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  • Ralliart rear shocks

    Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased a ralliart colt and it has ralliart springs and shocks.

    When I drive over bumps, I notice a knocking/clunk noise from the rear left.

    I think the shock is leaking, does anyone know if the rear shocks could be rebuilt.


    If there is a good replacement for them as I want to keep the ralliart springs in there at least.


  • #2
    Try tightening the bolts thats hold the shock to the rear beam


    • #3
      As mentioned, The shocks will be fine.

      The bolts that hold the rear of the shock to the torsion beam need to be super tight, If not, the lower shock will rattle about and create that noise.

      This is about 90% of the cause of noise from the rear suspension


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        Everything is tight.

        I jacked that side up and put the jack handle under the tire and it had no resistance going up and down compare to the rear drivers side.

        Can I use KYB shocks with the ralliart springs?


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          not many options for shocks... remember that companies list them for the colt, but not the ralliart colt... That means they will greatly improve a standard colt, but unknown results compared to the oem ralliart shocks, which are quite good...

          I don't even think team mitsubishi ralliart list an improved replacement shock...

          Incidentally, I had 2x rear shocks replaced under warranty... Now that they're out of warranty, I'd likely get some coilovers next, but something streetable, not for track...


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            tighten it more. Trust me. even if it seems tight it may not be, It needs a heap of torque on it.

            One member here has the KYB's with lowered springs, Drove fine to me when I drove it.

            Faux, there is no suck thing as streetable Coilovers, Koni's would be the only option close to streetable.

            My BC's run 5k front 3k and king springs rear

            I got the Knoi's now, well still waiting on the rear shocks, so yet to install


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              If you're running the Ralliart upper suspension bushes it will make more noise. I got coilys and I mucked around for ages trying to track down a rattle in my car on the rear left. Turned out to be the harder bush transferring more road noise.
              Like Macca says it does need to be tight but stiffer bushes will transfer more noise.
              Is there oil leaking from the shock at all?


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                NZ have imported ralliart colts. Would they be different suspension then the aus delivered or the version r have different sussy?


                • #9
                  Just replaced the rear shocks with some stock ones for now.

                  The ralliart shocks were stuffed, may try get them rebuilt.

                  Thanks for the help anyways