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  • What Did You Buy Today ?

    yes, i did steal this thread idea from another forum. But my means to bringing it here, it that it can be for your car, for house, for fun...anything. And you never know, you might find a kindred spirit and fall in love...Macca has been trawling these forums for another dude who loves knitting for ages.

    So, i'll start it off.

    first 4 seasons of scrubs 30 bucks each

    coco puffs 5.50

    things to keep me from screaming 24/7

    350 bucks worth of CT scans

    3000 dollar wedding video

    188 for a BG E2 that my dad bought me which included 2 genuine canon batteries

    7.95 for the new top gear

    and the love of my life P1's.....1100 bucks

    and my current rig, saved up a long time, and got my fam to put in as a joint engagement/birthday/xmas present

    and i modified the neck strap so i can pull it on and off easily and quickly, 6 bucks for the clips from spotlight.

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    u bought all that today?!!? yeesh!


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      Steve give me your P1's :P

      !!! I'll buy em off you ^^~~Just need to save up a little lol~~

      What i bought today??

      $5 worth of Bilton Chilli bites and a Watermelon Crush from Boost!


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        what i bought over the last 2 weeks since ive been under house arrest. the camera i got in may.


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          ok well here ya go.. settled 23rd June


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            you have a double garage....SICK !!!! get rid of the random stepping stones and the giant snake


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              I just completed an order for a set of these...

              Attachment Attachment

              Just gotta go get the impressions made so I can send them in
              Attached Files


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                I wish I could have bought as something as interesting as you guys.

                I've been stuck in hospital all day, as my wife is supposed to give birth to our first child today. She is already a week late, and she was sent home this arvo, cause she is STILL not ready...


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                  Hearing aids??? Or just very good headphones!


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                    Originally posted by Corosith View Post
                    Hearing aids??? Or just very good headphones!
                    Good headphones


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                      MILO !!!!, post some pics when the bub gets here !!!


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                        congrats MILO i hope ur wife pops soon.. lol my sis is almost due with her 2nd (my 2nd niece/nephew)

                        bridge - keep us posted with how the earphones are

                        steve-b - lol yeh the crazy old pommies that owned the house previously did some weird things with the garden which i am yet to rectify anyone want some ag-pipe for their POD's?? lol -> besides the garden the house is in very good nick.. here's a pic of part of the backyard:



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                          ill come by next time im in brissy


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                            Nice looking place ABY. That pool will be awesome come summer!

                            Will do with the headphones, I'll have to wait about 5-6 weeks for them to be made and delivered tho , I'm sure they'll be worth the wait.


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                              I bought a glass of this at lunch today, I had no intention whatsoever to drink but I'd never seen this burbon before.. and I might add it was really really smooth. Not sure what it's worth for a bottle, but it was top shelf stuff and only cost 10c more than regular bourbon at this joint.

                              If you're into your bourbon, mix this badboy with youf favourite black fizzy drink.

                              More info: