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  • Ralliart Colt Newbie - Auckland, NZ

    Hi, I am a Mitsubishi newbie.
    Previously built and owned a Mazda MX5 with Subaru turbo and standalone ECU running 240bhp through the rear wheels.
    So I know a little bit about turbo cars.

    However I have dived into unknown territory buying a Ralliart Colt.
    So need some advice to get me started.

    Firstly, what have I bought?
    This car was sold to me as a 2005 ralliart colt, is this correct?

    It has 1.5 mivec turbo engine
    Has Ralliart badges on front grille, tailgate, centre console and seats.

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    Hey Sam, Yeah what you have is a 2005 Ralliart Colt. Is it CVT or manual? If CVT then it's like one I built a definition for & tuned a year or two back. Make sure you check out the facebook groups Rcolt and Colt Ralliart NZ. I notice you've got a grimmspeed sticker on it, do you know if it has a grimmspeed 3 port boost solenoid fitted? If so, it must be tuned already (ecutek?).


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      Thanks Andy,
      I'm glad its actually a Ralliart not just a few badges stuck on it.
      I have the CVT auto box, Grimspeed 3 port solenoid, lowering springs and stupid loud jap can on the back.

      I'm not sure on the tuning though, it doesn't seem right.
      pulls really well when flat out in normal drive mode & half throttle in sport mode.
      but flat out in sport mode it doesn't pull, makes loads of noise and pops and bangs.
      I'm thinking it not getting enough spark to meet the fuel and air going in.
      Obviously that's not a good thing, so I want to fixe the problem and get it remapped.

      Also I'm a bit of a boost junkie, what sort of boost can I run on standard internals?


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        Sounds like someone put grimmspeed 3 port in but didnt tune it. Do you have a boost gauge installed? I'm curious what it's doing under the conditions you mention.
        The CVT can impose a limp mode which halves throttle, and then if still exceeds, halves throttle again. Sounds like you're definately getting that. Not sure about the pops and bangs and pour running in sport mode. Flat out in normal drive mode might be ok because the revs are high enough for turbo to run out of steam.

        Boost wise, there are a couple of things to consider, the first one is CVT lifespan. If you want to run any kind of serious boost you should get a oil cooler for your trans & change the fluid regularly. Then engine wise - I'm running 1.5 bar on my rcolt (manual) and have for a couple of years now. When I tune rcolts I normally target about 1.3 bar though as the fuel system starts to have trouble keeping up.

        If you can get your hands on a tactrix openport 2 I can help on fixing up your tune (pm your email and i'll send you details). One of the NZ'ers rents out his tactrix if you didnt want to buy one.


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          The tactrix isn't too expensive, but I will see if I can get hold of one.
          Ill PM you about the tune.

          I have a boost gauge installed but not sure if its showing bar or psi. It runs at -0.6 at idle, and goes up to about 0.9 on boost.
          what negative boost figure is normal for idle? might help me figure it out.

          Ye I think full throttle in normal mode doesn't allow the revs too high and the spark plugs can cope with the load.
          but sport mode just goes mental. it drops the gears into high revs and just makes tonnes of noise with no power.

          Regarding the the boost, I don't want to go into serious figures yet.
          So just increased to the point where I don't need to add any extras (e.g. oil cooler for the trans, bigger injectors, forged internals)


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            I dunno how anyone can know for sure that this is a Ralliart without looking inside the engine bay for the turbo and intercooler


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              Fairly sure a functioning boost gauge is a dead give away it's got a turbo.


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                Its definitely got a turbo.
                I love how easy it is to get to, looks like such a simple job to change/upgrade.
                If you have ever changed an Audi A3 Turbo, then you will know true pain.

                I took the car out again last night, sport mode, foot to the floor.
                The revs shoot up, as you would expect as the auto box drops some gears.
                Then it sounds like it is bouncing off the rev limiter,
                like it needs to drop a gear and accelerate away.
                Is it the auto box?
                Last edited by samsalter; 02-06-2017, 09:20 AM.