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  • Planning to go for a tune

    Hi guys, I'm really new to the mod scene and would appreciate any advice.

    I currently own a CVT CVR and am planning to do some upgrades. It is pretty much stock except for upgraded coils, brakes and a YR-Advance muffler.
    I was planning to get the following:

    1) Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump,
    2) Sard fuel regulator,
    3) AVCR/Blitz boost controller,
    4) Blitz/GReddy BOV,
    5) FMIC
    6) ATF Kit

    I was told with these parts I could expect a minimum of 200hp with a tune, probably boosting up to 1.2bar.
    Is this legit?

    Additionally, is the FMIC really necessary considering I'm running on stock turbo.

    Thanks for any input/advice!

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    I'd say that's legit. I'd go 3 port boost solenoid instead of external boost control but its better to go with what you're tuner knows/recommends. FMIC isn't absolutely necessary, however, it will help the car boost safely & keep knock down. I wouldn't skimp on it, not permanently anyway. The stock turbo is pretty good at heating up the air.


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      Thanks for the inputs Andy. Any recommendations for FMIC? Seems like most of them requires the netting and crash bar to be cut/removed.

      Just another quick question. What're the differences between the Apexi AVCR boost controller and other controllers (blitz dual sbc, greddy profec etc.)? I can't seem to dig out any information regarding the differences and people are telling me to go for the AVCR cause it's the best for our cvr.


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        Todd Munkman's kit is very good and doesn't require cutting of anything (hes based in Queensland, Australia). Can find him on the facebook group rcolt. RPW in Perth,Aus also do a kit. Then there's the Greddy kit, or try your luck with a universal one and a bit of DIY.

        On the electronic boost controllers, I've always gone with 3 port & tuning it with the ECU. The benefit of this is it gives you boost by throttle and rpm. Some name-brand EBC's also can do this but need RPM/throttle/speed inputs. They're the ones i'd go if going down EBC path, otherwise I think 3 port is good option.

        A positive with EBC's they can get around the ECU's boost control limit @ 200 Ecuload. When boosting hard on 3 port and ECU controlled boost the reactive boost control system doesn't work when you're close to, or exceeding 200 load. Most tuners in Aus just disable reactive boost though. This means that the car's boost isn't as tightly controlled as you could with an EBC.