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  • DIY: Walbro GSS342 Fuel Pump Upgrade

    Just installed my new fuel pump yesterday. Was very easy and highly recommended if you're looking into more power.
    Stock pump 80L/Hr. New pump 255L/Hr.
    No you won't use more fuel.
    Takes about 1 hour to install. Took me 30 minutes.

    Step 1: Lift up the rear seats (should be a tab to pull at the back of the seat that allows you to lift the seats up) and remove/lift the carpet up. Should be 3 clips holding the carpet down.

    Step 2: Remove 3 screws from the silver cover.

    Step 3: Unplug the power cable and fuel lines, get a cloth to wipe any spills. You need to squeeze one of the fuel lines in order to pull it off.

    Step 4: Undo 6x 8mm bolts. Pull out pump unit. Careful for fuel leaking.

    Step 5. Unplug pump. Remove the cover that holds the pump in place. I used a flat head to gently pry the tabs. Once the cover is off you can push the stock pump out.

    Step 6. Modify your new pump. There are 4 tabs on it that need to be cut off/ sanded down.

    Step 7. Take off fuel filter from old pump and install onto new pump.

    Step 8. Cut 2 parallel slits (1.5 cm apart, red lines in the picture) down the middle of the cap that holds the pump on. You need to do this as the fuel filter will hit the cap.

    Step 9. Install the new pump and put the cap back on. The cap should sit nicely and the filter should be protruding through the slits that you cut.

    Step 10. Put everything back together and you're done.

    A good reference from Brad the RCOLT guru.
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    good write up, helped me out today


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      Good write up


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        Easier than expected. Anyone can DIY the job. Takes under and hour.


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          nice one mate, I will be getting on this any day. cheers for the info.

          is it also worth noting, I've seen people say to clamp the fuel line on your injection manifold too, you don't want to lose fuel pipes whilst boosting hard


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            Thanks, this helped me

            Just a few notes for my install - fuel pump was a hard to push out as i think a o ring had it sealed good!

            If you look at first parts diagram of the blog
            I reused part 05288 from the old pump onto the new.
            I did not reuse 05213 (rubber cushion) as i couldn't get the cap back on without it. I may need to open it back up and remove 05288 and see if the cushion fits....