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  • Newbie Index of terms / acronyms

    As a recent request I've thought it may help to have a list of terms for newbies (and existing members) to search through should they get stuck on something in particular. Please feel free to add any others or let me know if I've stuffed up, and I'll update the list.

    Thanks to Wikipedia for a few descriptions!

    ABS - Anti-lock braking system (anti-skid braking)

    ACRONYM - abbreviation of a term

    ADR - Australian Design Rule (you will learn to hate this term as it affects all modifications!)

    AFM - Air flow meter (part of the air filter box that houses the MAF)

    AF ratios - Air/Fuel ratios (air/fuel mix controlled the ECU and fed by info from the MAF and oxygen sensors to produce ideal mixes).

    ASC - Active stability control (Electronic safety system that applies braking to certain wheels when loss of grip or traction is detected. Can be deactivated via ASC dash button for trackwork, but is reactivated everytime you restart your colt)

    ATC - Traction control (works in conjuction with ASC and limited the amount of wheelspin by braking on certain drive wheels. Can be deactivated by turning off the ASC via dash button, but needs to be pressed everytime you restart your colt)

    BOV - Blow off valve (Also known as bypass valve, recirculation valve or dump valve. This releases excess boost on overrun to prevent the turbine wheel from stalling and reduces lag)

    Brake Assist - Technology fitted to the colt that increases the brake boost to maximum levels when panic braking is detected (emergency situations).

    CAI - Cold air induction (pipe or hose running to the air filter box or pod to provide fresh cool air from outside the engine bay, hence improving power)

    Cat Catalytic Converter (Converts or Oxidises Carbon Monoxide and unburnt fuel into water and carbon dioxide. Illegal to remove and hefty fines will result if caught without them)

    Cat back or back box - An aftermarket exhaust system built to replce the OEM exhaust from the catalytic converter to the tailpipe. Usually involves larger diameter piping (2.5"), high flow or deleted resonator, and high flow rear muffler.

    CEL - Check engine light (come on when ECU senses abnormal parameters - commonly caused by boost leaks, blow-off valves, too much boost etc)

    - Continuously variable transmission ( A transmission which can change steplessly through an infinite number of effective gear ratios between maximum and minimum values.)

    CVR - Colt Version-R (Japanese domestic model fitted with Recaro seats)

    CZT - European version of the turbo colt (same engine but body and interior are different, plus many other minor differences ie. ECU, intercooler etc)

    - Do it yourself (common term for home projects)

    DYNO - not explosives but short for Dynamometer and also known as a rolling road. They are used for measuring torque and RPM to produce power figures in either KW, HP or PS. The vehicle basically runs on rollers to produce results, or for more accurate figures Dynapacks can be bolted directly to the hubs. For ultimate results the engine can be removed from the vehicle and run directly to a dyno, hence eliminating drive train and wheel power losses. Dyno Dynamics & Dynapack are the main two brands used in OZ.

    EBC - Electronic Boost Control (electronic means of controlling the car's boost via a dash controller and solenoid in the engine bay. Common brands include HKS, Greddy, Apexi, Turbosmart etc. Not known to work very well if at all on the rcolt due to sensitive ECU)

    EBD - Electronic Brake Distribution (varies braking pressure to each of the wheels to provide uniform braking and prevent locking of the brakes)

    ECU - Engine Control Unit or Electronic Control Unit (an electronic system that controls the engine or other parts of your car)

    FMIC - Front mount intercooler (With regards to the rcolt it is usually an aftermarket intercooler fitment, mounted in the middle of the front bumper for maximum airflow/cooling. Has been know to affect the ECU if running too much boost)

    - For the win!

    GETRAG - German manufacturer of transmissions (Colt's manual transmission is made from these guys, they also supply Porsche, BMW, GM & Toyota)

    HID - High intensity discharge lamp (Compared with incandescent lamps, HID lamps have higher luminous efficacy since a greater proportion of their radiation is in visible light as opposed to heat. Their overall luminous efficacy is also much higher: they give a greater amount of light output per watt of electricity input. Retrofitting HID bulbs in headlamps not originally designed to accept them results in extremely high levels of glare, and is illegal throughout most of the world.)

    HP - Horsepower (Older but still utilised term for power measurement, 1 mechanical HP = 745.7 watts, 1 metric HP = 735.5 watts)

    K&N - A common brand of aftermarket pod & panel airfilters (Re-oilable filter that consists of a cotton gauze sandwiched between an aluminium mesh - washable and should last forever. They manufacture both a pod filter kit & panel filter for the OEM air box.)

    KW - Kilowatt (Unit used to measure engine power, is equal to 1.34hp, the standard Australian rcolt has 113kw @ 6000rpm.

