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  • Information on NEW Ralliart Colt 08 model Aus Spec

    Guys, these details are not the jap spec, but what we will be recieving from MMAL in 08 ralliart colt...

    Alloy wheels change. from a 16X6.5JJ to a 16X6.5J
    Headlamp going from current dark, to chrome clear

    parking brake going from leather to urethane
    reacaro's gone to make way for a 'sports' front seats
    Rear head rests change from large type to small type (all models)

    Deletion of Butterscotch

    Colour range for 08 includes:
    Cool Silver Metallic
    Black Mica
    Red Metallic
    white solid
    Deep Blue Mica
    Mystic Blue
    White Pearl

    IMO, with removing the recaro's, they have killed the "baby colt" image, and the 08 model Rcolt will be in my eyes an up-spec'd colt, not a baby rally machine image that it is in our 06/07 models. This also has the opportunity to make our 06/07 models sort after and increase their value.

    Changing the headlights from the stock cool silver inner surrounds to chrome = pure death. They are doing the reversal of most smart car companies, and making the new one ugly, as opposed to making it better looking.

    This IMO will be the death of the 08 colt, and make MMAL stop bringing them in, and thus, in maybe 2-3 years make our original models have the "cult" status they deserve.

    Your thoughts ?

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    if they're the ralliart seats that come standard in the ver-r in asia then they might not be too bad.. like this, they've got lil ralliart tags on em:

    but not as good as our recaros

    i'm assuming the wheels change to the ones tokyo_justin has - which are pretty nice

    the other things - will just have to see what they're like in person..

    on another note all these changes could bring the rcolt in at a diff RRP (read lower) which could make it more competitive against its opposition - while still maintaining its agressive/manga exterior styling with buzzy performance


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      I don't mind the deletion of the Recaros as people don't see it as a problem in other cars like XR4. But the chrome headlight is my only worry. But the good thing is, the 08 RColt is going to be 10hp higher than our current one. That will regain some points back

      Only time will tell. But at least they didn't give up hope on the RColt


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        hmm, so we can swap over the ecu and get the same increase....


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          A dealer told me that the 08 models weren't going to have the Recaros, Ralliart scuff plates, alloy pedals and sunnies holder. I didn't think much of it but it looks like MMAL is actually going ahead with it.

          I do like the new seats though. They look mega comfy for those long trips.


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            I think we were lucky to get the recaros in the first place, as they only came standard on the Version-R in Japan - we ended up with a bit of a hybrid, an up specced rcolt if you like.

            The deletion of some of the items is likely to reduce the price somewhat, but also the standard seating may appeal to a wider audience, especially considering the criticisms in various magazines of the recaros being too "hard core". It may also now allow the fitment of the seat mounted airbags that the 06 rcolt missed out on as well.

            As we all know, these recaro seats are one of the main attractions in buying the rcolt, as I know I expected it to be a reasonably hardcore little hatch, not some grandma toting holiday hatch!

            The chrome headlight surrounds sound a bit garish, don't know if I like the sound of that!

            Really, the new colt should appeal to a wider group of prospective buyers (families), considering better overall comfort, safety, power, and value for money. Just means ours will be more collectable, and should hold their value better in the long run!


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              I love the recaro's but they do get a bit uncomfortable after a few hours. Maybe its just my big ass that doesnt fit. Hope ully I wont have the same problem in the Evo X when its out. Maybe the seats are a bit wider.

              (No reply comments please!!! lol)


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                any idea when the 08 spec RColt is due in? if they come with those seats I'll be looking for an earlier one for sure, otherwise it'd remind me of driving my mum's stock ES colt......


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                  i may be able to get some more info a mate from my club works for a magazine and he went over and had a look at the new colt and the 10 he also has an rcolt


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                    Originally posted by nstg8r View Post
                    any idea when the 08 spec RColt is due in? if they come with those seats I'll be looking for an earlier one for sure, otherwise it'd remind me of driving my mum's stock ES colt......

