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  • Turbo Upgrades - what have you done:?

    I'm thinking there's been plenty of water under the bridge over turbo upgrades for the colt, specifically the stock TF035-10T turbo. Plenty of people bang on about how good/crap it is and why anyone would bother with upgrading to a TD04L-13T either by complete substitution or machining out the stock TF035 to suit the TD04L internals.
    There's been some development with turbos and tuning on various Colts, I know of at least 4 Colts in Adelaide who don't frequent (i.e.: Post on) the FB pages, nor do they put stuff up here, I can see why too...

    Currently am going down the path of doing just I mentioned, putting the TD04 guts into a TF035 frame. Other than a pass or two down the strip to benchmark things, my car is unlikely to ever be raced so I think upgrading the stock turbo a bit is pretty much the next step prior to a full forge build.
    Cost wise it's going to be about $1k when you factor in cost of finding a stock TF035 (If you don't want to your car off the road), sourcing a half decent TD04L-13T CHRA, finding a reliable place to do the work and some 440cc injectors plus $1100 for a custom dyno tune.
    I'm expecting in the region of 150kW ATW give or take, minus the normal variables associated with the Coriolis effect and other "My tuner/dyno/builder is better than yours" type discussions. It'll be dyno'd before and after to compare the delta.

    My main desired outcome is the overall change (aka: 'The Delta') over the current level of tune in my car (currently about 135kW ATW) and the drivability of the thing.
    My car's driven everyday with mostly commuting duties and some 90klm/hr cruising along a fwy. Every now & then it'll be taken for a fang through the hills around here, some traffic light drags (Nothing crazy - think fwy/hwy on ramp type thing) and some rev limiter stuff 'cause I like the sound of it.
    I'm not looking to spend $1000's on fancy gear when I'm unlikely to ever need or want to use it. I've spent plenty of time and $$$ racing pushbikes, motorbikes, carts & cars and I'm over the associated effort - plus I've got a family...

    From my somewhat limited research, the BW EFR range of turbos are pretty much 'The Shizzle' given unit cost and what you can get out of them. Witness our Colt forum resident knob-jockey ;-) and his current chariot pumping out the best part of 290kW+ ATW. The thing is simply a rocket but I'm sure he'll no doubt tell you it's not the easiest thing to live with on a daily basis, even on semi-daily basis. Never the less, it's a pretty good yardstick on how reliable these cars actually are. He runs the stock gearbox and driveshafts (I think?) with obvious upgrades to the engine (Power related), chassis, clutch, wheels/tyres and suspension but otherwise it remarkably stock. There's a couple of guys over in WA who also have some pretty quick Colts but again, they're still fairly stock with pretty good levels of reliability. You could run the EFR6258 on a stock (unforged) motor but there's not much point really, IMO it's overkill unless you forge it, 3" zorst, fancy clutch, etc, etc.

    Currently I've been in discussion with a local turbo specialist who turned out to essentially be not interested in doing it so I've moved to another place recommended to me by my tyre guys. They used to run a pro drift team around Oz and these guys built their stuff for them. I also have a tuner lined up who is very big in the tuning game and has been around a very long time and well versed in the OEM ECU.

    So, my plan:
    TD04L-13T CHRA fitted into the TF035-10T frame
    440cc injectors

    Fairly simple, what're other peeps doing?
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    I have done a td04 swap ,565cc injectors and i homebrew my tunes


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      Either no-one is on here anymore or someone encouraging people to keep their cards close to their chest.
      I'm going to bet there's an eastern states retailer who's about to come up with something very similar to what I'm doing so they want to keep it quiet. What happened to the 'Open source' group minded thing that used to be the Colt scene here in Oz...


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        My plan is just to get the tf035-15t hybrid on. Maybe port the exhaust housing a bit more as i've found a photo of a more extreme version so that encourages me to grind away a bit more. After that, or before that, e85. Progress is slow as I'm spending a lot of time doing XML and tunes (and real life has habit of taking over rcolt time).


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          Turbo is ready!

          Been bit of an ordeal to get it modified but I now have a TF035 modified with TD04-13T internals. Will be a straight bolt-in for the OEM item with manifold, dump, oil and coolant lines all retained. Was supposed to pick it up Friday but when they went to replace a damaged stud they stuffed and I had to be somewhere else before they could replace it.

          Also in the market now for some Denso 565cc 'Blues' to tune it up. The guys modding the turbo only sell Sonic brand injectors which was going to require some more work to fit and after the way they carried on with the turbo modifying I wasn't keen on going through with it when the Denso 565's are 'plug & play'.

          Plan is to instal the turbo and tootle around at waste gate pressure (1 bar) making sure everything is working OK until it gets tuned properly.


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            Keep this thread alive Odysseyesm. I'm very interested. I have just taken delivery of an 08 Rcolt and am going down your very path here. I want to do it once only to save money from upgrading.


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              did you swap the whole CHRA? or just the wheels? how did you retain the oil and water lines?


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                Soooo it's in and running - props to Andy for helping me with adjusting up the mild tune until I get the car in for a professional tune.
                Only running a mild tune which is essentially the old tune developed by Andy F with all the WGDC tables set to 0% and the Hi-Octane maps richened a bit. I'm seeing AFR's of 11 under full throttle at around 10-11psi. Haven't revved it higher than about 4000rpm but I don't really need to just tootling around town and commuting.