    LIMP - Limp home mode (similar to CEL, except car has a 4000rpm & 5psi boost cut that limits maximum power/torque, & protects the engine in case of abnormal running conditions, ie boost leak.)

    LOL - Laugh out loud (common term use by Rcolters!)

    LSD - Limited Slip Differential (replacement differential internals that will ensure equal amounts of torque are transmitted to each of the drive wheels resulting in better grip under acceleration. Cusco & Ralliart sell one for the Rcolt, with the ralliart unit being essentially the same as the cusco one, just more expensive (both units manufactured by cusco)).

    MAF - Mass Airflow Sensor (Is a sensor mounted at the exit of the air filter box that works in conjunction with the oxygen sensor to control the colt's air/fuel ratios.)

    MBC - Manual Boost Control (Is a method of controlling boost via a bleed valve plumbed in between the intake manifold and wastegate)

    MIVEC - Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timin Electronic Control System (Whew, got that one? Similar system to Honda's VTEC allowing increased performance and decreased emissions via the use of two camshaft profiles)

    NEWBIE - Someone new to the site that may not understand this word!

    Nm - Unit of Torque (Standard Rcolt produces 210Nm @ 3500rpm)

    OBD2 - refers to the port mounted under the drivers side of the dash for accessing the ECU. Usually allows the ECU parameters to be read via a scangauge or scanner, and should also allow engine tuning or re-flashing via a laptop (yet to be successful on that front)

    OEM - Original equipment manufacturer (ie. Mitsubishi)

    PILL - a restrictor in the wastegate vacuum line that controls the amount of boost run on the colt. This is commonly removed by owners to increase the amount of boost run, but is prone to boost spikes and has been know to cause CEL on occasions whilst others have had no issues Recommended to get your colt's AF ratios checked if doing this mod.

    Pod Filter - Cone or cylindrical shaped air filter that usually replaces the whole OEM airbox assembly. Has the advantage of larger surface area than a panel filter hence able to shift greater volumes of air, but can change the A/F ratios and draw in hot engine bay air resulting in loss of power. Usually works in conjunction with a CAI system to isolate the pod from the hot engine bay or simply to provide cool fresh air.

    PS - German unit (Pferdestarke = horse strength) is now considered obsolete in Europe, replaced with kilowatts. 1 PS = 735.5 watts or .986 HP.

    PULP - Premium unleaded petrol or petroleum (most ideal fuel for maximum power - essential for TMR mod and pill removal)

    Q's - Questions

    - Ralliart colt or now known as Colt Ralliart in Oz, CVR in japan.

    Redline - Maximum recommended operating RPM for the colt, often backed up by a soft cut or hard cut (fuel cut) limiter. The colt's redline is 6500rpm, and fuel cut comes in at 6700rpm.

    RPM - Revolutions Per Minute (In reference to engine revolutions, measured via dash tachometer)

    SF Sachs - German clutch/transmission manufacturer that produces the colt's clutch system - curse them!

    SMIC - Side mount intercooler (OEM part on all turbo colts, older rcolts have intercooler entry/exit off one end tank whereas newer models have entry/exit off separate end tanks to increase flow efficiency).

    TMR - Team Mitsubishi Ralliart (Is run by Alan Heaphy and is the Australian arm of Ralliart base in Victoria that caters for setting up Mitsubishi vehicles for Motorsport. Aftermarket Ralliart parts are also available from them to suit our colts)

    ULP - Unleaded Petrol or Petroleum (Can be safely used in the rcolt for general driving (95 octane minimum).

    VerR - CVR or recaro version of rcolt.

    WTF- What the F_ck! (common used by some rcolters when amazed or astonished! )

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    haha good work love the comments and the odd ones you chucked in there


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      nice one coro.. should come in handy for some


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        Goof stuff coro


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          limp mode is 4000rpm as ive had it all day long...


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            yeah limp is either 4000rpm cutout, .6bar boost limit, 2000rpm cutout(and about 20kph!), doughy throttle or a combination of the above.

            i'd put money on that there's more modes we haven't come across yet too.

            that 4k limp is just the same as everybody else has got... sometimes it comes str8 away after mods, some times it takes a while and once you get it/clear it you can pretty well get it on-demand

            after reading UK colt sites, BOV's are also called dump valves

            and dynos are called rolling roads over there too..

            cat back exhausts are called back boxes

            annd (edit #4) FTW = for the win!


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              nice work! just what i was after!


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                well today i have had 4000rpm limp mode (sounds like a evo x on launch control), 5psi boost cut and a 40kph limp home mode with a flashing CEL (i was on the highway and it cut all power till i was going 3rd gear 40kph which it let me hold) man i hate the ECU !!!!!!!!!!!