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  • Staticc's RColt [NSW]

    As a little bit of work has been done to the RColt, I thought it is about time to start a Member's Ride section for it.

    In the Newbie section, it was stock and a list of modifications where listed. I have managed to tick a few things off and this is the modification list as of right now:


    - TMR Style Rear Spoiler


    - GReddy Boost Gauge
    - Pioneer AVH-P6300BT Headunit

    Wheel and Tyres

    - Lenso DC-6's 17x7 Painted Gold
    - 215/40 Federal RS-RR (Front)
    - 235/40 Falken FK452 (Rear)


    - Custom 3" Cat Back MagnaFlow Exhaust
    - Custom Intercooling and Intake Piping
    - FG G6E Turbo Intercooler
    - Grimmspeed 3 Port Boost Solenoid
    - Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
    - TME Tune to 136.4kws

    There are still modifications that I want to do, and they are:

    - Exhaust Manifold
    - Dump and Front Pipe
    - Lager injectors
    - Flex Fuel
    - LSD
    - XXR 527 17x8 in Gold
    - Better Front Speakers
    - Lowered Springs

    The plan is to do all of this with the stock turbo, and flex fuel before a turbo upgrade. This is my daily, so I don't want it to be too difficult on the road. So when it gets to that level, the power and performance modifications will stop.

    ​As parts come in and research continues, this will be updated.
    Intercooler Difference Intercooler and Piping 3" Exhaust

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    I managed to get the wheels I wanted for cheap. XXR 527s, with lowering springs, for $500. As they were black, I knew I needed to repaint them as I love these in gold. Found a dulux colour that I liked, Aurora Gold, and they turned up ok for a spray can job. The rim is 1.25inch wider then the lenso's and guessing a different offset, so fronts do rub a little under hard cornering and the rears chewed a little plastic before deciding to behave like the fronts. Happy with the way it turned out. Next step is dump and front pipe!


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      So a little more progress has happened.

      I got my Dump Pipe on time and took a little while for timings to get the Front Pipe done. But in the end, all the stars aligned and it was put on, made and was very happy with the end result. Looks nice next to the stock unit.

      So when the dump and front pipe were being worked on, there was the issue of the stock turbo manifold. There is all this nice shiny stainless through out and this thing is an eyesore. So after some consideration, the Autobahn88 manifold was chosen. It was re-welded in areas, and if things do go south with it, the flanges will be used to build something better.

      Still waiting on the tune, and with this tune will come bigger injectors and wastegate actuator, for the final round of modifications.

      This has come up so much faster then ever first thought. But it has been extremely enjoyable to modify, own and drive. This has been one of the top cars I have owned, puts a smile on my face everytime I drive it. I am looking forward to leaving it alone and settling into the ownership of a mad little car.


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        Looking the goods!
        Where in NSW are you located?
        Im around the liverpool area


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          Cheers Blaze.

          Im out near Penrith.


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            Very nice bud!
            Giving me some inspiration to get mine back into shape.


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              So after a long wait, I finally got my car down to Steve at TME for the last of the modifications.

              I bought a set of WRX blue injectors a while back and was keen to get them in and running.

              Only 3 of the 4 worked, so I wasn't impressed. But luck would have it Steve had a stock pile of 390cc Vr4 injectors to keep the project on track.

              After those and a new set of cooler plugs went in, the tuning commenced. After 2 days, about 20hrs on the dyno and a newer ROM we found out that the ECU is holding back on us. The total gains were only very minimal, but it was on a lower boost setting to keep the AFRs happy.

              So when someone cracks the code in the ECU, it will be going back for another power tune, along with low load tuning and a new wastegate actuator to finish it all off.

              Can not wait to finally get it to where I know it can be


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                Great work. Did well and 136kw pretty good. Dont see any colts with much more than that on the stock turbo Sent from my MI 4LTE using Tapatalk


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                  With the new tune, it ended up with 138kws with only 15psi. So hopefully when the ECU can read more then 200% load, there is still a bit more in it


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                    Nice work. it looks pretty cool​


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                      I've started to think of selling my galant and buying one of these. Guessing it would be more reliable then a 98 galant. Any more updates


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                        The RColt just had its first tune in just over a year.

                        I had a dilemma on whether or not to go E85, or put the hybrid billet wheel turbo on it. After much thinking and soul searching lol, decided to give E85 a shot and see what numbers we can pull with just a fuel change.

                        Steve from TME Motorsport came down from Sydney for a tuning weekend, and I had upgraded the injectors from the VR4 390cc units to ID 1000s as the only modification for the E85. Unfortunately a blown Manifold - Turbo gasket played havoc with AFRs and Knock sensors so a good solid tune was well out of the question.

                        Ended up with less peek power, but a better midrange curve. All in all it was disappointing, but luckily this is a fairly easy fix and next time should get better gains out of this E85 setup.