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  • Black Ralliart Colt from South AUS

    Hey guys figured I'd write up on a forum for one of my cars and it looks like the Colt is a good start because there is quite a bit to do.

    Bit of history about me before I get started here. If you're not interested just skip this paragraph.

    My hype for small hatch cars came from my Daihatsu ownership a year ago. Owned both a Mira and Cuore. The Cuore ended up stripped out with a race seat, wheels, tyres, exhaust. All the fun shit. Raced it in the hills every freaking night and ended up Takumi'ing it into a gutter and stuffed it. Idiot. Then a 300zx (the opposite of a small hatch and worst car ever). Engine knock. Then an MX5 (I want another one to live with the Colt!). Near the end of 2016, had a medical condition while driving which ended in a head on collision down Henley Beach Rd. Unlucky. Then a $1000 Pulsar while I paid off that dept I created. And now what feels like a modern day Daihatsu Cuore, The Colt.

    I purchased my Colt from Gumtree for only $6,000! has fairly high kms for what I wanted (171,000) but I leave it on the trip meter instead and forget about that.

    It was certainly the most fucked with Ralliart on Gumtree at the time and it has proven itself day by day after I bought it. There honestly wasn't a bolt that was tight! First up was the rear right shock bolt, and upon hearing thinking its a "rattle" I found the rear taillights weren't even bolted on haha! After a fair few trips to Bunnings for replacements I have managed to tighten majority in the engine bay and everywhere else a bolt exists.

    Also looks like it's had a small front end collision at some point but its been fixed fairly well so I assume at some point this car was cared for.

    Existing mods:
    • A 2.5" turbo back mild-steel exhaust (sounds freaking great but not loud enough) - Will replace rear Redback commodore muffler with something a little more Colt appropriate
    • Turbotech Boost-Tee that is set to 16PSI (the screw wasn't even fucking tight so I bumped it when tightening things. Luckily I turned it down to 7PSI and not up)
    • XR6 intercooler
    • K&N air filter (with complementary who knows how old flies and any other debris you'd pick up in a few years of no servicing) Replaced with a Ryco for now
    Since Buying about 3 weeks ago I've installed the following:
    • Boost gauge placed inside the driver's air con vent which I will regret in summer (life saver because the boost was varying significantly before I realized the boost-tee was loose)
    • Ryco air filter (K&N filter cleaning kit bought I will likely put the K&N back in later)
    • Oil change with Penrite Full Synthetic 10W40 and K&N oil filter.
    • Ebay $55 Neon Technologies metal dual port bov which sounds surprisingly not shit for the price. Just the usual "Whoosh" (Wasn't expecting much from this I just wanted to replace the stock plastic recerc valve with something metal as I had a slight boost leak. The leak turned out to be loose intake piping. Typical.)
    • Rear wiper delete. (Rear looks a lot nicer now in my opinion)
    • Sanding back the red engine cover and bought some metallic silver paint because i'm not a huge fan.
    • Paint stripping the wheels hoping to get them back to alloy as I wasn't a fan of the all black look.
    • Black front tow hook for when I spin out at Mallala and get stuck and NOT hit anything. (touch wood..)
    • Front brake pads

    Whats to come:
    • I have my eyes on Enkei Racing S wheels in white. I like the white on black look a lot. But these won't come for another 6 months probably.
    • Then a full set of semi-slicks which I will daily drive and replace every 6 months but worth it. Either Nankang NS2-R's in 180 wear or possibly Goodride RS' in 240 wear.
    • Set of lowering springs. (yet to look into what's good and what's not)
    • Referb of the plastic trims. Not sure whether to go colour matched black for something a little unique or keep the plastic look.
    • When I get this far I'll definitely have things to add to the list

    I joined the Mitsubishi EVO/GSR Club last week and upcoming is a dyno day on the 18th of August so I am looking forward to seeing how fast the Colt actually is. Slightly nervous though I think ill turn the boost-tee down a slight amount just for safe measures (I don't even know what the AFR's are like). Currently runs about 18PSI in fourth gear and I've got $0 for a replacement engine or daily right now. Will upload some photos this weekend and PLENTY more as I go, as car photog is quite an enjoyable hobby of mine to pass time.

    Cheers, Tommy
    Last edited by TommyRos; 03-08-2017, 09:31 AM.

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    The Colt:

    The MX5:

    aaaand the MX5 after.. whole chassis was bent and twisted.


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      Welcome TommyRos, enjoy your Rcolt ownership!