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  • Stock suspension upgrade help

    Hi guys, I've had my colt for almost 4 years ( 65000k) . As much as I love it I'm really over the crashy ride. My rcolt is totally stock, I just wanna make it more easy to drive as an every day car , any suggestions on the suspension? Gear ratios ? Clutch?

    I'm not looking for more performance just smoother ride . . . . . . But if I can drop the ride hight and creat a smoother ride then that's a bonus

    As you can prolly tell I'm a bit of a noob go easy on me

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    BC coilovers offer a nice ride with more comfort than stock suspension and adjustability when you want track.

    A proper tune with a grimspeed will give you much smoother power delivery across the revs


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      Thanks bobster , wow BC coil overs offer a nicer ride then stock suspension! (BC = buddy club?)

      I thought coil overs were more sports orientated, I'm surprised that they would be more smoother. Why are the stock suspension so darn hard!?

      Im in W.A. Do they do "grim speed" tunes here?

      Thanks again


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        If you're in WA you could check out RPW in Osbourne Park, they do dyno tunes as well. The grimspeed bobster was referring to is simply a 3-port solenoid which replaces your factory solenoid. When tuning the ecu you can choose to either retain the stock solenoid or upgrade to the grimspeed item. Best that you upgrade your exhaust as well to get the most out of the ecu tune.

        Suspension mods would depend on your budget as well, cheaper option is simply replace to lowered springs (i.e. pedders, kings) or if you want coilovers there are a few brand options available. A few guys on here are running BC coilovers. I've used Bilstein coilvers myself and reckon they're pretty comfort oreinted....not crashy at all. BC is not buddy club by the way.

        There's no need to replace your clutch yet unless it's worn out. It's also a big job and can easily cost upwards of $800 for part and labour.
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          Thanks for that fizz,

          I see what your saying about the tune, prolly best to upgrade the exhaust and intake to get the most out of the retune. But to be honest that's beyond my means but is good to know I have options.

          I am interested in "cheaper" options , but not low quality options.

          I'm not trying to increase performance , just smooth the ride, I defiantly will never drive on a race track

          You mentioned changing springs, is that what causes the rough ride? Or is it the shocks?

          Thanks heaps guys , sorry for all the noob questions


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            You could still get an ecu tune done by itself without changing any other hardware/parts. If you had to choose between tune OR exhaust, I'd probably go with tune first. You can always change the exhaust later on.

            To be honest, if you're after a smooth ride I reckon its best you stick with stock suspension. There's always a little trade off in ride comfort when upgrading suspension to either coilovers or lowered springs. But to put things into perspective, i found that my ride comfort actually improved noticeably when I switched from pedders springs with factory shocks to full Bilstein coilovers. This is because with coilovers the shocks and spring rates are matched to each other. But of course, coilvers are much more expensive than just lowered springs.


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              Exhaust doesn't make that much difference to be honest. Mines pretty much a stock exhaust.

              Stock suspension is very poorly matched to the car. Shocks are too hard, springs to soft and chassis that to stiff.

              Blaze has Lovell springs and there only slightly harder than stock and offer a lower stance. Pedder and Kings are worringly low.


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                Coilovers will not give a smoother ride than factory. I know, I own them.

                Nothing will give a smoother ride than factory at all. Maybe some shocks and springs from the VRX colt. But that would be a down grade.

                I can comment on BC coilovers, I have had them for a few years now and over 100,000kms I would think


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                  If you want a smoother ride you need to do the following things:

                  - Put smaller and thinner wheels on the car. 14x5 or 15x5. Get tyres with a big sidewalls, and only run them at 32PSI. Wanting a softer ride you're obviously not too concerned about losing some handling and grip on the car. The bigger tyres at a lower pressure will take the hits for you. Have a chat to someone at a local tyre shop letting them know you're keen on softening your ride.

                  - If you've got a Recaro model RColt then you should find someone with a non-recaro model and do a swap with them, and you can probably pick up a good $600-$800 in the handover. The seats do not offer a soft and comfortable ride, and they are not designed to. They're designed to hold you in and to help you feel every bump and crease in the road for better handling and better performance driving.

                  - Have you owned the car from brand new? If you haven't, then I recommend getting someone who knows a bit about RColts to have a look and make sure you're definitely running a stock setup. I always found my stock setup to be quite soft before upgrading my suspension.

                  Before you do any of these things, however, think about this before doing anything to the RColt that might reduce it's performance. The RColt is a performance vehicle from the ground up; if you're wanting something different it might be time to trade it in for something that was built to be comfortable, like a Mazda3, a Holden Cruze, or a Hyundai i30.


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                    Thanks guys, good points.

                    I have had the car from new. I really don't want to sell it, and I see a few guys in W.A. Selling some for about the 13k -14.5k and to be honest my car to "me" feels like its worth more then that.

                    I see what you mean , that I can't turn a car that's been designed to be sporty and ridged into a sloppy cursing car.

                    And hey I really don't want that either, I just want to creat a smoother ride

                    Like my brothers honder type r is so graceful to drive , no low end torque hits, refind gear box,

                    He's got Koni coil overs but it drives so nice, very stable.

                    I love the rcolt, it symbolises what make JDM so good! Big ideas in a little car, and slightly nuts

                    I guess the honey moon has warn off and I want to refine the car and smooth off those rough edges . . . . .


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                      My KYB shocks + TMR springs combo I had offered a less crashy ride, Macca had a ride in them.


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                        Maccas car rides like shit cause he set it up wrong. Bc's can be softer then springs. I've driven a car with bc's and semi slicks and it was nicer then mine with TMR springs and street tyres. That being said if you want a soft ride, buy a different car. Rcolts have extra welding from factory to make them stiffer.


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                          Check your shocks for oil leaks, that may be causing a 'crashy' ride.
                          I wouldn't think lowering the car and/or putting oil overs in will make ride smoother than the stock setup. Like others have said, they ride stiffer than ur average small car.
                          Otherwise drop ur tyre pressures a bit.


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                            I think Its time to sell dude, like BFLA said it was built as a race car hence the Ralliart badge & Name.. Heaps of other nice comfortable cars out there( But down grading colt is a No go haha!)


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                              Colt stock suspension is firm but shouldnt be crashing.

                              Tyre pressures play big role in colt handling.

                              What type of roads do you mainly travel on?

                              Or sounds likes your shocks are blown