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  • just got bumped into

    hey guys,

    just need to vent a bit of fustration.

    a family friend didnt have his handbrakes on and the front of his car slid into mine (ARRGGGGGGG), but at a very very gentle and slow pace. after a bit of inspection there seems to be no big scratches and the bumper popped back out itself. but the light conditions werent good so i cant say for sure what damage has been done until tomorrow in the full sun.

    just wondering would the paint crack due to the stretch? i think its not serious enough to get the insurance company involved (he hasnt bought insurance for his car yet either >.>). ive never made i claim so i have no idea what to do with that.

    if no insurance involvement, i was just thinking of getting a ding remover to come around and assess it. this is just preliminary thinking since i havent had a look in daylight, just want vent it out since its my baby and i want to keep all panels perfect. hurts thinking about it now

    any recommendations?

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    There is a possibility that the paint has cracked, best looked at in sunlight. It could also later on down the track start to crack depending now exactly how hard it was hit, etc.
    I'm guessing with you being in WA, good chances are the paint was relatively warm and hopefully flexed with the bumper.
    I have backed into a bullbar/nudgebar whil reverse parking in my old Lancer and got away scratch or mark free. (Didn't account for the extra 6" of nudge bar protruding infront of their headlights.)

    My Colt has a small dent/divot in the bumper from previous owner, seemingly from backing into a pole/bollard. I had recently noticed it was starting to show some circular cracks corresponding to the curve of the dent. Only very feint though. Either the dealer did a good job at a cover up or it's started to show.


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      I had a bump in my FTO's rear bar (thin plastic) in cool conditions and the paint didn't even scratch, I think it will be fine.


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        somebody reversed into mine. some light scratching but when i took front bar off found the black mesh was bent, the plastic supports were broken etc. cause its all plastic the shit just breaks.

        pull the bar off and have a look.

        you are looking at 895 for a new unsprayed bumper btw.


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          Leonx--- is it a close family friend? If not i'd be giving my 50 cents worth nothing hurts when damage is caused by another hand other than your own.
          What's the deal with no handbrake these days? I have a mate a few years younger and he hates using the way i park near him


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            Def have a look under the bumper. I was recently hit from behind and it wasnt too bad, just a crack in the bumper. It all went through insurance and the when the smash repairs assessed it there was bad damage underneath to the plastic panel. All had to be replaced, and with respraying the bumper cost about $3000 :/ Our cars aren't cheap!
            Im sure yours is nowhere near as bad but it wont hurt to have a look


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              Thanks for all the replies.

              Had a look (not inside though) and everything seems to be fine on the outside, it's only got the faintest of mark at a certain angle. I'll definitely have a look inside to see if I can spot anything that doesn't look right.

              He's actually a distance relative of ours so if after the assessment something needs to be done, I'm definitely talking to him about it. After hearing about the price of bumpers, I do not want be left with the bill :P