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      youn should post the % and the difference in the speed as well....also the only size that can clear our car is 205/40/17...


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        My real speed at an indicated 100kph went from 95 to 102...


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          Idles in the low 70s... low 90s @ 4000rpm as per the measurement procedures...

          According to the testing procedure, the 2nd test on the right side is the one that counts but they are both similar...


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            OK, so I'm on my way home and this SS commie wants to play... After playing with him, two turns and I'm home... hmmmmm

            fffffttt fffffttt fffffttt fffffttt fffffttt fffffttt fffffttt fffffttt fffffttt - FARK! Exhaust...

            I get under and have a look... Phew, just a missing bolt off the cat and the gasket was still there and intact, albeit dangling off the remaining bolt... I throw an emergency bolt in and scoot down to bunnings for some bolts...

            They ran out of blue loctite so i had to use red...

            That's several times now I've lobbed at bunnings only for them to not have what I want...


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              Fark... Another blown shock... Drivers side rear again... And I already lost 30kg this year!!!

              Also getting many more scratches, scrapes, dings, stone chips and windscreen chips...

              Dunno if they'll replace the shockie under warranty again with 80k+ on the clock...

              If they don't and the MMAL price for them is ridiculous, do I have any shockie options other than full coilovers?


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                Originally posted by fauxpas View Post
                [COLOR="And I already lost 30kg this year!!!

                Congrats man, you know skinny guys drive faster :P jokes! Seriously though, less weight better mileage, or more miles from your tank now!

                How heavy is your sub?

                Who else has had shocker problems??? Maybe can buy the oem shocks from the members on here who have converted to coil overs?


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                  wreckers, You can try it under warranty, And also point out to them the KMS on the car when it was replaced.


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                    My sub is half the weight of the back seat I took out on day 1...

                    And good idea macca... Anyone wanna sell me their stock shockies?


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                      An update as at Aug 2014 with no future plans except head unit when it dies... Had Exedy HD clutch installed by Denstoj in Newcastle... [Exedy HD is just stock unit with higher clamping force and Exedy paint job] Had RUNuts Garrett core v2 intercooler installed with lower piping kit also by Denstoj... Had the Adaptronic ecu updated... Then a quick tune by DVS at Sommersby... She's on a conservative tune on pump gas and doesn't even ping on 91... She's on 135k at the moment and I stopped mitsubishi servicing at 100k after the timing was done... Will have them do the 150k... I'm running KU36 rubber on those ratty G-Game Replicas... Makes her look rough, which I don't mind... Swapped out the Kicker amp and sub for an Alpine Type-R in box powered by a big V12 mono... She still looks okay when washed but nothing like some of the magnificent examples you guys roll in... I'm still working in areas that dirty her immediately so all she ever gets is a superficial tub or hose down... Great daily driver that is zippy and sounds the biz but is cheap to run and still has lots of street cred... Favourite quote from onlookers " that for real or what?!"

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                        What I got 2 days ago was "What the fuck is that car?"


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                          Originally posted by Kel View Post
                          What I got 2 days ago was "What the fuck is that car?"
                          lovin' it... 8 years old and still freaking people out... this will truly go down in history as a classic bang for buck car...

                          I still get a buzz when I jump in her and warm her up after a couple of days driving the falcon... [I have a falcon on gas I do my highway ks in, comfy, cheap and has cruise so I don't get in trouble with the blues]


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                            Updated Mods List

                            Adaptronic e440 ECU with Vidigauge
                            Innovate Motorsports LC-1 Wideband Oxy Sensor
                            K&N Panel Filter
                            2.5? Mandrel Bent Exhaust with Custom Dump Pipe & HM High-Flow Metal Cat
                            Front Mount

                            JVC AVX710 7? DVD Player
                            Alpine S-Type 6.5? all round
                            Alpine Type-R 12? Sub & Amp