                I've had a stock TF035-10T turbine and compressor housing machined to suit a TD04L-13T CHRA with a billet compressor wheel. There's a bit of work involved as the compressor housing has to have the 'snout' cut off to allow machining and then re-welded. Had a few issues with getting the coolant pipes fitted but both the OEM TF035-10T coolant and oil lines have been re-used.
                This is good thing IMO as it replicates all the stock lines, routing, flow rates of the original design plus it looks stock which is good for nosey types...

                ALso recommend getting an after market WG actuator as it's unlikely the stock one will be good enough. The stock WGA is set at about 0.7 bar (10psi) and my Forge brand billet WGA is in the 1 bar (14.7psi) range. Pretty sure it's a progressive spring rate so the more tension on the WG flap in the turbine housing the more boost you'll see. With all the information I've found it's best to make sure you're getting no boost leaks and allow the ECU to control boost - don't just wind up the actuator tension.
                There's a Forge WG actuator available off the shelf from a few suppliers (Daniel Harris at Htec Elite/Dynodaze in the UK gave me great support) or you can go down the Turbosmart path but you'll have to fabricate a bracket to hold it. There's looks to be an 'off the shelf' option for the Turbosmart actuator becoming available for about $300 which is about $120 more than the purchase price direct from the Turbosmart dealer. Yeh it's dearer but you don't have to DIY or fabricate the bracket.

                Recently hit the 100,000klm mark and had the various belts, water pump, seals, tensioners, filters etc changed. Coolant wasn't changed as the pH was sweet. Also changed oil filter so everything should be ready to go for the tune with no leaks or issues and everything running sweet. Car is booked into Willall racing for the tune, Martin is a gun who's been around the car scene for decades and arguably one of the pioneers on the Australian EFI tuning scene. Tried to get my car in earlier but Willall are pretty busy doing their various billet blocks and twin turbo Lambo development - the Lambo is hitting the 3500hp mark!

                The mods I have to support this so far:
                2.5" dump pipe
                2.5" exhaust all the way
                K&N filter panel in the stock airbox
                Australian model Ford Falcon XR6T based FMIC with 2" hard pipes throughout (DIY).
                Exedy HD clutch (DIY Install)
                Walbro 255 fuel pump - new 'in-tank' fuel filter recently installed
                Deatchswerks 600cc injectors (2B installed during tuning)
                AEM UEGO Wideband
                AEM Boost gauge
                Tactrix 3 port
                Turbosmart compact BOV
                boost lines and fuel pressure lines all zip tied

                Next update - post tune!


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                  Well she's all in and tuned - it's a good thing, very happy with it.
                  The dyno printout was a bit of a surprise as it came in at 120Kw & 400Nm atw. I was expecting about 150Kw but Martin tells me the dyne at SKR had a busted load cell so it would always read higher than what it should. Regardless, I wasn't focussing on a particular number in the end as I was always concerned about how it drove on the road not building some dyno queen.
                  It feels very strong on the road, takes longer to spool up but there's more power/torque available down low so you don't really notice in normal commuter type driving. Car feels better to drive on the freeway at about 100klm/h also as it's not on the edge of boosting like it was with the TF035. With the tyres on the car now (Crap...) it'll easily spin up in 2nd & 3rd if you want to even with the LSD.

                  Had a little bit of trouble with the WG actuator holding boost so we had to wind up the tension on the WG by a few turns. It's a 1bar Forge WGA which has a variable/progressive spring in it adjustable from about 10-14psi. We've got about 10mm preload on the WGA now so it should be running at around 1 Bar (14.7 psi) - I would recommend anyone else doing this sort of mod to get yourself a good WGA like the Forge, GFB or Turbosmart. If you don't you'll be chasing boost and won't make the most of your set-up.
                  The other task which Martin spent a bit of time on was the idle - the bigger 565cc injectors require a bit of time to tune properly so the car doesn't 'hunt' at idle. By 'hunt' I mean the idle speed rises and falls like an old school carby V8 with a lumpy cam in it. I'm not sure what my injector duty cycle is currently but I suspect you would be able to get away with using 440cc or even 370cc injectors for this type of install.

                  The car now starts to spool at 3000rpm and starts to hit full boost (23psi spike) at 4100rpm. It makes power through to redline and is still pulling hard at about 18psi. This is quite different to my previous TF035 setup which started spelling at 2500rpm full boost (22psi spike) at 3000rpm. The TF035 then dropped to 15psi at redline but it really wasn't making good power after about 5500rpm anyway.

                  I want to get it onto a dyno I've used before (Graeme West) to compare what it's making now. I reckon the car would be making towards 160Kw on this dyno as my previous boosted TF035 tune was making in the region of 135kW. Most colts on this dyno make about 90-95kW in stock standard trim where as my colt with the hybrid TF035/TD04L made 91kW with all the mods listed above at about 10psi.

                  As I said, I'm not so much interested in the final number I'm more interested in drivability but to start at 91kW and finish with 120kW is pretty good. Very happy with it and I wish I'd done this mod years ago! So I'll keep driving and post up how things are going and what mods are next! I am looking at a block which is going cheap provided it's not crash damaged... Could be a forged stroker build in the mix...


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                    That's great results - 400nm of torque. Did you notice any compressor surge? I can't wait to start mine. I will go with full 3" exhaust and ID injectors.