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  • car parts n camera gears

    car parts:
    4SALE - YR Advance Airbox -
    4SALE scangauge II $150 - obd error clearer

    SOLD rays wheel nut $120 (never used) -

    SOLD turbosmart boost T $70 -
    SOLD forge aluminum smic pipes and humped connectors - $200?
    SOLD yr advance solenoid - $120

    camera gear:
    SOLD nikon 105 2.8 macro lens VR - $1k
    shot done by the 105 -

    SOLD nikon 135 f2dc - $1200ono
    couple shots of the 135 -

    SOLD nikon 35 f2d $300
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    someone on OCAU is looking for the 105. Just advise him that you are looking to sell yours.


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      cheers ryan...

      also have a jaycar boost controller and hand adjuster and full throttle switch i used to activate one prob interested in it...but if ppl like to tinker...


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        what colour are the wheel nuts dude?


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          the red ones...


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            Tell me more about this boost controller of yours...


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              mate nice 105mm lens if only i had coin or my D90 still but i dont have either now...


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                @carbon colt...its not for the faint hearted lol...
                but holds just over 1 bar to red line about 1.1bar i was running...never got cel because it only activates on WOT and the car lets u do anything then....but yeh gotta mount the WOT switch, then run power to the box, splice into stock solenoid and injector
                if u love to fiddle by all means...

                also up for sale is YR ADV Solenoid...$120 shippped


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                  RPW light weight under drive pulley only 1 belt (the a/c one ) the other is damage $120 posted

                  still 4 sale solenoid YR $120 shipped

                  scanguage $150ono - doesn't have the clearest pic though

                  full throttle switch boost solenoid activator ~1-1.1bar to red ppl buyin but i found a photo of it

                  camera lens 4 sale 135mm f2dc


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                    Originally posted by Ayu452 View Post
                    RPW light weight under drive pulley only 1 belt (the a/c one ) the other is damage $120 posted
                    Hey dude, do you have the belt no for the one that's damaged? Easy to source from SCA/Autobarns?


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                      yeh i got the belt and i took photos of the box in my car thread...i think our car needs one a tad smaller...unless every car is diff
                      mine had some squeal on occassion on startup...which could be due to no tensioner left on the was intermident

                      i heard it could be the belt might be worth looking at Gates Gatorback serpentine belts...or something to stop squeal...i no others have this item on the forum they could offer there advice


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                        still got pulley, brake lines and smic replacement pipes from forge 4 sale
                        these replace all pipes from throttle body to intercooler and from turbo outlet to intercooler with ally

                        stainless lines for stock calliper...maybe done 5-10k km...before i upgraded to twin pot
                        oh and i will throw in my bendix pads with them...3/4 good

                        i can clean it up but lightweight pulley


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                          How much for pulley and belts shipped to Cardiff South, NSW 2285 /how many km used for?


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                            i will prob do it for 100$ shipped...i guessin 10-15 for shippin
                            i have one of the belts...i rather u buy new ones..not good to re use belts
                            i will give u one of the damaged ones...u use it to put the pulley on...
                            i highly recommend a rattle gun to...super hard to get the torque on the bolt
                            ands lots of patience

                            i think 10-15k km on the pulley


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                              What are you after for the piping and brake lines or have they sold?