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    Originally posted by pAuL View Post
    there was a skyline who (after everyone agreed not to) was drifing down the straight, as i was trying to pass
    too much powah haha


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      Originally posted by Corosith View Post
      secondary bonnet tie down
      i saw this on the CAMS rules... can you explain further please?

      i'm looking at a barbagallo run soonish, have everything else but this...


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        Originally posted by markimak View Post
        too much powah haha
        More like too much cock-head behind the wheel...

        You never know who else is out there lapping round, driving beyond their abilities...


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          too much power??haha more like just being a try hard wanker. i could drift in an 89 vn v6.. so it doesnt mean much.. he was probably just trying to be a hero to make up for a really small part of his male anatomy..


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            i will be back there on the 14 September,

            try get a few more laps done want to see a 1:17 or 1:16 thats my goal


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              i was kidding fellas thers a GTR near me. a nice white one. they are normally owned by rich kids


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                Originally posted by alba View Post
                i saw this on the CAMS rules... can you explain further please?

                i'm looking at a barbagallo run soonish, have everything else but this...
                You'll more than likely need a secondary bonnet catch. It always depends on the scrutineers and how they interpret the rules as even at top level motorsport scrutineering is something that is open to interpretation. Th funny thing is, all cars old in Australia technically already have a secondary bonnet catch. Figure that one out!

                This is what some of the relevant CAMS supp regs says in regards to what is needed at an event where a CAMS 2S licence is required:

                Drivers must wear:

                (a) A helmet that complies with AS1698 or better and carries marking to that effect, or is otherwise approved by CAMS (see Schedule D Section 1 [Headgear] of the General Requirements for Cars and Drivers, in the current CAMS Manual of Motorsport). Helmets must be in good condition and must not have any perforations to the outersurface.

                (b) Non-flammable clothing extending from neck to wrist to ankles, (apparel of nylon or similar material is forbidden).

                (c) Shoes, which completely cover the feet, made entirely of leather or other flameresistant materials. Shoes that contain any synthetic materials such as nylon are forbidden.

                Scrutiny Requirements.

                a) All vehicles are to be presented at scrutiny and must comply with Schedules A & B of the CAMS General Requirements for Automobiles (as specific in the CAMS Manual), including

                • A fire extinguisher to CAMS requirements and fitted within reach of the driver.
                • A blue triangle, 150mm on each side mounted to indicate the battery location.
                • A secondary method of securing the bonnet.
                • All forward facing glass lenses to be completely covered by a protective film.
                • All loose objects are to be removed from the car.
                • The battery is to be firmly clamped.
                • Vehicles that have been issued with a CAMS Log Book must present the Log Book at Registration and Scrutineering.

                b) Competition numbers are to be positioned on both sides of the vehicle, and must be of a contrasting colour to the surrounding bodywork. They must comply with the current CAMS regulations as to size etc

                c) Drivers and vehicles must be presented in a clean and tidy manner, completely ready for the track, including the driver’s apparel and helmet. Any tyre or component changes to the vehicle after scrutineering must be approved by the Chief Scrutineer before the vehicle is taken onto the track.

                d) Any vehicle found to be leaking oil or fluids whilst competing will be suspended from the event until the Chief Scrutineer / Clerk of Course is satisfied that action has been taken to rectify the leak. Should there be a re-occurrence of the leak then the vehicle will be excluded from the remainder of the event.

                There are other things of note, but they are the main ones.


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                  Best time for our lil cars so far at Wakefield so far is 1.09 and still improving by 0dd0ne.


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                    Thats on street tyres, not semi slicks. Probably knock an entire second, maybe 2 if i ran some a050's