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  • 07 or 09 purchase questions/decisions


    As mentioned in my intro thread: [ ]
    I am looking purchasing a rcolt. Currently in Perth, there is a choice of two red MY09 colts, both with 5 year warranty, or a 2007 (MY06) rcolt in black. There is another MY06/07 rcolt in red, however has a fit when trying to access any details...

    Basically, current Perth dealer [used/demo] prices are as follows:

    Red MY09 $21990, demo 585 kms - 5 years new car warranty - not certain about the 10 year drive-train warranty

    Red MY09 $19990, used 26,774 kms - 5 years new car warranty - again, not certain about the 10 year drive-train warranty, though perhaps not

    Black MY06/07 $19,990, used 45,741 kms - assume remainder of 5 year new car warranty, no drive-train warranty. This car has a 'factory sunroof'

    Red MY06/07 $18,990, used 23,679 kms - - assume remainder of 5 year new car warranty, no drive-train warranty. This is the one that may not exist.

    So, I guess, the obvious choice decisions between the 06/07 and 09 rcolts would be the recaro seats. However, I am in my late fourties, and honestly the thought of more hard-core seats don't really do it for me. My cyrrent ride is a 2001 MX5 [no, not a hair-dresser or even a homosexual as has been stated on this forum ], the MX5 just has sports seats which are fine by me - the recaros look like I might damage myself if I weren't careful getting into the car .

    Therefore, apart from the racaros, would there be any reason to choose a 06/07 rcolt over an 09 coltr? The way I see it, the demo coltr listed at $21,990 might be the best deal as the tyres would be new whereas anything getting near 30K km would perhaps require around $1k to be spent on replacing the Yoko tyres. Assuming it comes with the 10 year drive-train warranty the extra $1k on top of replacing the tyes for the demo comapred to the used 09 would certainly be worth it...

    Comments? The idea of a sunroof really does appeal to me and I do like black rather than red, however, no doubt, black cars get dirty very quickly as my dark green MX5 always looks like crap from all the dust and stuff in the air.


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    if recaros bother you.. get the newer one... Newer is ALWAYS better!!!!


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      When I bought my car it was a demo car on the showroom floor and I got the 10 year drivetrain warranty so I don't see how they could deny it from you.

      You wouldn't be able to get that for the 26000 km one as it is non-transferable.

      Most of the '06 owners seem to stick by the Recaro seats, but the '08 seats are still quite comfortable compared to other cars.

      And yeah, if you don't go crazy, you should be able to get up to 30000km out of a set of the stock AD07s.


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        Get the one with only 585kms on it. The older models have scuff plates, sunglasses holder and the seats.


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          Don't forget

          '06 headlights
          '06 dash is bluish
          '06 sunglasses holder
          'o6 7 spoke wheels

          '08 bright/chrome/angry headlights
          '08 black dash
          '08 12 spoke wheels
          + capped service price for new cars?

          Did I miss anything else..

          The '08 front and rear seat trim matches whereas the '06's have the drawcard being Recaro's at the front and 'whatever' at the rear . Don't think any '06 owners care about the rear seats much, with a few removing them to reduce weight / improve cargo capacity / improve acoustics.


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            I'd buy the model with 585kms on it. I've personally never heard of an Rcolt having a sunroof, so don't know what's going on there. Just so you know, the 06 and 07 models were the same, with slight changes for the 08 and 09 models (which are the same as each other). As for differences between 06 and 08, there's bugger all. BFLA and kalt have mentioned most of them, with the only other differences I can think of being that the 08 and on models have a slightly better intercooler piping design giving about a 10hp at the flywheel advantage (not practically noticeable, but still better).

            As for tyres, I'd personally go with a different tyre than the Advan's that will offer similar performance at a significantly reduced price. I personally run Kumho KU36's in a 215/45/r16 size at $133 a corner and they are a great tyre, however if you want to keep stock sizing you could run a Federal 595 RSR 205/45/r16 for about $195 a tyre also.

            Anyway, whichever one you choose I'm sure you will have a lot of cheap motoring fun mate, the cars are great regardless of year


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              I'm 40, 6' tall and 100kg, I had a little bit of trouble with the 06 recaros at first due to leg size from cycling but the discomfort only lasted about a week.
              The 06 has a stiffer chassis due to extra spot welds but I wouldn't think that would be a killer in the handling stakes otherwise Mitsubishi wouldn't have changed.

              I reckon if the warranty side is what you're more concerned about then go for it. My pick would the low K demo one with 585klms on it. Make sure that yo9u get the dealer to annotate somewhere on the contract that the engine and drivetrain warranties + capped servicings are applicable to your car. Don't let them pull the bullshit stunt of saying that you have to go back to their dealership for servicings either. You can go to any licenced mechanic for your servicing but I'd recommend at least going to dealer somewhere consistantly so that they're more likely to replace stuff without the headaches.
              I can't fit my Jokleys into the sunglass holder - it's way too small. I do like the dark wheels, I painted my 06 rims gloss black and I reckon they look better than the silver jobbies - doesn't show brake dust either. I don't reckon any colour looks bad on the colts, even the butterscotch colour looks cool IMO - but I'm partial to my white Colt.

