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  • 06 Ralliart Colt Write Off Parts for Sale

    So now that all my exams have finished the stripping of my rcolt begins within the next few days

    Please refer to my other thread for pictures >

    And as such I'm now calling upon all scavengers , speak now or miss out

    so far below is a list of what people are so far after and have dibs on (and i will say now my recaros are NOT up for sale, thanks)

    aby_82: the 3 good rims.
    Andrew: Headlights
    Frogman:Rear Bumper, Rear Wing
    Filofaith: Turbo, Fog Light Fuse, Top Panel Guage
    tmr_colt: sunglasses holder
    Member wishing to remain anonoymous:ECU with harness, Speedo meter, ASC (parts like lower steering wheel compartment), Handbrake with the console and gearshift parts, Clutch pedal, clutch pump, brake pedal

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    okay just posting this up here as i'm getting quite a few questions regarding the following

    1. Recaros are NOT up for sale
    2. Willing to Post anywhere but at buyers expense


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      Please add to my list front door cards


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        ill take the two silver trims around the stereo and the 2 rear coveres for the rear suspention

        lets all guess the anonoymous member, i guess 27AME!


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          I want your rear left and right black plastic that stick outside the car, right on top of you rear wheel


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            dude i think the sunglasses holder is part of the entire roof lining assembly, if possible can you please strip the part first then show me the cutout for it and the mounting points?

            i know it's a bit to ask, but the thing is I'm not sure that my car has all the proper mounting points for it. I really would appreciate that a lot mate, like I've said before there are subtle differences in my car that's all



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              and let me know how much you want for the red engine cover and the black grille part (the vent, not the mesh attached to the bonnet) from the bonnet. pm me or whatever dude thanks. (dibs on that)


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                oh, and i need your right front sun block/mirror thingy, plz pm me for the price plz...=D


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                  is that an aftermarket cat back i see on ur car???? wanna unbolt it lol


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                    dam i should of asked for the engine cover... dam u jason !!! lol

                    Clems Rcolt is DEAD STANDARD... so no aftermarket goodies...


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                        holy shit at the influx... mmm i think im gonna need some help strippin her down... cough cough sean?

                        guys some of the parts that u have mentioned have already been taken by ppl... oo man its hard keepin up with PMs and the Thread haha.. ill sort it out later tonight when i get home.


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                          hey mate

                          has anybody put dibs on the MAF sensor yet? Not so much wanting it for the sensor but more the plug on it.

                          come to think of it, has anybody put dibs on the section of wiring going to the MAF sensor? (say, 6 inches of wire + the plug?)

                          let me know, that would be absolutely wicked as a plug & play loom + K&N pod filter kit relocated to somewhere cold.

                          and i reckon the anonymous person might be someone like RPW who want a loom to chop/change for ecu modding?


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                            hey mate,

                            Ill be happy to give you a hand with stripping parts... Itll give me an idea as to how things go together for future mods etc.

                            PM me with you address (wherabouts in Bris) and your number.




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                              oh and also i would like your rear bumper as well, and i am being serious, plz pm me the details!!!