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  • Funding needed to continue Cracking of Colt ECU

    We are in a crux of a situation for the cracking of the Mitsubishi Colt ECU.

    In order to get a working ECU and Canbus controller, we have to fork out $500.00 dollars for it, as well as freight to New Zealand, freight back as well as pay someone to write up the defintion software for us.

    The end result is its going to cost us around $800 - $1000.00 by the time its all done.

    The problem is once the ecu is cracked by OpenEcu, anyone world wide would be able to use the same software and then download the rom of there ecu. Whilst this would not provide a free definition file for everyone, it would not take long for people to make there own, even if it was not that accurate.

    The point being that we are reluctant to fork out this much money and then provide it to the world for free.

    What I am proposing is this, if we could get a small "Donation" from as many colt members as possible, we would provide back to them a modified rom file with the following amendments

    (1) Speed Limiter Removed
    (2) Increased boost limiter cut
    (3) Increase torque request maps to reduce Check Engine Light Codes for increased torque from increased boost

    What I am proposing that if we can get donations of $25.00, then we would really want to get 20 people on board. As an example, we would be retailing a Pre Tune like this for $110.00 in the future once its all up an running.

    These 25 people would be the first ones to get this modified tune at a very cheap price. IF we got more than 20 people, that would be fantastic, but at least 20 people to help us continue funding this project.

    What people need to understand, is that cracking the ecu is only 1/2 of the equation. we are going to need to spend at least another month on the dyno with a vehicle tracking all the individual sections of the ECU code, to get the best combination of modifications and tuning. This Minor tune we can offer straight away is a commen one that we already do for EVO's and the Ralliart Lancer Turbo vehicles.

    So what are peoples thoughts. Do we have enough people in the RColt forums to help work towards cracking this ECU code.

    Payment for this work can be made to our paypal account - Please post your real name and username on the paypal payment so we know who you are and add your name to the list.

    This is a chance for the Australian RColt community to step up if they really want this to happen. We have already spent a lot of money on this project already but we need your help, to go to that next step.


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    we have a speed limiter?? i already maxed 5th gear up to redline and speed kept going all the way (this was on a no speedlimit road in the outback area)??

    ill send you $25 donation if the there is other people going to help


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      i don't think we need to remove our speed limite as i don't think 99.9% of the people will go over 240 in their life time

      but if you said we can push our REV limite backwards then i am interested..


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        So, once its ready to load a flash into a car and its a safe flash, Will it have more power? or will it be all teh requided files for another tuner to make his adjustment?

        Eg What will it cost me and what will i get out of it, when you have done what your going to do?

        Basically Im not going to mod much more on my car, but if there is a flash with some more power at the wheels, less cel issues, and retuned throttle responce, and you can give us a price on what this flash will cost, im happy to throw some donations your way.

        really I just want some more detailed info.


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          Intersting that the speed limiter is so high on the colts. I assumed it was set to the same limit as all other Mitsubishi vehicles at either 180km or 200km/hr.

          The rpm limiter can be increased yes

          No this $25.00 tune being offered is not optimised for any power or anything. It will simply be one that will allow the use of an aftermarket boost controller without throwing a Check Engine Light situation, allow more boost.

          For full retuning maps with more power, throttle response etc, I don't think we will be offering these for $25.00. These will be available later but as I said earlier, only after around a month of testing and tuning on our dyno to get a workeable combination.


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            I'll do an e-cheque right now...


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              Originally posted by Frogman View Post
              I'll do an e-cheque right now...
              Thanks for starting the ball rolling, I will update the list as people send it through.


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                Bryden, you have sent AUD $50.00 AUD to RPW Service Centre.

                Well hopfully we can get some more out of this car


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                  money sent.


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                    money sent via bank transfer


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                      $25 sent via direct deposit to the account details listed on your web site.


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                        Paul, you have sent AUD $50.00 AUD to RPW Service Centre.


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                          also regarding the speed limiter im pretty sure there is NONE, as i stated the gear ratio ran out on the rev limiter... could you possibly test and find out if we can safely up the RPM limiter to 7000rpm??

                          have you considered an evoscan??


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                            so with the pretune we can easily run fmic etc?


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                              Paid up:

                              AnyPay Payment Receipt
                              Receipt Number 300LTNP1
                              Account Type VISA DEBIT
                              Payee Name RPW Pty Ltd
                              Payee BSB 036068
                              Payee Account 115992
                              Payee Reference Marius aka Morph
                              Payment Amount $25.00
                              Payment Date 14/08/2009
                              Payment Frequency Once Only
                              Your payment has been processed