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  • What to do when you get involved into an accident

    Ok, the unlucky thing finally happens to me after so many yrs of clean driving record. Someone slight rear ended my car this arvo Being my first accident, i tried to take note of every possible details. However, i might still miss out things. Hence i thought its good to start up a thread where everyone can tell us your tips to ensure both sides are treated fairly.

    So, what do you need to do when you are involved in an accident to ensure both sides are treated fairly.

    From the victim's point of view
    • Take down license number
    • Obtain his/her insurance company name/membership number
    • Take down his car's numberplate
    • Take his contact details
    • Take down his name
    • Record time and location of accident
    • Make a report with police helpline (for minor accident) or make official report at nearby police station (major accident) - Advised to me by police station
    • Do a medical checkup regardless if you think you are fine, before making the official report and insurance claim. Reason being, is most of the time you will only start to feel the damage after a while - Advised to me by police helpline

    From the trouble maker's point of view
    • Obtain victim's name and contact number
    • Obtain his/her insurance company name/membership number

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    A long ago someone rear ended me and it was my first real accident. I took her rego number , name and phone number and she wasnt issured. Rang her after I got the insurance papers to fill out and guess what the person who answered the phone advised she has left the state. The cost of the damage was $800 and I had a $500 access. The advice from the insurance company was I had to pay the access until they had found the person and got the money out of them. I decided to get the work fixed myself and didnt put a claim in. Moral of the story take as much detail as you can and never trust anyone (its a shame to say).


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      Ill make some adjustments for you all, i was involed in a accident which caused 4k damage to my mirage i wasnt at fault and other driver had no comprehencive.

      Persons Licance details, view the licance yourself so you get it right, and makre sure they are driving the correct car (More p plate specific), with glasses on ect.

      Get Contact Details

      Ask if they have insurance, but you dont need to get there member number or anything, and dont give yours. You dont have to, its your personal information, and never give you clame number to them, although they cant do anything with it unless your at fault, then you will need to give it to them.

      Record the make model colour door on there car ect, insure its all registered correctley, this is important to the insurance companies.

      Record where it happened and nearest cross street.

      Try to get a witness, i had witnessed an accident one day and was called by the insurance companies and gave them evidence to proove who was at fault.

      If any car have to be towed away the police must be called. (Im not sure if this is still true, but is what i was told when i had my accidnent)

      Thats all i can think of at the moment.

      With my accident i had a guy pull out of a t intersection in front of me, he was a p plater, three months later his mum was ringing me to get there car fixed on my insurance clame, but he was at fault so they didnt get squat. They also said they had to pay my excess (i was under 25 so it would have been a bit HAHAHA)


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        I carry a disposable camera in the glove box. Use it to take photos of the scene if you're involved in an accident, ideally before any of the cars involved are moved.

        I heard this tip on TV back in the UK about ten years ago. Within a few days of buying a camera, I was hit by a large wooden ladder that had come off a truck. It almost went through the windscreen but instead went through the rad and bonnet, causing GBP2,000 ($5,000) damage. The photographs were never needed, but the fact that the other driver knew I had them was very comforting, and may have dissuaded him from contesting liability.


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          very good point, and they are very cheap idea as well.


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            Or just use your mobile phone camera.....which i forgot.


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              Originally posted by lovecolt View Post
              Or just use your mobile phone camera.....which i forgot.
              Ooops. My phone has no camera but you're right. If you have a camera phone, that's perfect.