                    May Production. Anyones guess to arrival. As for the seats, they wont be recaro, that is for sure.


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                      I was very dissappointed when they pulled the recaros out of the Ralliart Magna , as the prototype had some great Recaros.
                      I would be very pissed off if I bought a new colt and they werent there.
                      Does this mean that the cost will come down on the base model which
                      could either push 06/07 model values down OR maybe up due to the extra features.

                      We will have to wait and see.


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                        With the Recaros and other little things taken off, i expect the price to come down at least to 24990. My expectation is, our current RColt will retain value much better than it is currently. However, it is based on if the 08 RColt will sell....


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                          Mitsubishi could at least have the recaros as an option, then at least it gives people some sort of choice on whether they want to use the colt for a city car or part track/enthusiest car. Maybe there could be two versions in the lineup, bit like comparing the GSR lancer to the EvoX, one hardcore car with all the fruit and the other more of a hotted up family hatch! To delete the recaros completely would be a mistake I think!

                          Nothing pisses off Australian car enthusiests more than seeing a new model on display in japan with all the goodies on it, then when we get it delivered to Australia, we always get the dumbed down, de-specced cheapo version (apart from the current rcolt of course). Sort of a bit like spending all those years pretending that the base model lancer had something in common the the Evo model! I know the Ralliart Colt was a bit of an experiment in Oz, to see what sort of reaction the buying public would have to this type of car - of course it has been slow going to start off with, but there seem to be more & more rcolts on the road these days as it builds a reputation for itself !

                          Any figures on how the rcolt sales are going McCoy, compared to the initial sale of them in 2006?


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                            Hang on guys! You cant blame Mitsubishi for trying, you dont see Toyota releasing their JDM version of the turbo Yaris when it came out. I reckon MMAL should be patted on the back for releasing the car in the first place, plus being an all new Performance car in Australia, is a HUGE gamble. I reckon they displayed huge rocks to take that plunge, and to keep on bringing the car out even though sales have been slow is even better.

                            Bravo to them I say. Think of it this way, would you rather have the death of the Ralliart colt in Oz? or the same car with more power, (if we follow on from Japan's car that is) but without recaro's. I'd rather have a small decrease in spec and price, than MMAL to ditch the car completely. It could have happened that way guys. I do get what your saying, but the seats in the image above arent that bad anyways.

                            Also add to that the fact Recaro's were optional in Japan, so I reckon it wasnt bad at all for our little car to have them. I agree its a shame that they are going though, should help resale for you guys in the long run.

                            As far as MMAL doing what they are doing? I'm right behind them. There is little doubt that 30K for that car in the current market just didnt work, and when MMAL dropped pricing to $25,990 Drive away (which to me still represents AWESOME bang for buck) the sales numbers increased. At least they have for us here.

                            If it means the car is cheaper than the $29,990 + ORC's and more affordable and become more achievable for people to own, then its all good. (I would like to see the recaro's as an option though, maybe an R spec car or somthing?)

                            To my mind, it just makes what current stock thats left very desireable, with the headlamps and recaro's.

                            (P.S. As for phil's large rear end, and seat incompatibility the EVO X seats are fine. I too suffer from being overly large adn the X is fine trust me! I have had no problems when in the drivers seat )


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                              Thanks for your concern Mcoy, everything is going well nearly paid the colt off only $2k to go, not bad for a 7 year loan to be paid out in 8 months.
                              The wife is getting ready for the Evo X visit so all is going well.

                              Even drove the R-Magna up to Tamworth over xmas , last year I did just under 2000kms , I still prefer to drive the colt as it is much more responsive and zippy around the streets. The Magna you just lounge back and relax and watch the kms go by , it does seems that at 100km you are only doing 60 as it sits on the road so firmly and quiet. Its a great touring car but it just has to go for the Evo X, I am sure I wont be dissapointed. The Magna has a whoppy 70K on the clock after 5 Years of driving.