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  • Is it best to arrange a new fork, or have the Exedy-HD users just kept using the origional stock fork?


    • The exedy hd comes with a new fork.


      • Ok, so this is clutch related but not bout the assembly specifically. Sourcing braided line for clutch slave, anyone done this or have seeked info pertaining to replacing stock rubber hose attached to slave cylinder? Been thinking it this week about it as i am having shift issues and feel a braided line to increase efficiency... any recommendations? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk


        • Didnt know about this one. Has 0dd0ne or ayu upgraded theirs?


          • I have seen one before, made by the japs or something. Cant remember where ebay i think.

            Maybe just get one made local


            • Thought id revive this thread and let people know there is a place in Auckland (New Zealand) called Autoclutch. for Around $400NZ + shipping, you send them your clutch, pressure plate and flywheel.


              a) upgrade clutch material to kevlar-carbon
              b) uprate the pressure plate by 20-30% more clamping + paint cover in nice gun metal metallic coating
              c) re machine the flywheel (stone grind not lathe)
              d) balance the entire assembly as one
              e) provide a print out of before and after ratings
              f) quality release bearing supplied

              I'm about to get mine done as my Sachs OEM job is slipping (most likely contamination from input shaft seal leak).

              Had one of these fitted to my MR2 (SW20GT) putting down 205 rwkw and was very happy.


              • Clutch finished today, ended up being $522NZ inc shipping. Had to buy a release bearing 2nd hand from dealer (low km used one from test engine) $140NZ, seem the only place to get new is from Sachs as its part of the release fork assembly.

                Anyway, all up it was only marginally more than new factory clutch.

                Clamp load was increased from 1100lbs to 1850 lbs, combined with full faced kevlar carbon it should be ample.

                I was surprised to learn stock clamp load was only 1100lbs, no wonder the clutches in these slip when exposed to increased power.


                • I spoke with the MZ Autoclutch mob and they fobbed me off. Told me to go and see ACS (Extreme Clutch) in Australia as they say the postage to Australia is too expensive for them to bother. I emailed them on 4 occasions and they would not give me a price on the kit or shipping to Oz - their words were "It's most expensive bit of sea in the world".
                  ACS want $770AUD for a std clutch kit, $880 for the sprung button kevlar kit and about $1000 for the unpsrung button kevlar kit.
                  I believe the kit does not contain a bearing, pivot ball or throwout fork.
                  I can't prove anything but I feel there's some market management via gentleman agreement going on with these two companies.

                  Looks like it's another Exedy for me - it's been working fine in my white car. 30% increase in clamp load over the stock Sachs clutch plate.


                  • Looking for a new clutch for red car, anyone recommend Australian business who can rebuild the pressure/cover plate to increase the clamp over OEM?
                    I've got a stock cover/pressure plate to get rebuilt.

                    Extreme Clutch here in Adelaide supply the bits and pieces (as per my last post) but these guys don't seem to be interested in offering much on the way of rebuilding the stock clutch. They only seem to want to see their 'off the shelf' option and thats it.

                    I've found we can now go direct to Exedy Australia ( to buy a kit for the 4G15T Colt: MBK-8015HD. This looks like the cheapest option so far at $630 plus postage; postage for me to Adelaide metro is free. Had a good experience with the Exedy option on my previous colt (135Kw atw) so this is looking like the best option so far.

                    Although there does look to be another option for the euro Colters by a Finnish guy (Antti Toivonen) who has being putting up some awesome work on his Colt. He's done a fair bit towards testing and selecting various parts from other makes to build a strong clutch for his Euro Colt. When I get more details I'll post them up on here, here's his FB post on what he's done:

                    Details on the Sachs Race Engineering Clutch:
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                    • A few sources which aren't really new, but they are updated prices.

             - MBK-8015HD for $630 delivered in Oz. I purchased one of these previously and had no probe with my 135Kw ATW tune - it drove pretty much exactly like the stock clutch WRT feel and pedal weight. I got the feeling it would take a bit of abuse but you never know I suppose...

                      Extreme Clutch vary between $950ish for the organic HD, $1020ish for the sprung button and $1100ish for the non-sprung button clutch. That's just purchase from Extreme here in Adelaide, you need to add on postage etc.
                      Repco have the Extreme organic HD for $770 which may the best option for this clutch in other Australian states - check with Repco for prices on the other Extreme Versions.

                      Antti Toivonen mentions the SRE uprated clutch which can be found here:
                      I couldn't get a price on the site to post to Australia so you need to check that out before buying.

                      Another option is 'Black Diamond' clutch from the UK. Varying reviews online which (To me at least) are an unknown quantity until someone actually fits one and offers some feedback. They have uprated HD organic (Stage 1)
                      HD Kevlar (Stage 2):
                      and Kevlar button (Stage 3):

                      The guys at HTECElite in the UK also have some options:
                      I can't vouch for the clutch as I've purchased one but I've purchased other goodies from these guys including some Bilsteoin B14 coilovers and an OEM replacement Sachs clutch - their customer service is excellent and they bend over backwards to help you.

                      Also Andy just purchased a ChroMoly flywheel from Extreme (ACS) here in Adelaide for $445. He hasn't fitted it (Or actually received it) but we'll hopefully get some feedback on that item. It's apparently about 1.4kgs lighter than the stock flywheel.
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                      • Hi All, Newbie here to the Rcolt.

                        There are quite a few pages to this clutch topic, I was wondering if there are some NZer COLTers here that have some info on where to get a new clutch for my lil ride.
                        Seems like all the places Ive checked out are charging an arm and a leg for what that call a 'semi' HD clutch. I've seen some places in OZ (online) that are charging around $700-$800AUD for a HD clutch
                        I have a 07 Version R.