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  • [SA] Andy's 2006 Blue Rcolt RCT015

    Hi All,

    This is my members ride thread. First a bit about me. I've been interested in Ralliart Colts since their introduction but circumstances meant I never quite pulled the trigger on owning one.
    I have previously owned a number of different enthusiast cars from a heap of old school rotors (2x r100, rx2, rx3, 2x rx7's), a few old mini's, an 86 Charade turbo. I've always been interested in cars that are a bit different.

    Which arrives me to my current ride- RCT015. I bought it site unseen on Carsales and drove it back to Adelaide.

    At the moment it is a completely stock 2006 build dark blue model. It was originally sold new in Feb 2009 in Perth, then followed the owner to Melbourne where it lived a pretty sheltered life.
    It has done 29,000km and a part from a few minor marks that should buff out, is in really neat condition.

    Waiting on my R-series number plates to turn up - I picked RCT015.

    Mod wise, I'd like to hit a safe 120-130kw but don't think I'm quite ready to pony down the money to do it safely

    So currently debating whether to pop the pill, and/or do the actuator mod - but leaning towards leaving stock until I have everything ready for SKR tune w/ exhaust etc. Running nothing but 98 octane.

    Oh car negatives -

    Exterior Black plastic needs some product love
    Noisy clutch on idle like most colts I've seen
    Rear tires sound a little bit like wheel bearings

    Anyway i think that's about enough for an intro. Only had the colt a week, and loving it. It amazes me a car this of this shape can be this good to drive.

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    Great pick up.
    Such so kms for an 06


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      Well I found out it was first sold in Feb 09, so must have been one of the last 06'ers sold.. Makes the kms a bit less freakish, tho still quite low. An update to the OP, I seemed so measured in my post above, about not popping the pill. Well that restraint lasted a whole 24hrs! Took the pill out today with a tiny screw driver. Easy job and didn't lose the pill. A really nice improvement. Hopefully no CELs!


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        Get a K&N panel filter in there. Get the car breathing a little better. Chuck on Macca's flash tune and then start moddin


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          Sounds like a good plan. Will do some reading about it. On non performance side, just did AUX mod. Two mods in two days. I'm going to run out of freebie mods to do soon!


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            Just ordered K&N filter from US Amazon for $49.97 delivered, and an $19.90 ELM32 OBD2 bluetooth device from an aussie seller
            Last edited by andy; 29-04-2014, 12:57 PM. Reason: correction


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              Maccas tune is the way to go, that you can do the zorst and IC in prep for SKR tune. I wouldn't do the actuator mod tho. Maccas tune is a good safe option - not sure if he turns off lean spool still though. SKR mentioned he would rather see it on but you need a custom tune not a mail order one to take full advantage of it.


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                Thanks Odyssey. KnN filter panel, obd2 reader and 08 wheels should be enough mods for a little bit. Need to get a boost gauge but haven't figured out a subtitle way to do it yet. Want to keep interior looking factory. Hoping OBD2 reader refreshes enough for boost readings to be useful..


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                  Once I'm comfortable boost measurement is sorted I'll see about Macca's tune. Hoping an SA member can help out with the flash/cables etc..


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                    Fitted one half of my new set of wheels from PopPop. Nice comparison of between my old 06 and 08 rims..


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                      Photo with all 08 wheels. The wheelbearing type noise from the rear gone as soon as I put different tires on. Much nicer, but would be less grippy as its cheaper rubber.

                      Panel filter should arrive this week. ODB2 Scanner worked, but the PC software i was using wasn't showing boost(?) which is the whole reason why i wanted it.. Not sure if this is the software or the reader..


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                        Originally posted by andy View Post
                        ODB2 Scanner worked, but the PC software i was using wasn't showing boost(?) which is the whole reason why i wanted it.. Not sure if this is the software or the reader..
                        Neither - the colt doesn't have a MAP boost sensor, hence why you won't get a boost reading from any OBD-style gauge or scanner.

                        Only way to read boost is to hook-up a boost gauge and tap in a vacuum line if you feel the need.

                        The OBD scanners (like a scangauge etc) are only really useful for monitoring water temp, revs and for reading/wiping fault-error codes (and maybe mileage if you take the time to set it up, and even then its only an educated guess from the unit based on input parameters). You can't read oil temp on the colt either.


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                          Yeah, disapointed to not be able to read boost off ECU, but I should have read more before purchase. The ELM327 will just be used to read any error codes I get. Getting boost gauge is the next mod on my list.

                          K & N panel arrived and installed. Big difference in induction noise and the car seems to have a bit more top end. I can hear the stock BOV venting now too which is nice.

                          Didn't end up running at Collingrove, it conflicted with a family event. So maybe might hit the come and try day in September. There's also an off-street drags in a month that I'm tempted to try.. The colt will be pretty slow compared to most cars there, but would be nice to get a baseline before more mods are done.


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                            Just purchased a second hand Evo X metal BOV.. Looking forward to fitting later tonight..


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                              Fitted. Vacuum hose comes out the other side so needed to extend hosing. A bit noisier, no other noticeable difference.