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  • Cheerson CX-10 nano quad copter

    This has got to be the best bang for buck toy I've ever played with. Battery life is reasonable for such a small capacity, soldered on but if you're competant enough it can be replaced when exhausted.

    Use to be rubber band wars in the office when the boss wasn't looking, this brings it to another level.

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    Just ordered bought one on ebay hahaha

    Looks awesome and the control looks so stable



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      Yep that's where I got mine from too. Looked at local hobby shops but they're selling other models that aren't so svelte and costs 2x the price.

      Well it didn't last long... I got a bit too over enthusiastic and smashed it against a server case... oops. Smashed the prop (as expected) but also broke a motor shaft. Can buy another replacement motor (this one is anti-clockwise) from ebay but I just bought another whole system, can use the first one for parts I reckon. One problem I encountered when dealing with nano devices is the lack of nano tools!! Frickin tiny, I have nothing that can open the endbell!


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        Haha. Mine didnt last long.
        The throttle control is dead.
        Only speed is max lol

        Also found a local store that sells them for $23


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          That's handy! I noticed there is a Sydney based ebay seller, wonder if they have are the same storefront? Strange that your throttle control is stuck on max speed, maybe they can help you reset the controller?

          Good news on the second one I have is it has survived a 5 second dunking into a cup of coffee. Was flying like a boss then did a bank turn that was misjudged and it flew straight into the cup (a swish if it was playing bball). Fished it out asap with lights still on but none of the motors responded. Let it dry for a couple hours, found only 3 motors responding (sigh not again) and dismanted it to find one of the cables had clipped off the pcb. Simple resolder needed and it's revived On my last 5 blades (out of 16), curiously enough I manage to break them in corresponding order so I don't have unequal amounts of A1 or B1 blades. Might invest in one of these next bahaha Attachment


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            Quite fun and addictive. This little quad.
            Surprises everyone with the speed and the agility

            The store is -