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  • ----> Hot Hatch 'Mixed Events Coordinators'

    As you may be aware there are 4 hatch's in our class of car that seemed to be bunched together in may write up's. ie RColt, XR4, Swift Sports and VW Polo gti.

    I have posted on good forums from the other 3 car owner groups, seeking response from them to coordinate friendly mixed events such as Track days, Meets, cruises etc... mainly did this from a Perth/WA point of view as 1. it might help make up the numbers in our pretty quiet state and 2. would be fun to challenge and interact with each other in some events, for friendly brag rights? and also gives good opportunity to check how our much loved cars compare to the competition out there?

    After reading some interest from a couple of non W.A. Polo owners I thought it might be good to draft up a list of hot hatch 'Mixed Event Coordinators' from each state, from each of the 4 vehicle groups, should the interest be there??????

    Will update the list on each form as/if we get some ppl put their hand up for the job from each state.

    ***** If you are interested in Coordinating Mixed events in your state organising any mixed events in liaison with other car owner groups Coordinators and managing the RColt troops interest and attendance etc... PLEASE LET ME KNOW and I'll add you to the list!?*****

    Hot hatch MIXED EVENTS COORDINATOR list: (plus msn list)

    WA RColt - Rev,
    WA Polo gti - PoloGTIBoy,
    WA Swift Sports -

    SA RColt -
    SA Polo gti -
    SA XR4 -
    SA Swift Sports - KKUSTOM

    VIC RColt -
    VIC Polo gti -
    VIC XR4 - Bladia ,
    VIC Swift Sports -

    NSW RColt - lovecolt,
    NSW Polo gti -
    NSW XR4 - MR-XR4,
    NSW Swift Sports - SwiftSport,

    QLD RColt - 27AME,
    QLD Polo gti - Shaneth,
    QLD XR4 -
    QLD Swift Sports - TOA57Y

    Ralliart Colt site:
    VW Polo gti site:
    Ford Fiesta XR4 site:
    Suzuki Swift Sports site: ***NEW FORUM***

  • #2
    wow i'd be interested but i suc at co ordinating lol~ so i'll just turn up to events lol~


    • #3
      I'd be happy to the rcolt representative for QLD.


      • #4
        cheers mate, added to list on all forums, we slowly getting some interest budding

        do you have msn? would be handy for communicating between other Coordinators down the track?


        • #5
          Rev, you can put me down for the NSW coordinator.


          • #6
            thanks Ryan, also whipped up a quick topic banner as above


            • #7
              msn address is :P

              Don't judge, its an overhang from my primary school days haha.


              • #8
                got an NSW XR4 rep for you to chat with Ryan still working on other reps have patience all. And wheres the RColter reps for SA and VIC???


                • #9
                  I love the banner. Notice how most of em are red :P

                  So hows the Swift guys going for NSW? Still nothing from Polo's either

                  I wanna get a gathering of somesort lol~


                  • #10
                    Had some nibbles of interest from polo gti owners (even a couple pm's from WA owners) still awaiting Coordinator volunteers, Also some mentioning they would be interested in such events in other states. Does seem alot of Polo gti owners about though so I am sure these guys will want to get involved soon enough?

                    Only replies I have had from the swift mob is asking to be patient as their forum is mainly full of older rusty swift versions, not the newer ones we are interested in meeting with.

                    Making slow progress so all good so far.


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                      That is a Good Q Y is my car the only one that isnt red not that I have a prob with that.


                      • #12
                        lol just happened the pics I found of the other cars on the right angles were red did look for mixed colours, but sorta did that banner in a rush. If any decent artists can do up a sexier banner (In similiar style to the one above?) please feel free to whip one up . If I get more time, I'll redo it to be a little better than that basic one I think.


                        • #13
                          Its always heart warming to see friendliness and good competing spirits around...keep up the great work..darth...


                          • #14
                            the truth is the older swifts are still animals of a car. GTi's with custom turbo jobs

                            Not to mention the Ignis Sport from suzuki is still a good car. They were all still hot hatches.

                            Why dont ask some Honda Jazz's

                            (Please dont flame me for that remark lol)


                            • #15
                              you after some jazz for breakfast ommeh?? i have seen evidence that the jazz is much much much slower...