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  • [WA] WPN15 (mk 2)

    Whutup crew,

    Thought I'd start a new topic for the Colt, as since I've taken it over from Jemjem, it's had it's ups and downs. The car has really started to come together and is now making solid, reliable power but still remains surprisingly streetable for a bit of a joy ride every now and again.

    Jeremy built a good solid base of an engine with Tristan from WTF but I had plans to do more circuit stuff with the car and take it to the next level. When I bought the car I took off the Ralliart decals (prefer a more understated look) and plonked on my lightweight oldschool enkeis from my previous Colt. The fog lamps were upgraded to LED so they would colour match the HID main beams. Rear seats were removed and the 08 seats changed out for 06 units. The Sparco harness was reengineered to bolt to the factory rear seat mounting points, rather than eye bolts directly behind the drivers seat, which would never have passed CAMS scrutineering. The battery was already located in boot, but changed to the spare wheel well and with some metal brackets, instead of the plastic box being bolted to the wooden false floor (another thing that CAMS wouldn't like) but this had added advantage of being more central and lower than previous placement. Stereo and speakers removed, being replaced with CF paneling and floor mats tossed out.

    2 outings in the car were had, one at Jacks Hill (hillclimb) and a damp night at Barbagallo. The car ran great at Jacks, although felt asleep below 3k, and was an absolute bitch at Barbs, with hesitation and what felt like fuel starvation in high speed corners.

    The base of a good track car is always its mechanicals, and this car makes power but had a hesitation between gears, so the first thing was a mechanical check over. The car went to AllStar Garage for a squirt on the dyno and a bit of a check over. The car made 282hp at hubs and had a bit of a hole in the torque curve at 5800rpm. ASG mentioned the fuel system was likely holding it back with the injectors not having a lot of headroom. I wasn't overly happy with the service or tune they did, so started thinking about what to do with the car. I spoke with quite a few guys, Ayu, oddone, xld380, daed, Adz et al, and started plotting what I wanted to do. In the meantime XLD380 put up for sale some buddyclub p1s, 17 x 8 +32 in a lovely battleship grey that would make for good track wheels, they were acquired and rattlecanned into Subaru Galaxy Blue. I wrapped them in Nitto NT01 225/45.

    I took the car for a bit of a shakedown to RAC track on a private tuning session, just with 4 other cars to see what difference had been made with the wheels and the few other bits... the car felt so much grippier, I can't tell you the difference the tyres made. The gear changes were getting heavy though, so gave the selector cables a bit of a track side check. All seemed good. I went out on one final session and bang, second gear gave it up. Driving home without 2nd, and a dubious 3rd was-not-fun. The hesitation and (what seemed) fuel starvation remained during the session and even got worse, mainly around left hand corners.

    First up on engine front was ditching the adaptronic 420c, sharing board and assorted spaghetti into the bin and going to a 440 select. The car needed a stable brain and the 420 was like a crackhead, firing one day and unpredictable the next. Also on the cards was bigger squirters, some 750cc units that come from oddone's car were thrown in. It was decided the standard FPR was up to the job and this remains. E85 was a must to wake the car up and provide cooler charge, so that was put on the list. For good measure the plugs, crank angle sensor (had an odd code popping up) and fuel pump (walbro) were replaced.

    The car was towed to Perth Gearbox for an overhaul, new 2nd synchro, new 3rd synchro and new input ring were sourced (on the slowest boat in the ocean) and the car back into my driveway 7 weeks later.

    Without driving the car for a few months, I got VERY itchy and ended up buying YR Advance aero for the car, front lip, rear spoiler, vortex generators and rear diffuser, these were fitted and the car starting to look my own.

    In my travels I found a workshop with a good rep and had played with Adaptronic stuff before, Hyperdrive. I went and spoke to them and they reluctantly agreed to have a look. It's not an unusual reaction when you tell someone "Mitsubishi Colt"... The car went into them at start of May '15 and the easy stuff was done quickly. The aim was to get the car to Racewars ( for 10 Apr, so when it still wasn't ready after 3 weeks, I was getting concerned. It became apparent there was a problem. The stock ECU seemed to be having an issue and I knew Andrew at Hyperdrive didn't really have a handle on the car. Andy at Adaptronic had been guiding him, so I assumed the car was wired properly. P0606 was popping up indicating stock ECU was faulty, which was plausible given the car had been jump started numerous times and then on charge, which may have fried it (although unlikely). I took some time off to give the guys a hand with some background on how troublesome the stock ECU can be. Ayu donated a replacement ECU from his wreck to check, Daed gave me the lowdown on flashing the new ECU in with my immob codes. This didnt work... All fuses were okay, Andrew swore the wiring was okay but still no stock ECU, no EPS, no dash and the car wasn't running properly. I spoke with Daed and he very kindly agreed to have a look at things. Within 45 mins he'd diagnosed and another hour, had fixed the issue. ECU wiring was wrong, sharing board still there and a few other minor issues. I picked the car up, we did a little road tuning and the car already feeling 100% better.

