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  • Colt gearbox - 1st gear engagement problem - similar to evo 5 speed?

    Hey guys,

    Just wonderign if anyone has had a similar issue on there car. I recently bought another colt (not rcolt, just basic model for my folks) which has a strange issue of 1st gear being difficult to engage from stopped. I have changed the gearbox fluid but it doesn't seem to have made any difference. It's almost as though the shifter gates aren't aligned properly. It never crunches when you push the gearstick harder into first, it just feels extra difficult to push into first (from stopped). Every other gear shifts fine. I also tried shifting into a different gear before shofting to first - but makes no difference (pumping clutch a few times also doesnt make a difference - which makes me think it isn't hydraulic clutch leak)

    Upon further research I stumbled onto the post on an evo forum which had the same exact issue. Do you think this could apply also to the colt 5 speed gearboxes?

    It's interesting to read (in my opinion!) and makes sense in my mind. They basically adjust the bracket which holds the transmission shifter bushings to change how far you need to move the gearstick to engage first/second gear - fifth gear.

    Link 1:


    It would be great to hear about anyone's opinion or experience in this area!
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    I should also add - it's a 2008 model with relatively low km


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      All good.. gear oil change combined with greasing linkages helped alot (Y)


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        How/where did you grease the linkages? Just the ball joints on the box?
        What grade oil also?


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          Originally posted by skyrex View Post
          How/where did you grease the linkages? Just the ball joints on the box?
          What grade oil also?

          I greased in engine bay. Under the airbox. Basically anything that moved when I had someone engaging each gear Helped a lot. I used penrite gear oil semi synthetic 75w-90 weight. worked well
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            It also takes a little driving before it free'd up the 1st gear engagement. I'd say about 500km then I felt a big difference.. Hope this helps others

            Also you can grease up the gear linkages inside the car (But I havernt doen that as yet)


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              im glad youve sorted this as ive had my colt for 4 days and noticed this straight away!

              also I get slight crunch in first if I put it in too fast!


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                My box only has a bit of a crunch when going into reverse. The trick is to push clutch in, select 1st before engaging reverse - never had any crunching going into 1st.
                Suspect someone may have been running GL5 oil in your GBs instead of the recommended GL4.
                GL5 apparently will wear the synchros and make them grind a bit. Some of these so called experts in the various auto shops say GL5 is better which may be true for later model cars but not the RColts. Use only GL4.


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                  Good advice odysseyesm. Ive started to do this as well. Except before using reverse i engage 3rd as it pops in easier


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                    Colt '06, always had these issues from day one with the motor. Not so bad now the cars aged a lot more - and I've been driving it so long I probably don't even notice it now, but I normally have to give her a little blip to get her into first. Reverse sometimes won't go in unless go to neutral position, let off clutch, reclutch and retry reverse.. Normally works but if you do it too fast it can jump in (crunches without the grind). Second gear often crunches going in when caining through the gears off the line agressively. Massive throw from 1st to 2nd in my opinion.