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  • Copying / Posting / Distributing Vendor ROMS - Very important please read

    With the new software that is now available, and with the ability for people to purchase the cable, there will eventually be a point where people will start attempting to get copies of tunes off other peoples vehicles, that have been tuned, and copy them.

    This can be as simple as reading the rom, making a definition file, copying the data, or just copying and re flashing the same file across.

    A lot of work and development goes into both the making of definition files as well as designing these tunes. We spent no less than 7 hours on the dyno developing the first stage 1 tune. Companies like Tunehouse and SKR Racing who do custom tunes on peoples vehicles, will provide similar level of services.

    We ask then that in the interests of fair play if nothing else, people refrain from allowing this to happen. This can be done by the following methods

    1. Do not allow other people to read the ROM off your vehicle. You should only ever need to do this the vehicle is having a new rom re flashed back onto it.

    2. Do not accept "Free" flashes to be flashed onto your vehicle. There is no guarantee they are safe or have been designed properly. You are changing areas that directly affect the reliability of your vehicles engine management system which can have disastrous results. This is especially true of people copying Vendor Tunes and then giving them away.

    3. You are paying for your vehicle to be tuned by either a mail order or a custom tune. Do not allow other people to get free benefits from your hard earned money.

    4. Do not post up on the forums screen dumps of Vendor Tunes so people can see what has been done. You are welcome to post up your own individual custom maps if you wish, as long as they are your own and not a vendors map.

    The moderators of this forum, will police this activity aggressively. We do not want to have to implement locking of peoples ECU's so please, if everyone plays by the rules and refrains from being involved in these practices, we can keep this honest, and continue to keep companies like ourselves investing in developing advanced tunes and providing services to people out of our own states.

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    This is important guy, RPW as you know have spent a lot of time and money on getting the ECU to this stage. Support him by not letting others rip off his and not to mention other people who do develop tunes. This has happened a heap to other guys over seas, and hence why it lead to some tunes on the EvoX being able to be locked.


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      Never downloaded a movie, music or software then?

      Nah I agree in principle and am happy to pay when the cost is reasonable. I think that will be the defining feature. If anyone starts gouging on the price the 'piracy' option will grow.


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        lol turbo...

        a song i might listen to once, a movie usually only once... my cars ECU... every frikkin day... i think it's worth paying for!!!


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          Definately agree, if they start to be copied we all lose.......


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            I paid for all my DVD's~

            Sure as hell going to pay for this. DVD RRP $29 at max

            Colt RRP $29,990