    In the panic with no dash, I'd ordered a Race Technology DASH2 and DL1 Sport data logger so I could at least see Water temp, RPM and Speed at the upcoming event. This was held up in customs and became a source of vast frustration.

    The Thursday before the event (starting Friday in remote WA), the car still needed the dash and tune done. I left the car at Hyperdrive so they could do their magic. Around the 3pm mark, I hadnt heard anything and decided to go down there, tune was done but the dash was not in, and they take some setting up. I gave them a hand with getting it in and it was sorted around 7pm that night.

    Final number was 250hp at wheels on roller dyno, which was down on previous hub dyno figures and disappointed me at first. That disappointment disappeared on first drive, with smooth instant power and felt a whole lot quicker than before....

    to be continued...
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    Racewars 2015

    With the car ready to rock and roll, I packed it up, with every conceivable tool, spare wheels/tyres, 60L of corn juice and the worlds largest car trailer for one of the worlds smallest cars and headed out to Wyalkatchem.... Racewars is mainly a drag event with top speed, rather than ET being the main aim. The pinnacle event is the 1000m VMAX standing start, which the Australian record was broken this year with Ant Scali's ND4SPD Skyline recording 322.62 kmh and only taking just over 17s to do it.

    Car ran strong on 4 motorkhana runs, about 6 x 400m runs, 7/8 x 800m runs and 3 VMAX 1000m runs.... had a great rivalry with a Toyota Echo, with a forged 3SGTE and 3071, supposedly making 400hp, although my car was quicker on every event. The guys commentating loved it and geed me up for a bit of a fog show and I had a passenger for just about every ride. Every time the car was in the pits, it got a lot of attention and raised a lot of eyebrows. With Ayu smashing much larger cars at Barbs and WPN15 at RW15, the Colts are well and truly on the map in WA.

    Final results: via

    10th (of 31) - 57.169s

    400m roll on
    71st (of 110) - 184.11 kmh

    800m roll on
    79th (of 115) - 212.92 kmh

    1000m VMAX Standing Start

    55th (of 77) - 25.063 @ 220.88 kmh

    (1/2 mile = 21.861s @ 213.09 kmh)
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      Wow very nice Alba.....great write up some real inspiration on modding the colt


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        Great update, and great photos


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          state sprints round 3 (2nd run)

          would have been better racing the track on a jet ski


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            atest on this little shitbox (airing frustration)

            car had non-camber top basic BC coilovers, so swapped those out for BC Gold series a few months back. Took the car out for a run at RAC but the settings were too low, the geometry was too out of whack and produced horrid understeer, including a little grass excursion and brown pant action. Car was also just starting to overheat, couldn't remember last time I changed out the coolant so did that, found a heap of rusty shitty water in lower half of cooling system, indicating blockages and likely swarf etc in jackets from rebuild. Thinking could have head gasket issue as car is progressively running worse and worse, although no signs of cross contamination between cooling and lubrication.

            Find Blitz do aftermarket radiator, go and get one of those, some Superlap roll centre adjusting LCAs, and some Hardrace endlinks (stock ones prone to bend)... send car to Hyperdrive to get all that put in... talk to Andy about overheating, air concerns about head gasket, says replace rad, re-tension head and go from there as head gasket is big job.

            Andy takes the rocker cover off to this....






            FML... not sure this car is ever going to get to where I want it. Should have bought an RB or SR

            Plan is to send cams back to Tighe for comment (not hopeful of getting any answers), get some 272 ones made up, get it all assembled and checked by relevant experts (Harris, I believe), whilst its apart a 2871 is going on and some other little clean up jobs being done... not expecting car back until mid Feb now


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              Bad luck man :-(


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                looks like galleries around headstuds were not enlarged, thus when oversized studs went in, has caused some restriction/starvation.... thus long term damage. will be rectified and made better than ever


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                  just posting link to original build thread for my own reference