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  • Part Numbers for replacement bits. Filters, pads, clutch etc.

    Here's a bit of a starter on the part numbers I've been collecting. Eventually I'll get all the ones I have up on here, post what you all have got out there for everyone to use.

    Oil Filters
    Ryco Z411 - Long body, $10
    Ryco Z436 – Short Body Evo version, $10
    Ryco Z142a – Short Body OEM style, $10
    Ryco Z79a – Short Body OEM style, $10
    Ralliart ? – Shortened body, $60 on eBay
    K&N ? – Long Body with hex nut, $22
    Mitsubishi MD136466 - $14.85 (Dealer Trade price)
    Mitsubishi MD322508 & MD356000
    Mitsubishi MZ690116

    Diaqueen C0001641 - Synthetic Manual Transmission Oil, 1 Litre, $23.40 (Dealer Trade price)
    Sump Plug Gasket MD050317, $1.26 (Dealer Trade price)
    When I purchased these items, I supplied my VIN number and this is what I was supplied. Any of the Mitsubishi part numbers for Oil filters listed above are acceptable substitutes according to the dealer. Receipt for Diaqueen, Filter and Sump Plug Gasket:
    Air Filters
    K&N KN33-2881
    Ralliart ????
    Mitsubishi ????

    Clutch Kit
    Sachs 300 951 043, Fits Mitsubishi Colt 1878 003 232 and Smart 3189 000 027

    Timing Belt kit
    Gates Belt MB 087 (MN158706 or MN119379) or TBMB087
    Mitsubishi Tensioner MN11989
    Bearings (NTN) TT658 + TT657 (You need both bearings)
    Water Pump (GMB) GW M-82A
    Gaskets ????

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    You can contribute further in the existing thread


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      I need some help on the search tool....
      I searched under:

      "part number" & "part+number" & part number

      Someone help a noob out pls...


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        K+N air filter = KN33-2881

        Also, Ryco Z142a interchanfes with Z79a


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          Try this website.


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            Originally posted by ttortt View Post
            That site looks awesome, dunno how the prices compare but it looks the goods.
            Anyone else checked out the part number match ups to the ADM colt?