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  • "Run in" tune for forged engine build

    Can the experts please give advice on:

    1. What key aspects a run-in tune should have? (Boost, Timing, AFRs)

    2. At what kms should the tune go from very conservative to full power?

    3. How should the car be driven during each phase of run in? Rpm, throttle position etc.

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    My advice, is really just drive it. Don't baby it, but don't hang on the limiter.

    Make sure its not a rich tune, and don't stay at constant rpm at low loads, ie cruising on the highway for lengthy periods of time.

    Use a quality running in oil. And keep mineral oils in it for at least 1000kms.

    Most engines I do see the dyno straight away, so its quite easy to get a decent run straight up. The biggest killer of a new engine is a poor tune.


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      So not a rich tune, but what about boost levels and timing?


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        Definitely not rich. Just a good tune, thats all it needs.

        To be honest, the ideal tune would be totally stock. Stock boost levels etc.
        Timing etc should be how it would be when tuned properly, no need to make changes to it. Just don't run rich and glaze the bores.


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          so basically a stock tune minus the richness is a good run in tune?

          very interesting info there thanks elegnt and todd


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            Originally posted by ELEGNT
            everyone has there 2 cents. i totally beleive in what this guy says:


            whatever you do, don't run in your car soft. you will glaze the bores, and dont run in your car rich you will wash down your bores and get blow by.

            do not keep a constant pace, vary revs and load the engine up.

            i would run in for 500km then go for full tune. and done run sythetic for a few thousand km
            Elegnt is spot on, this is how i run in my engines, and no synthetic for a good few thousand k's also lots of compression braking the first 20 - 50 k,s

            and dump oil after first 20 - 50 k' and refill with good dino oil.

            no synth !, its to slippery and things may not break in ( rings ) like they should.

            better yet read the article.



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              Gotta agree about not babying the engine during run in. Never ever did a run in on any of my race bikes - 2 or 4 stroke. Warm them up and start racing - no problems.
              Last 2 family cars were new Magnas, one was my daily and the other was the wife's. Mine had more poke and used 4ltrs per 100 less then her car. Both autos, same engine only diff is hers is a wagon.


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                crank it over with mineral oil. get it up to temp. chuck on the dyno and tune for straight AFR no advanced IGN timing. dump the oil and filter, replace with mineral oil. run for a 1000km without sitting on a single RPM and drive it normally giving it some stick now and then. change oil at 1000km to fully synthetic and retune for power.