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  • Wow, that's pretty good - must be around 125-130 at the engine, considering a new civic type R will pull around 120kw at the wheels for 148kw at the engine!


    • Top stuff


      • Koren

        the sideplant is harnessing fantastic results!!! quite unbelievable..


        • Macca: Good stuff. That's about the same as Adam's result. Looks like the catback/solenoid mod do does wonders


          • nice dude.

            10 degrees cooler than when i did my run with the eboost fitted, pretty interested to see what it'd do just with the tmr mod.

            good stuff, copycat wheels


            • Just did got my car dyno today.

              AFR - 10
              5th gear
              Max torque - 257.9nm@ 108kph
              Power - 88.9kw@178 kph
              Boost - max boost 1.14 bar, boost at max power was 1.02 bar

              Mods - Pill remove and k&n filter, Fuel used mobil 8000

              Thought maybe it would be abit more power since macca's car got 115kw and we both run about the same time for 0-400m

              Found max speed for my car was 214km redline 5th gear.
              The speedo was way off. On car was showing past the 240km mark.
              At 60km on the computer the car was around the 63km mark.

              Here is the printout. Mainline dynolog chassis dyno report


              • Blaze: That's because you dyno your car in 5th gear. Its a industry standard to dyno at 4th.


                • agreed the torque figure is huge for our little cars they seem to be pulling lot more than stated in the manual!

                  but yes you should have dynoed in 4th, no idea on the speedo thou, could have been a wrong rolling diameter entered but that doesnt seem the case with the 60km/h speeds the same.

                  the peak power difference between yours nd mine is due to the different gears the car was dynoed in.


                  • i just dyno'd mine this arvo got 119kws with a skrewed up boost its spiking heaps final boost is at 0.6 bar before redline... will post up sheet tomorow...


                    • dont feel bad, every dyno is different.
                      you coulda got 130kw on another one same day same conditions.

                      i call them the wheel of fortune

                      look at terminal speed on a 400m run as an indication of your HP



                        Dyno chart added

                        Set Up - Unichip Ver Q ECU with Turbo Module, HKS EVC Boost Controller, 420cc Injectors, SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator & Walbro Fuel Pump, Extractors, TD04, Greddy FMIC, custom manifold, custom 2.5" Exhaust mandrel bend turbo-down, YR Advance muffler, Choon's custom intake

                        Low Boost Setting: 266.7 Hp @ 6500 rpm, 315 Nm @ 4011 rpm
                        High Boost Setting: 294.7 Hp @ 5989 rpm, 365.7 Nm @ 4867 rpm


                        • Stock internals?
                          Nice output!