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  • Thinking of getting a Colt.....

    Hi All,

    For some strange reason I always jump onto carsales or gumtree and have a look at the Colt Ralliarts. I don't know why, but I like the idea of this small car looking/trying to be tough/agressive,.

    I currently own a 2000 Celica ZR. I've done a bit to my car since buying it stock in 2012 with only 81000Kms on the clock (currently 103k as I don't drive much) Such as one off customised LED tail lights, OEM HID's, electric folding mirros, TRD short shifter, TRD side skirts and rear lip. Header back exhaust and a few other things.

    So these things obviously hold me back, but then of course I can do some upgrades to the Colt. I have to admit, I've never owned a turbo, though i've been in a spin in my brothers previously 250atwkw 2011 sti hatch and more recent series 8 rx7. Though Lift in the Celica still brings a smile to my face when it kicks in at 6000rpm.

    Unless I'm wrong? Some of the key features of the Celica which the Colt won't be able to match:

    power? (yes I know I can tune the Colt for more power at the wheels)
    Boot space
    Smile on my face (not sure if the small turbo kick in will bring the smile on my face that Lift does and the noise it generates)
    Fuel consumption (the Celica is good, unless I hit lift all the time)
    Maintenance costs (Is there much to worry about in the Colt?)

    I'm sure there are other things?

    Are you guys/girls in love with your Colt Ralliart and if so, what are the downsides and upsides to owning one? Convince me to get one. I may have a look at one this Saturday.

    I know they are completely different cars, but I think it's time for a change. Any input is appreciated.

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    My wife had a celica and I have had my colt for ages.

    Handling you might miss but they are 2 different style cars, fuel economy was about the same 8L/100kms about the same to maintain


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      I think that model of Celica is a little under appreciated. And agree with Macca they're very different style of cars.

      Straight line speed wise, the Celica is listed as doing a 15.4 quarter compared to the stock Colt's 15.3 (0-100 in 7.4). Stock for stock effectively identical. The NA feel of the revving 1.8 would be great, but so's the turbo rush & torque.

      Where the big difference is would be is how much easier the Colt is to get more power out of. On one of the local dynos here thats seen quite a few colts, the stock ones dyno at around 90-95fwkw. You can hit 115-124fwkw with just a 3 port boost solenoid, panel filter and a tune which puts the car into the 14 second quarter mile bracket. If you DIY these mods then the cost for this improvement can be <$300 (not including tactrix purchase).

      More serious mods like turbo back exhaust, fmic etc push the power into 130-140 region.. These type of mods put the car in another performance bracket, that would (I imagine?) be very hard to do in the ZR.

      The one thing where the colt would have difficulties being better would be in outright handling - modified colt vs modified ZR, the ZR would be able to carry more corner speed..

      In terms of reliability, the colts seem super reliable. Macca's is 230,000km (or more?). On the FB group, people don't seem to be having issues with head gaskets or other regular wear and tear that you might expect from a cheap boosted hatch... Turbos don't seem to go either..


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        Take one for a test drive, see if you like the drive. I remember my first drive... so qerky, just kept thinking 'WTF?'. And it now sticks.

        Unlike the ZR Celica, the Rcolt did not have a direct rival in ADM at the time (closest I can think of is probably a Mini Cooper JCW, but even that is in another category i.e two door luxury hatch). It was an urban brawler without a foe. It had to fight cars above its' class, the bigger they are the harder they fall as they say.

        Only came in two series, only in manual, and so far, no brand name revival from Mitsubishi as they stick with the Mirage/Lancer. Collectible? You bet.


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          If you can get one in good condition be-it modified or not - and can keep it in good condition unlike me then go for it.
          Daily practicality and bang for buck they are great little units.
          Because they are relatively rare (I think there are 500 only in Aus, even less now due to write off's etc), not many other road going plebs really know what they are.
          Max reliable power you'd see 150kwatw on stock internals (would be squeezing the stock turbo for all it has), with a 1T package it's nothing to sneeze at for a street car.
          For better responsiveness and overall drivability many go the TD04 route, and now I have mine finally paid off and owned outright that is also the path I am going to take this year.

          Boot space can be remedied by flipping the rear seats up behind the front seats or removing 2 nuts and 2 bolts to pull the whole seat out and having a glorified micro-van.


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            Have a read of my blog post on the Ralliart Colt turbo here - it goes over what changes were made to them and then onto some mod overviews..


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              id say you're worrying to much. your car can be anything you want it to be, its a bit of metal. fabricate it into how you want it to be seen don't see any problems with the points you're making, other than maybe bootspace haha ;D

              fuel consumption is really good i find

              maintenance, can be arsey, depends what you're doing. but i always assume it will be due to the engine being basically under the splash panel / bulkhead.. but its workable still

              it's a fantastic car tho mate, I've run mine at 182hp for 10 years solid with no problems what so ever. only now I'm starting to replace parts more for fun rather than necessity. my only major faults thus far have been a broken passenger front spring (probably my own fault), so replaced everything with BC coilovers now. err manifold split after about 8 or so years..? so manifold back system now (altho that has its problems due to heat expansion - i'll be looking into new materials for that). err aaaaand what was the other thing... oh clutch, but thats been going since day one lol. was always a dodgy issue with the original cz-Ts but I managed to keep it going till now so.. hey, can't be that bad. I think its mainly thrust bearing. But thats being replaced and lightened flywheel any day too so... after 10 years basically I feel like I've done nothing, until now. And I'm loving the benefit and the beauty of the feel of everything I've done to it at the mo.

              Never going to get rid of my colt, i love it so much.

              Planning on buying a 1ltre next for a lancer swap 4x4 colt evolution.. so watch this space boys.

              Everyone should own a Colt!