near a track that you can hire out and have a track day.
                      Need enough decent accomadation, some will be happy to camp but most will want motels
                      somewhere in NSW meets the needs of most

                      Just some thoughts on thing I have seen.


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                        i guess id be down for it... if thers a track day more happy to go or if not track day skid pan day


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                          I think you just have to set a date and stick with it regardless of what other people have on - they can work around the dates, you can't please everyone. Best to keep it clear of the city, somewhere rural with a small track or skidpan would be cool - last thing interstaters want is to try and navigate in and out of Sydney.

                          The main issue is that there are some people that "just own" a Ralliart Colt, and there are others that are devoted owners/enthusiests that make time to go to meets and track events. i.e - in SA the max number of colts we can get at a meet is 5, but I know there are heaps out there in Adelaide. The other issue is that car meets are now almost seen as anti-social behaviour in the eyes of the government, versus just being a group of motoring enthusiests, so it is gettng harder to get such meets up and running with more than just a couple of cars (especially in SA). I'd love to make the trip over, but I think I would make an investment in a car bra beforehand!

                          Pity we couldn't hire bathurst out - lol!


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                            bathurst would be joy. I'm still down for a nullarbor trip over for sure. And second that on the car bra coro. Would be the best idea. Lol i'm sure i could rig up a bull bar and temporary spotties for the trip. I'd like to go around the toyota owners club time. 4a's and 20 valves hold a spot in my heart


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                              I would be up for this event.