              Although the sunroof does appeal to me but I'd still go for the extra warranty benefits :-)


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                Well I'm 44 and a fat barrel and still love those recaros... Why not take a recaro model for a spin? Holding your body in place during hard cornering is underestimated on the list of pluses for the 06 models...

                If you don't like the recaros then get an 08>...


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                  @husky - agreed - I feel newer is better, however for warranty reasons more perhaps in this case

                  @steel - thanks for the comments, particularly concerning the seats. I have noted on this forum that there are those who are very much focused on the recaro seats being the selling factor for them. I guess it sometimes gets to a point, at least for me at times, that what everyone else wants is what you end up wanting yourself. However, I had to tell myself that the seats, even though desirable to some, should not be the deciding factor.

                  @BELFA - good effort at reverse psychology! I had forgotten about the scuff plates. The sunglasses holder does not phase me one iota - I have developed a notch on my head that my sunglasses easily slot into without the need to put them anywhere else

                  @kalt - thanks for the comparison between the two models. I do not like the blue dash on the 06. The headlights do not concern me either way. I prefer the rims on the 08/09 and, as mentioned above, couldn't care less about the sunglases holder. Not at all certain about fixed priced servicing - will enquire tomorrow. Thanks for the welcome response in the intro thred BTW

                  @ Zadok - yeah, not certain about the 'factory' sunroof either, although someone on the forum from WA stated that had a dealer installed sunroof [probably from Prestige - worth around $2k I would imagine]. Either way, that is desirable to me, but not a deal breaker considering the km and year difference. I had noted the difference in the intercooler between the two models, however Mitsubishi does not indicate a power difference. I had also noted that there was discussion that the 09 had a revised/better clutch? Thought this might be a worthy consideration for the newer/less km car. Thanks for the comments on the tyres - very useful!

                  @odysseyesm - well, at 5'7" myself in the old money and around 73 kg, I guess I wouldn't experience your problems with the recaros, although the lack of height adjustment might be an issue for me! Are there differences in spot welds between the two chassis? I had not read that... I think that certainly the warranty is a driving factor for me = particularly if I get the 10 year drive-train warranty. Thanks for the advice on not letting the dealers screw me with servicing requirements etc.

                  @fauxpas - you are right - I should take both models for a spin and compare. I guess I needed to hear what the possible differences might/would/could be between the two. As stated above, the warranty is certainly a major factor in the 09, however if the overall drving experience does not compare due to the seats then I should also consider that. One of the factors in my decision is that the 585 km demo is close to me, wheras the the other three require driving to the other three quaters of town to view. I need to figure out whether to compare two 09s or an 09 and 06/07 to start with. You have probably decided that for me.

                  Thanks everyone for your feedback and comments - very much appreciated! It is difficult to get this sort of feedback from mates who are not that much in to cars.

                  Cheers, Steve E.


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                    What do you want to do with the car - are you going to mod anything or leave it stock?

                    You can still do a bit without losing your warranty - go the sleeper look IMO.
                    Either way, keep us informed how it goes and post any questions. Plenty of peeps on here to help out.


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                      Go the low km '09 thats sounds a good deal, the price difference isn't that good on the others for the amount of km imo.

                      The warranty may be a big deal for some, but i don't give a shit for those sort of things long term, when somethings new you test it . .HARD.

                      I buy a new bike every few years, and they cost more than a new rcolt, so If its gonna fuck up down the track better I know in that first week what sort of machine I have purchased and then I can address warranty sooner rather than later so I'm not locked into the scam of dealer service & over the top prices with below average workmanship and inferior quality oils n such.


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                        @odysseyesm - just very mild mods to start with - panel filter and perhaps pill removal and see what happens - maybe the RPW short-shifter. If I was going to go the big mod direction I would perhaps purchase an older, bit cheaper, less warranty vehicle. I am after reliability first and prefer a car that starts and runs when I drive it - which is actually only a few time a week. I love driving my MX5 when I do, but, as my only car, it is just so damn impractical to carry anything around in...

                        @ -G- - I ride a Honda CB900, lightly modified with exhaust, power-commander and superficial mods, which I purchased 4 years ago, as a demo, with no real warranty - has been great with no dramas. I guess with a car, as warranties are now so much more available, I want to make certain I get what I can. I hope that every car I purchase wil be a 'keeper', so the thought of extended warranty appeals. Fact is though, the only car I have held on to longer than 4 years [had for 7 years all up after rebuilds] was my 1964 MK 1 GT440 Consul Cortina with double barrel carbie, extractors and tacho! :P That was quite a while ago now!



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                          Get the '09. It's newer, longer warranty, and to be honest, unless you are going to do some serious track work, the 09 seats are far more comfortable. After you get it, contact mitsi direct and complain about the lack of ralliart scuff plates. They gave me a set fir both of my families colts. The stock advans are a great tyre. I have given mine a pretty hard time and they are still legal at 38,000km. I expect them to last til 45k.


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                            @runuts - your thinking is very much in line with what I have been thinking - that is reassuring for me in my initial purchase idea. Thank you for that - cheers! Also, thank you for your suggestion on the scuff-plates - will certainly keep that in mind - what was Mitsu's response when you complained/inquired about the lack of scuff-plates btw?


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                              No probs at all. Mitsi were great, they ordered some in from Japan for me. I basically said I was disappointed it didn't have them, and they organised a set for each colt. Can't complain at all.