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  • 3.7 litres of Royal Purple 10w40 ... feels good man!

    Got a long run down south this week and I'm about to clock up 70,000km, so I thought it'll be worth a shot. First time I've done an oil change since picking it up. Went smoothly, found a non-standard filter on it but replaced it with a stocko.

    Interesting encounter at John Hughes parts centre (authorised Ralliart dealer) on Welshpool Rd...
    Grover: Can I have a Ralliart Colt oil filter please.
    Old Dick: It's not as easy as that.
    Grover: Why not?
    Old Dick: *Taps computer for 5 minutes* Do you have a chassis number?
    Grover: errr, not on me. It's an '06 Colt. Ralliart. Turbo. 1.5. RG.
    Old Dick: *Taps computer for 5 minutes* Is it a Cabriolet?
    Grover: No.
    Old Dick: Have you done this before?
    Grover: Yes.
    Old Dick: Is it a long one or a short one?
    Grover: I've got the part number if that helps (frantically checks RColt forum)... MD136466.
    Old Dick: *Shrugs* Well that's the last model I would have picked *ambles off to the shelf, searches, throws oil filter on counter*
    Grover: Does it have the washer?
    Old Dick: No.
    Grover: Well can I have a washer please?
    Old Dick: Steel or aluminium?
    Grover: You tell me.
    Old Dick: Some of the Ralliart ones have an aluminium one.
    Grover: I'll take the steel one.

    Fucking hell... top service there buddy. Thanks for all of your invaluable help.
    Last edited by Grover; 24-12-2012, 04:20 PM.


    • Wtf? 10w70? You got that right?


      • He put engine honey in the car. Matt ran that stuff on the old crown. Even for racing thats pretty thick.


        • lol shit no... 10w40.

          Typo corrected!


          • Hey guys so I did a light oil/fluid service a few weekends ago & I honestly can feel a massive difference in the car!
            I first changed the Brake/Clutch fluid to Nulon Extreme Performance Brake& Clutch Fluid(Yellow bottle) Im not sure what was used before that because I only got the car 2months ago & Loving it =D Anywayz the clutch feels so much smoother now and the brakes OMFG the stopping power is ridiculously powerful.. Love Especially when hammering it down those straight back roads around my area!

            Okay again Im not sure what Oil was used before I changed but I drained it all out & replaced it with "Valvoline Armour Full Synthetic oil"(Big ORANGE bottle) I also used the "Nulon Engine oil flush treatment(Black skinny neck bottle) I must say I really didn't think I would feel any difference as much as I did when I changed the oil! The cars synthetic oil warms up the car so fast(Perfect for these cold morning comming up) and the car is just so much smoother while driving in general, Im very happy with everything Iv used.. I'm no mechanic But like I said all the fluids I have used have made a substanitial difference compared to when I first bought it!

            Def Sticking with fully Synthetic oils from now on! =)