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  • ----->>Newbie Guide to Modifying Your CVR

    Kinda tired of seeing some of the same threads over and over of the same questions, so if you have anything to add, post it here, and i will update the list and delete your post to keep this clean, Cheers.

    Also, with this list, we are telling you what is out there, if you want it, you have to go and find it, cause all of these are from oversea's, so you will need to find yourself an importer and do the legwork yourself.

    * List Has Been Lifted Courtesy of MyDC3 site as im a lazy hobo and cant be bothered re-typing the whole thing. All products do work and have been tested o/s. *

    Exhaust Options
    - YR Advance Muffler Only
    - HKS Silent Hi-Power
    - Ralliart Performance muffler
    - Tanabe Medalion G-Fordan
    - Kakimoto Hyper GT Box rev
    - GP Sports exasevotune
    - HKS Hypermax S-compact
    - Ralliart rear bumper heat shield
    YR Advance
    - Titanium Exhaust tip to suit YR advance bolt on rear muffler.
    - Super Stainless Muffler
    - Peformance turbo manifold
    - RPW catback system

    - Ralliart 1.5 way LSD
    - Cusco 1 way LSD

    Engine Management
    - Greddy E-Manage Ultimate
    - UniChip Q
    - HKS F-Con IS

    Blow Off Valves / Dump Valves
    - HKS SSQV
    - Sard R2D2
    - EVO 8 MR Metallic Dump Valve
    - Turbosmart Dual port BOV
    - GFB dual port BOV
    - Agency Power Adjust BOV (dual port or to atmos)
    - Greddy BOV BRS-314 (open & return)
    - Bonalume Electronic Actuated BOV-Kit
    - Blitz Supersound dual drive BOV

    Suspension / Springs / Improved Handling
    - RSR / Tanabe Lowering Springs
    - Cusco Compact Zero 1
    - Tein Compact S
    - HKS Hipermax S Compact
    - KW Suspensions Variant 2 Coilovers
    - King Springs
    - Pedders Springs
    - Carbing Steel lower arm bar
    - Ralliart replacement struts, shocks and springs kit
    - RS-R Ti2000 replacement springs
    YR Advance
    - rear pillar bar
    - replacement strut brace
    - rear shock tower bar
    - centre floor bar
    - centre monocoque floor bar
    - centre monocoque OP bar
    - rear monocoque bar
    - Roof brace
    - Strut brace

    Braking System
    - Protune / Endless MicroSix Full Brake Kit
    - Steel Braided Brake Lines ONLY
    - Endless SuperStreet Y-Sport Brake Pads )for standard brake calipers
    - Nissan R32 TypeM brake calipers (some slight modifications required)
    YR Advance
    - front & rear 6 slot brake rotors
    - braided S/S brake lines (not Aust Standard complient)
    -RPW front brake upgrade

    Cooling System
    - Brandless Intercooler Customization
    - Billion Radiator Hose Kit (Pipings Only)
    - ARC 1.3 Radiator Cap
    - Ralliart Thermostat
    - Muyol Intercooler Kit
    - Greddy Intercooler Kit Spec R & S
    - Ralliart Induction pipe kit
    - Ralliart Top intercooler pipe kit
    YR Advance
    - samuko silicone intercooler hose kit
    - samuko silicone radiator hose kit
    - hook on oil dipstick
    1/8-3/8 S/S oil temp sensor adapter
    - aftermarket intercooler
    - replacement racing radiator

    Turbo Upgrades
    - TD04 & VF22

    Crank Pulley
    - Summit light weight

    Measuring Devices
    - Apexi RSM (Full RPM Signal Tapping, Accurate Speed Setting, G-Sensor Options)
    - Sard Circuit Meter
    - HKS Circuit Attack Meter
    - Scangauge

    Grounding Options
    - Pivot Voltage Stabillizer + Grounding Kit
    - D1Spec Options
    - HKS Grounding Circle Earth
    - Ralliart Earthing kit
    - Ultra Power earthing kit

    Air Filters
    - Ralliart filter
    - K&N replacement panel filter
    - Blitz Sus power pod air filter
    - Blitz Sus power core type air filter
    - Monster Power Filter replacment panel filter

    - Carbing aluminium under panel (5093030)
    - Carbing oil catch can kit
    (carbing products can be sourced through Fulcrum Suspension @ Moorooka, QLD)
    - HKS lowered seating rails (40mm)
    - Eurou FRP font underbody diffuser
    - Ralliart rear wing - unpainted
    - Ralliart rear wing - painted
    - Cibie replacement HEO2 LED fog lights
    YR Advance
    - Front bumper tow hook
    - rear tow hook
    - Carbon Fibre meter hood/pod to suit 60mm gauges
    - LED replacement globes for interior lights
    - Lowered seating rails to suit OE recaro seats
    - Lowered seating rails to suit aftermarket 1 piece racing seats
    - Engine roll stopper
    - front under panel (rally style)
    - Aluminium undertray (rally style)
    - Pod filter heat insulator
    - Passenger side rally style floor plate
    - Front Bumper spoiler
    - Large rear wing
    - Rally-spec short shifter

    All products have been talked about at length on the forum, so please do a search for more details, prices, part numbers and suppliers.

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    For topline:


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      No worries!

      Eurou diffuser

      Various Rcolt parts



      GP Sports
      Exhaust system -




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        Some pics!

        Beatrush: Engine stopper, roof brace, under tray & strut brace
        Coltspeed: replacement radiator


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          And some more!

          Coltspeed:carbon pillar covers, large front mount intercooler, replacement intercooler, Super Stainless muffler, carbon gear boot!


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            Found another supplier of performance air filters for the rcolt (panel type filters) - Hurricane Racing based in Singapore - see link for details.



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              bro lovecolt

              we have summit from taiwan for the crank pulley...i have been using it for at least 10 side effects...sld be around 700g pulley...


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                Please add some RPW parts to your list please being

                RPW Cat Back systems
                RPW Front brake upgrades


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                  Originally posted by Steve-B View Post

                  Suspension / Springs / Improved Handling
                  - RSR / Tanabe Lowering Springs
                  Where are these? tried tanabe USA, but nothing there, no Colt.