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  • Originally posted by bunnybash View Post
    zadok... go for stage 2... you'd be crazy not too... it will rock your world... and still doesn't use fuel... averages around 7L/100km goes up to 8 if you drive hard....
    Haha it's tempting, but I don't think I'll bother as it will cost a bit by the time I get another custom tune. Also I don't like the idea of only being tuned for 98 octane in case I get a bad batch of fuel. I also like being able to push the car hard once it's warmed up without fear of breaking anything. At least that's my current list of excuses. Must not spend money... Wedding to save for... lol

    P.S. I feel sorry for the guys in SA that can't get the flash The stage 1 isn't much of a power increase, but it certainly flattens the power curve (making it more controllable, especially in 1st gear), improves fuel economy, and makes CEL's a thing of the past.


    • on the topic of bad fuel..

      how often would one encounter a bad batch of fuel? are there many stories in the turbo world of people blowing engines because the servo didnt give them good 98 octane fuel?? never heard of it happening myself


      • The stock ecu on these vehicles is very adaptive to bad fuel. AS soon as you get consistant pinging it will drop the timing, increase fueling and reduce boost to avoid pinging. You will notice an immediet drop in power, incraease use of fuel if its that bad. Youw ould have to be a really aggressive driver to damage the engine on a bad batch of fuel or be very ignorant of your vehicle.

        For the SA guys, until we get it sorted out remember we do offer a flash service mail order, send us your ecu and we can have it back to you in 2 days reflashed and ready to go.


        • results of reflash

          Ok I mentioned before history of my Colt - TMR mod 2 yrs ago - improved to what feels like aprox 128kw at crank, then a month ago had eqiv to "stage 1", 2.5 madrel SS Lukey and dump from RPW, 3 port solenoid. I rekon it went to around 140kw.

          I just last week changed the K&N filter and now top end is at least 150kw. At full throttle it hammers to the point you dont need any more power. This is the second near new car I have done mods on and I cannot stress more the importance of intake airflow. I dont believe in Pod filters and non standard airboxes as they can cause heatsoak, but id you have done your exhaust/custom tune dont forget your air intake, massive difference at high revs/full power.

          I know its not 180kw like bunnybash so I need to think do I need FMIC/Injectors/Walbro and retune, fun but thats another $1500-$2000


          • Dave -

            if the stage1/stage 2 tunes are supposed to turn off the "lean spool" then why are our cars still running a little lean right where we are boosting?

            I ask this because i've been logging with Evoscan and i am getting 1 to 5 knock counts right at this point even with half throttle.... i never get any knock counts higher in the rpm range where the AFRs are running much richer

            Can we richen up the early rpm to say 12.1 when boost reaches say 7psi?

            Or do you think my 1 to 5 knock counts are nothing to worry about?

            picture below describes what I mean.

            edit: been doing some google searches and it seems the below afr vs boost curve is quite normal so maybe something else is causing knock???



            • 1 to 5 knocks of count is bugger all.

              ECU wont start knocking the octane number down till 6 counts.

              Have you got any engine brace at all?


              • The AFR's at that level is normal, additionally the vehicle is still running in closed loop fuel control at that load because your not really on significant boost.
                Lean spool is not actually enabled in the colt at all, that we can find.

                1 - 5 knock counts is not abnormal for a rapid throttle change because the timing jumps fast. You could reduce some timing there if you wanted to but its only transitory and at 5 counts, the ecu would be reducing the timing by 1 degree to compesnate which is nothing. If you were getting 10+ knock counts then I get concerned.

                Don't get too stressed nothing wrong there


                • thanks macca and dave

                  think i'll turn up my alarm on evoscan to over 6 or 7 counts then...i currently have it set to 1, so whenever i hear a robot chick's voice saying "engine knock detected" it scares the hell out of me!! lol

                  thanks for clearing that up

                  edit: @macca no I don't have an aftermarket engine brace...