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  • Results from Winton Track Day

    Quick write up on my recent track day at Winton on the 15th June 2012.

    I must say the drive down from Canberra was taxing after a long week at work but worth it to wake up in Wangaratta only 20 minutes from the track.

    My first session went well with a slightly damp track I wasn't going to hit any fast lap times but that suited my current lack of track knowledge. Unfortunately with a cold damp start my tyre pressures were too low resulting in a slippery time. Best lap I could muster was a 1:50.94.

    After adjusting my tyre pressures and the track slowly drying I was able to consistently progress my times with a 1:47.82, 1:45.56 and a 1:44.86 over the following sessions.

    My final sessions of the day resulted in me achieving my goal of 1:43.98 (4 seconds quicker than a stock RColt at the track so Iím told which puts me in the league of a stock evo or sti).

    Below is a link to a YouTube video of my best lap. I love the sparks coming from my brakes when setting up for a corner....Mat (GSL Rallisport) thanks for the new disks, pads and lines they all went well. Canít say the same for my choice in brake fluid but I can always fix that for next time.

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    Nice! We're you on semi slick tyres? Rear seats taken out?

    (Would like to see the vid but the pad says unable to load vid?) never mind, that vid works, fantastic vision, can really feel the speed and lol at the sparks!!

    Good stuff!!
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      Originally posted by kalt View Post
      Nice! We're you on semi slick tyres? Rear seats taken out?
      Yep. Semi slicks and rear seat removed. Also have a 3 point harness to keep me in the stock seat.


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        Been contemplating whether breaking 1:50 around Winton on a stock colt is possible (street tyres, no mods except pill out and weight reduction). Do you know who and when the 1:48 was set by a stock colt? I think chilli did 1:49 but with a few engine & exhaust mods, springs, sway bars and semi slick tyres and race pads.


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          I think its possible.
          All about driver though and how much you are willing to push it.

          Rough guide to times can be found here. You can compare to other similar car times.The colt was not tested at Winton


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            Yep it's a question of whether one reaches the limit of the car, or the limit of the driver.

            When I got the 1:55:66 at Winton it was my first attempt and barely had any preparation work so no upgrades except for 17x7 tyres (also found the hot pressures were 43PSI after my final lap). Also recently discovered my wheels weigh 20KG EACH with tyres mounted . Going back to stock enkei rims nets lighter steering and unsprung weight (weighed them at about 15kg with tyres mounted) but also looses that extra 0.5 inch grip around corners - that was something I felt was lacking with the D5 Eagle F1 tyres but after playing around with the pressures it's improved handling and reduced the 'tail happy' feeling when braking. Very keen to get back to Winton for another run.

            Would like to see a modified rcolt get into the 30's and play with the big boys one day
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              1.43.98 is excellent! Times match it with the high power cars worth 3x,4x even 5x
              Issue Make Model Lap Min_Sec Driver Conditions
              1-Jan-2007 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG 102.75 1:42.75 Warren Luff Dry
              1-Apr-2002 Holden Holden GTS Coupe 102.78 1:42.78 Cameron McConville Dry
              1-Nov-2009 Holden HSV Clubsport R8 102.90 1:42.90 David Reynolds Dry
              1-Apr-2006 Holden HSV Clubsport DTS 102.95 1:42.95 Warren Luff Dry
              1-Jan-2008 Renault RenaultSport Megane F1 R26 103.09 1:43.09 Warren Luff Dry
              1-Apr-2004 Nissan Nissan 350Z Track 103.18 1:43.18 Cameron McConville Dry
              1-Apr-2001 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz CLK 55 AMG 103.29 1:43.29 Cameron McConville Dry
              1-Jan-2007 Ford FPV F6 Typhoon 103.32 1:43.32 Warren Luff Dry
              1-Apr-2003 Holden HSV GTS 103.44 1:43.44 Cameron McConville Dry
              1-Jul-2008 Ford FPV F6 103.50 1:43.50 Rick Kelly Dry
              1-Apr-2004 Holden HSV ClubSport R8 103.50 1:43.50 Cameron McConville Dry
              1-Jan-2007 Holden Holden Commodore SS V 103.56 1:43.56 Warren Luff Dry
              1-Jul-2008 Holden HSV Clubsport R8 103.60 1:43.60 Rick Kelly Dry
              1-Apr-2002 Subaru Subaru WRX STi 103.60 1:43.60 Cameron McConville Dry
              1-Jan-2007 Ford Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo 103.62 1:43.62 Warren Luff Dry
              1-Apr-2003 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG 103.66 1:43.66 Cameron McConville Dry
              1-Mar-2005 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz C55 AMG 103.67 1:43.67 Warren Luff Dry
              1-Apr-2003 Holden Holden Monaro CV8 103.69 1:43.69 Cameron McConville Dry
              1-Apr-2001 Holden HSV GTS 103.71 1:43.71 Cameron McConville Dry
              1-Apr-2003 Subaru Subaru Impreza WRX STi 103.75 1:43.75 Cameron McConville Dry
              1-Apr-2002 Lotus Lotus Elise 103.88 1:43.88 Cameron McConville Dry


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                1.50.2100 at Winton on a stock colt (no power modifications or handling modifications). I estimate a pro-driver would be taking a straight from factory '06 (Recaro) colt around Winton in about 1.47.

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